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I don't actually have my character done yet, but I'll get working on it! I just need to know what you include in yours.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay)
Name: Shane Collins
Age: 16 (close to 17)
Orientation: homosexual, only "out" to close friends but not really bullied about it at school

Shane is on fairly good terms with everyone at school, most people in his classes at least say hi or nod when they pass in the halls. He has 3 very close friends that he spends most of his time with, trying to stay out of the house as long as possible but he does have to be home at 10 PM promptly on weeknights and 11 PM on fridays/saturdays. He skateboards most places, bussing to farther ones. He reads a fair bit on days he's stuck in the house but is constantly on his phone with friends.
To everyone at school, he seems like the perfect student. Docile, giving, but still able to stand up for himself when it gets down to that. He puts everyone else before him and ends up as mediator in most situations. His grades are excellent, he is physically fit, and smart. His parents are fairly well off so he has a little bit of money to spend and often treats his friends with it. He comes to school on time and never skips out, doesn't smoke, do drugs, or drink.
Over the past year, however, he stays up past curfew (though still in his bedroom) talking to his friends. On fridays and saturdays he often goes out for walks even in the rain and snow late at night just to clear his head and try to think about where he wants his life to go. He trusts his friends but know they would try to save him from his parents if they knew the truth so he has learned to cover up his wounds, both physical and emotional. But he has a hole inside him he can only label as loneliness, and wishes there was at least one person he could open up to without there being any consequences. He has debated on going online but doesn't trust that someone won't be able to find where he lives and get child protective services involved. He cuts on top of all the abuse his parents give him, which include cuts, burns, bruises, scrapes, smacks/slaps, and punches, to name the most common. He's gotten better over the years at satisfying them but because of that, the smallest slip up can set them off now and he's starting to get both scared and tired.

-> guys
-> books
-> skateboarding/walking, nature/forest paths, beaches/water
-> people with strong but not offensive personalities
-> music (plays violin/guitar though he doesn't practice with a teacher)

-> lying to his friends
-> being unable to have sleepovers or anyone other than family over at his house
-> being stuck inside his house for any period of time
-> physical brutality
-> not knowing how to cope with what he's going through
-> feeling weak/like he needs someone in his life to save him

((This is just stuff I'm deciding now, so more will come through later and if there's anything I've left out or you'd like/need to know to use with Guy B just ask :3))

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Oh wow that's great! Did you want me to include all the same stuff? I usually do, but I was wondering if you were wanting anything specific.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) You can include everything you got. I get a better idea about character interaction the more I have to work with.))

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okay! I'll have it up in a few I'm sorry it's taking me so long I've been having exams

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) No worries at all I just had my last exam on friday and I worked all weekend and yesterday so I understand xD

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Name: Percy Harold
Age: 20

Personality: Percy is a really chill and laid back guy who likes to get to know people and is pretty fun to hang out with. He doesn't like fake people which is why he can be really honest and is sometimes brutal about it. But he is really caring even though he has a hard time showing it to other people. Even with all of this, Percy is still a bit of a loner and hangs out alone on most days. This doesn't bother him since he believes that people can be super annoying and he doesn't have too much patience. Even though he is old enough to be in college he refuses to go since he doesn't believe that it's worth anything.

History: Percy grew up in a rather dysfunctional home. He wasn't abused, but everyone he lived with was crazy one way or another. He moved out as soon as he finished high school and never looked back. Unfortunately living in this situation effected him even though he doesn't want to admit it. The reason why he doesn't have many friends is probably because he is a little bit crazy. Not the obvious kind of crazy, but if you are around him for a long time you start to believe that there is seriously something wrong with the guy.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Haha sounds very dark and mysterious. :) How would you like to start? Seeing the age difference is pretty significant they would probably have to meet in public or through mutual friends.

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Did you want me to change the age?

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) No, I like that he's older. I just mean they wouldn't be able to meet as classmates because of it.

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Oh I see. So maybe they could meet somewhere public? I'm not sure where except for maybe a park or museum or something like that

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Oh yeah I think I might have mentioned in the outline that they run into each other in the evening at a park.... Shane sitting alone on a swing in the dark.

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Oh yes! Who is starting then?

