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message 1: by Teigan (new)

Teigan Elliott | 3 comments Hey everyone so a couple of weeks ago I made another instagram account for books mainly and I realized the I should just make it the BookMarks instagram account since a lot of book tubers also have instagram. It's called bookmarks794 and the password is (I apologize in advance) ilovebooks. Please go ahead and change the password just let the rest of us know what it is. Anyone can post on I'm sorry and I kinda wanted it to be half personal half bookstagram so feel free to have posts with you in them because if you see Sasha Alsberg's account it will inspire you. The email for the account is so whoever knows the password for that email account could you please go on and verify the account? thanks and sorry for the long comment!

message 2: by Teigan (new)

Teigan Elliott | 3 comments Okay somewhere in there it randomly says I'm sorry so just ignore that idk how that happened

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Kat (trytathis) | 7 comments Mod

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