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message 1: by Kara (new)

Kara (karaayako) | 3978 comments Your TBR twins are listed below! Thanks for your patience with this month's slower than average turnaround times.

Please reach out to your twin to choose a book to read then report back to us what you chose. We'd also love to hear what you both thought of it once you've finished!









Kadijah Michelle



Allison (msg 6)

Allison (msg 3)



Micehlle L.


Stefani - SpelingExpirt

message 2: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Mathis (betwixtthesepages) | 54 comments Heather and I will be reading Shadow and Bone (The Grisha, #1) by Leigh Bardugo !

message 3: by Tammie (new)

Tammie Tackett me and theresa is going to read The Summer I Turned Pretty (Summer, #1) by Jenny Han

message 4: by Nicki (new)

Nicki Cominotti (cnc198) | 26 comments June and I will be reading All for a Song

message 5: by Abi (new)

Abi | 5 comments Silja and I will be reading Clockwork Angel

Kadijah Michelle (kadmich) | 2176 comments Kim and I will be reading Pride and Prejudice.

message 7: by Daisya (new)

Daisya Spencer (daisya19) Allison and I will be reading Dorothy Must Die (Dorothy Must Die, #1) by Danielle Paige

message 8: by Erika (new)

Erika | 83 comments Allison & I are reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Marvelous Land of Oz, and Ozma of Oz :)

message 9: by Maria (new)

Maria (mariah90602) | 1811 comments Jenny and I will be reading If I Stay.

message 10: by Kim (new)

Kim (heyitskim) Maria wrote: "Jenny and I will be reading If I Stay."

I loved that book, so much. I hope you guys enjoy reading it. :)

message 11: by Susan (new)

Susan | 169 comments Gil and I plan to read A Small Gathering of Bones by Patricia Powell.

message 12: by Kara (new)

Kara (karaayako) | 3978 comments Stefani and I will be reading Legend by Marie Lu.

message 13: by Christine (new)

Christine Peterson | 20 comments Vicky and I will be reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

message 14: by Caro (new)

Caro (karopi) | 992 comments Michelle and I will be reading Fahrenheit 451. Really looking forward to this one!

message 15: by Mahsa (new)

Mahsa Ghoraian | 72 comments Cassandra and I will be reading Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

message 16: by Sherry (new)

Sherry (lilsherry) | 699 comments Emily and I will be reading Fallen by Lauren Kate

message 17: by Kara (new)

Kara (karaayako) | 3978 comments Stefani and I both enjoyed Legend but thought it wasn't without issues. Neither of us cared for the love story which was very typical YA dystopia, and we've (jokingly) decided that we should create our own publishing firm that specializes in YA dystopian without love at first sight.

message 18: by Allison (new)

Allison | 20 comments erika & i enjoyed the wizard of oz. very different from the film. working on book 2

message 19: by Cassandra (new)

Cassandra | 5832 comments Kara, I would love some dystopian fiction without a concocted love story. That was my biggest problem with Divergent, which is just the most recent one I've read that could have been great if the characters had been developed individually.

message 20: by Kara (last edited May 22, 2015 01:57PM) (new)

Kara (karaayako) | 3978 comments Cassandra wrote: "Kara, I would love some dystopian fiction without a concocted love story. That was my biggest problem with Divergent, which is just the most recent one I've read that could have be..."

It's been my problem with Divergent, Legend, The Paper Magician (though I should have known better with a heart on the cover), Delirium, Matched (given the premise, I can't blame it for the love story, but I can blame it for its lack of believability), Poison Study...

I should probably give up.

message 21: by Caro (new)

Caro (karopi) | 992 comments Michelle did not contact me after the beginning of the month, but I did finish Fahrenheit 451 and I love it. Is a great dystopian story that make us thing in the cult to the consumerism that we are living is a great critic to all these summary books that we see around is a not so long novel that is easy to read and really enjoyable. Is easy to understand why it became a major hit and with 1984 it pictures a dystopian world that now is very scary because many of the scenarios of the terrible future seems to be here already

message 22: by Sherry (last edited Jun 17, 2015 04:38AM) (new)

Sherry (lilsherry) | 699 comments Fallen by Lauren Kate
So Emily and I read Fallen. It's been on both our TBR list for a long time. She haven't been in contact with me so I don't even know if she read it yet.

Here is my review (after tired of waiting for a reply from her):

Genre: Supernatural/Romance/Fantasy YA
The base of the plot is that a girl falls for this guy who turns out to be a Fallen Angel. And that they both have been in love with each other for many lifetimes but doom to lose each other... so they spend each lifetimes looking for each other (but the girl never have memory of him or of their lifetimes together). Once She remembers him, she somehow disappear and loses all memories, doom to be reborn and repeat the whole cycle again. There are dark forces out there to prevent them from ever being happy together for the survival of the world (good angels vs bad angels). Oh, an extra twist is that there is a love triangle because from the bad guy's side comes another fallen angel that also love the girl. The girl feels mild attraction but cares for the main guy.

So, my opinion is that the plot line is familiar. I like that finally in this current lifetime, they found each other and manage to stay together. The differences between all the lifetimes was religion. The girl was not baptist this time which meant there will be no more reincarnation or loss of memory. But that also means, once she dies she can't come back to meet him again. I love that there is a happy ending. Can't wait for the next book

message 23: by Tawallah (new)

Tawallah | 195 comments Sorry but we forgot to post our review of All for a Song

First time reading any book by this author and the first time for Nicki to read christian author, and it was her pick. We both enjoyed it and gave it 4*.

This is a book which looks at a time in Dorothy Lynn Dunbar life when she had everything she could need but felt trapped. She decides to go look for her brother in California. Along the way she meets up with Aimee and her life changes.

We both related to Dorothy as a small town and naive girl who goes out into the world, i.e meets city life. Yes there is a love triangle but not in a cliche way. And she definitely grows on her trip. But this retelling is interspersed with Dorothy as she is older. So there is this switch between the Roaring Twenties and present day. Still not sure how I feel about the two timelines. But the ending was nice. It got slow in some parts and we both never cared for the evangelist Aimee.

Nicki will definitely give Christian fiction a try and I plan on reading All for a Story by the same author

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