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) I can. I'll post in a sec]]

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) It was almost 1 in the morning. Shane had never been out this late before. He'd come home for 11 like he should have, being that it was a saturday, waited until midnight to make sure they were asleep, and then snuck out his window. He'd never snuck back out of the house before and it felt exhilarating but also relieving. They had no idea where he was and couldn't track him down and pester him that way. He was alone, without eyes watching his every move, for the first time in his entire life.
But he ended up sitting on a swing in a park about a 15 minute walk from his house, lazily swinging without his feet lifting from the sand. It hurt to breathe in, a bruise on his ribs flaring up every time he did. His knuckles were red and scraped and he had a split in his lip from the day before. It was so much effort to cover up all these things that it was nice to not have to bother for once. He wanted the world to see his parents for what they were, but at the same time, what would happen to him if they were caught? He heard so many bad things about foster care.

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Percy was walking towards the park with his small dog Sancho. The little bastard always had to take a leak at this time of night, but Percy didn't really mind, he enjoyed being able to come out here on his own and not have to deal with anyone. He liked the fact that no one bothered him and that there were no screaming kids or other annoyances.
But this time was different, because there was a kid sitting in his usual spot. Not a little kid but a young boy, probably high school age. He decided to be casual about it even though he wasn't uncertain on how he felt with him being here. "Isn't it a bit late for someone like you to be wandering about?" he asked sounding curious.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Shane flinched and looked up, bloody lip and ruined knuckles plain to see even in the dark. He didn't know how to handle himself with this guy, he'd never even thought about all the criminals that came out at night... "...maybe."

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"Hey relax," he said waving him off not wanting him to get all paranoid. "My dog just needed to piss I'm not going to stick around, so I'm not going to tell your parents or the cops" he said even though his dog was more curious with sniffing the bush rather than peeing on it. He had seen his bloody lip but didn't say anything since it wasn't his business, but he did wonder why this kid was out here all alone.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He looked at Percy's dog, seeing it for the first time. Confused as to how Percy would even find out who his parents were and if cops would bother to round him up. Sure his parents gave him a curfew but there wasn't a bylaw saying you had to be 18 to be outside after midnight or anything.
He glanced back at Percy, looking him over a little enviously. He looked independent and strong, both physically and mentally. Like he had a direction in life or was comfortable with not having one. Like he knew his place in the world at the very least. Shane looked down at the sand, at his scuffed and worn sneakers, hands gripping the swing's chains just a little tighter. Everyone but him seemed to know where they were headed in life, or at the very least knew who they were by the time they got to his age. He still had absolutely no clue; he felt like a ghost.

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Percy's husky however, was more curious about Shane and went up to him and started sniffing him only to sit in front of him and wait to be petted. "Stop it Misha, leave him alone," he said tugging on the leash a little. But the dog wouldn't move and Percy sighed, "I'm sorry, she never listens to me," he said a bit embarrassed that his dog just had to go and pester the closest stranger. He then sat in the swing beside him and scratched his dog behind the ears trying to make her leave him alone. "So why are you out this late if you don't mind me asking?" he said deciding to make conversation since he now figured he wasn't going to leave anytime soon.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "It's okay." He smiled at the dog and pet her as if she were the best thing that had ever happened to him. He ended up talking to her like humans have the tendency to do, telling her oh you're so adorable yes you are before realizing what he'd said and blushing like mad in embarrassment. He continued petting her, though at this point more to distract himself. "Why shouldn't I be? Aren't all kids my age out and getting into trouble at this hour?"

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[Sorry, my brother had been in an out of surgery. I'm back now! :)]

The dog put her head in his lap and licked his fingers happily. Percy just chuckled a bit at what was said though. "No they don't not in this neighborhood," he said shaking his head. "I don't know if you know this, but this isn't exactly a safe neighborhood," he said looking at all of the houses. "There's a lot of hidden crime here. But it's not like the cops care," he said with a sigh. But none of that mattered to him, most people left him alone.....and for a reason....

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) No worries, that's kind of more important xD))

Shane didn't even realize the potential damage he was doing to himself when he spoke. Percy could be a stalker, or a pedophile (though he hardly looked old enough for that), or a murderer. But for some reason, Shane didn't think about any of that. "I live in this neighbourhood, so I'm not that unaware of the shit that happens." He wouldn't take his eyes off Misha, wouldn't stop petting her. But he frowned after he spoke, looking at his battered knuckles.

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[I just didn't want you to think that I was ditching you]

"Alright then," he said glancing at Shane's hands but didn't say anything despite how curious he was about them. "I'm Percy by the way," he said since he realized that he hadn't introduced himself and didn't want to be rude. "And that's Misha," he said gesturing to his dog. "But I'm sure you got that," he said with a smile even though he was shaking his head at the silly mutt.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Oh my lord. Thanks to that gr notification problem, I just happened to check my threads and notice you updated ):< I had a hell of a day yesterday trying to keep up with all the notifications I wasn't getting. Goodreads Armageddon!]]

He smiled, glancing at Percy before letting more of a smile come through as he rubbed his face in Misha's fur. "I'm Shane." He straightened up in the swing, leaving one hand on Misha as he looked back at Percy. "How come your outside this late at night? Last time I checked dogs weren't nocturnal." He smiled again, briefly, having to put his hoodie sleeve to his lip as it split open again.

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[I saw a status that said it was the apocalypse and I couldn't stop laughing. The whole thing was a mess though]

Percy laughed a bit, completely aware that this was unusual, no matter how odd their dog was. "Well I used to come out during the late afternoons, but my shift changed at work so this is the only chance I get to take Misha out," he said with a shrug. "And plus I hate getting up early in the morning," he admitted which he felt was pretty reasonable since most people didn't like mornings much either. "And you?" he asked glancing at him. "Last time I checked, kids your age were out this late in parties, especially on a Saturday," he said.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Shane smiled, even nodding a bit at the early mornings. He hated nothing more than school being at 830 AM. "I don't really...like that kind of stuff. There's usually drugs and drinking and I just don't like to be around that." He looked away, down at Misha, with a slight frown. "What kind of work do you do?"

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Percy didn't really get an answer to his question, but he wouldn't press it. "I work as the manager of a restaurant," he said when he lowered his head a bit. "I know, not the most glamorous job, but it pays." But the truth was that he hated his job. He hated the people, the place, and just the job itself in general. He then felt weird admitting all this stuff while Shane didn't really admit anything. But how would he ask about it? Percy glanced at Shane's hands again and looked for a little bit when he looked back at the ground not wanting to stare.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "You don't like it?" He looked over at him, finally removing his hands from Misha to pull his hoodie sleeves down over his hands and wrap them loosely around his thin waist.
He seemed open enough about talking with Percy. He probably didn't even realize he hadn't answered his question--maybe he didn't even know why he was out here so what could he possibly say in that case?

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"Well," he said thinking for a moment when he shook his head. "It's complicated," he said, "I hate all of the people and honestly. I would much rather be doing something else." But since he never finished college, he dream job was just that, another dream. He sighed and tugged Misha towards him to feed her a treat but to also keep her from bugging Shane even more. She was a cute dog, but most people would get sick of it eventually. "What about you?" he asked, "You like school?" he asked thinking that it was a safe question.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He groaned and leaned against one of the swing's chains. Other than it getting him out of the house, no. No he didn't. "You went to school didn't you? What kid likes going to school? It gets me out of the house but otherwise, not really. I have a couple friends but I only see them at lunch because I'm not in the same classes as them." He blamed his parents for that. Making him take the "smart kid" classes. Ugh.

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Percy just nodded finding it understandable that he would hate school. "Well okay then," he said with a nod. "What do you like to do then?" he asked. Surely that was something he could talk about. But Percy would just listen since all he was doing was trying to make conversation. But had to agree with him on one thing, he had hated school while he was in it, but for a variety of reasons.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) His eyes widened a little bit like it was a tough question. "I like music. I play a couple instruments but not with any kind of dedication. I really like being down at the beach or going to forest parks. I'll sit in the sand or the dirt and just read for hours. And I know it's not really safe but I like swimming when it's raining. It's a really weird but...sort of exciting feeling to look up at the surface of the water and see the rain drops." He shivered just thinking about it.

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"That sounds like fun," Percy said with a nod. "What kind of books do you like?" he asked. He wasn't much of a reader himself since he had always considered it to be dull and boring, but always admired those that did. Probably because people that read were usually smarter than him. But Percy was just one who never really had dedication for anything, hence why he hated his life at this point. Not that it mattered though.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "Um." He blushed suddenly. Gay romance was his favorite but he could hardly say that! "I kind of read a little bit of everything...but not horror. Or westerns."

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"I see," he said with a nod. "I was never much of a reader," he said. "It bores me to death for some reason, so I usually just wait until the movie comes out," he said with a bit of a teasing smile.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He laughed. "Yeah, I don't know too many other kids who like reading anymore unless they're online. And you've probably heard this a thousand times but I still agree that the book is usually better than the movie and they always change things anyways. Although I will admit to having some exceptions."

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Percy just laughed a bit. "I know that loads of people would prefer to read the book, but I'm just way too lazy," he admitted with a shrug. "So you said you play an instrument? Which one?" He asked finding all of this small talk pretty harmless.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "Violin and guitar. It's been a couple months since I've touched either of them though. Song and sound wise I prefer the violin but I still find it easier to play the guitar."

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"Oh really? I used to play the drums a while back...." But he sighed and shook his head. "Do you like it much?" He asked thinking he was probably good at it. Shane seemed like he was one who'd practice a lot unlike himself who never practiced at all.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He shrugged. "I don't get a lot of time to practice. I kind of just fit it in when I can, and it usually ends up with me trying to change piano sheet music into guitar or violin notes. So I can't really say how much I like it. I do like it, but in comparison to, say, reading or swimming, I couldn't say." He glanced at him, touching his lip experimentally to see if it had stopped bleeding. "You look like you could be good at drums. Or like you should be in a band." He grinned at that thought as he looked at Percy then swore quietly as his lip split again. "God damn it." He put his sleeve back to his lip and shook his head.

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He laughed, "yeah right I would never last if I was in a band you'll just have to trust me on that," he said when he noticed his lip bleeding. "Are you okay? I have an aid kit and stuff at my place if you want to clean that up," he said wanting to ask what happened but didn't. He was already invading enough by basically inviting him over. But it was for a good reason so he tried not to let it worry him too much.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He dabbed at his lip and looked at the blood. His parents were the cause of all his injuries so it never occurred to him that going with a stranger was a bad thing--how much worse than his parents could they be? And Percy seemed so friendly! And his lip was usually okay by now, he didn't remember it ever splitting like this. "Would you? I..." he looked at his knuckles. "There's... there's more that I'd like to get... looked at. If you wouldn't mind." He wouldn't look at him when he spoke, since he'd learned to trust absolutely no one with the truth of the injuries source. But he wasn't wearing any concealer, so if Percy had seen these ones, why not make sure none of them were ones he should worry about?

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"Yeah sure," he said with a nod when he stood up. He tugged on the leash and glanced at him. "It's just down the road," he said pointing to his house so that Shane knew it wasn't a long walk. "Come on misha," he said to his dog that had been chewing up a tumble weed. The dog got up and obediently followed as they made their way to his house.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) Shane stood up and followed him, scratching at Misha's butt every so often with a small smile, petting her back and scratching her ears too but not enough to make her stop walking to get more. He walked close to Percy, too, looking around at the streets they passed. It looked different in the dark, more ominous. He was walking so close, and looking away, that he actually bumped into Percy's side once but quickly apologized and tried to put some space between them.

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"Listen...um...." Percy said when they reached his house. "Are you sure you don't want me to just walk you home? I don't want to make you uncomfortable by having to go to a stranger's house. I won't get offended I promise," he said having a rather serious look on his face. He let the dog I first but waited for Shane. He wouldn't force him even though he wanted the company.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) "Yes. Absolutely sure. 100 percent. To be honest, it'd be really awesome if I could--" What the hell are you doing? You just met him you can't stay over! You've already snuck out! If they find you coming in the door in the morning they'll kill you! Ugh. But I'm so tired. I want to sleep without having to worry about being woken up by broken beer bottles and slaps and screams about things I never even did... "Um." He blushed with discomfort.

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"Sorry," Percy said starting to realize the real reason. "I didn't mean to pry...Um....." He paused when he opened the door and gestured inside. "It's a bit of a mess," he said. "But I'll go get that kit," he said closing and locking to door behind him. He turned to leave when he gestured to the couch. "Feel free to make yourself at home," he said when he left. His house wasn't messy, but eerily empty. Like he had just moved there a month ago or something. There was no pictures, no color on the wall, and no tv for that matter! All he had in the living room was the couch and an empty bookshelf.

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Alexander Shay (alexauthorshay) He wrapped his arms around himself uncomfortably, the place giving him the creeps even though Percy didn't. He looked around before sinking onto the couch. Who could live in a place like this? Even I have more than this. Is he broke? He realized Percy had told him the place was a bit of a mess. His brows drew down. How could it be a mess when there was literally nothing in it? He looked at his shoes at the door before Misha was shoving her face in his lap again. He shook his head and smiled down at her, petting her a bit before pulling his hoodie over his head, wincing as he did so. How much do I let him see? How much should I show him? Almost every inch of me needs to be looked at... He sighed and hugged Misha, kissing her a kiss on the head. "You have it so easy, girl. You have no idea."

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