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message 1: by Aj (new)

Aj | 10 comments What are your thoughts on her so far?
I know a lot of people think she has bad morals for loosing her virginity to someone she didn't love, but everyone just accepted it when it came to Jace (which is a bit of a double standard)
I think she's a really cool character so far, and I can't wait to read about her in TDA

message 2: by Emilia (new)

Emilia (doctorherondale) | 75 comments I agree. I think she's gonna be an amazing character. She's not like Clary and Tessa which is perfect because this way we get a whole new perspective on the shadowhunter world. She grew up knowing who she was. I'm curious to see how she handles everything especially after what happened in TMI.

Anna the Annonymous Android (annathepseudoindietrollbot) | 19 comments I think she is a girl version of Jace. I like her but i am more interested in Mark blackthorn.

message 4: by Emilia (new)

Emilia (doctorherondale) | 75 comments Oooo I'm curious about Mark too. His character should be interesting....

Anna the Annonymous Android (annathepseudoindietrollbot) | 19 comments Out of all the characters from cohf, I feel that he is one of the most tragic characters.

message 6: by Emilia (new)

Emilia (doctorherondale) | 75 comments Agreed. He hasn't had an easy life

Julia Griffis - The Romance Bibliophile (theromancebibliophile) I loved Emma in COHF and am excited to see what happens with her and Julian's story in The Dark Artifices. I loved their characters in COHF, especially how Emma was like a female version of Jace. That made me very happy. :) TDA should definitely be interesting! Can't wait for 2016!

message 8: by Kerri (new)

Kerri (Herondalle) | 69 comments what how do you know that Emma did that?

message 9: by Abbey (new)

Abbey (ash12) | 20 comments Emma reminds me of Celaena Sardothien from throne of glass!

message 10: by Kolbeinn (new)

Kolbeinn Sigurjónsson | 6 comments Emma is such a badass character. I'm really curious to see who that whole parabatai thing will work out. Can't wait for 2016!

message 11: by Melisa (new)

Melisa (scatterhearte) I loved her.She`s so badass.I can`t wait for TDA.She can even be my favorite female character in the Shadowhunter Chronicles.

message 12: by Emilia (new)

Emilia (doctorherondale) | 75 comments I can't wait to see her relationship with Julian either. Its gonna be interesting and heartbreaking like all Cassandra Clare's books are. I'm gonna have to buy tissues to go with this series. This time I will be prepared

message 13: by Sasha (new)

Sasha | 175 comments I am really curious to see what happens to her after TMI And mark. She starts off way younger than Clary or Tessa. And I'd like to see how she'll handle these situations that she's going to be put in. She came in as a really strong character and I can't wait to see what happens next

message 14: by Jaina (new)

Jaina | 22 comments She reminded me a lot of Jace, to be honest. I like that she doesn't follow the rules and her relationship with Julian was cute. I really, really curious how she changes when she grows up a little. She's a few years older in Lady Midnight, right?

message 15: by Sasha (new)

Sasha | 175 comments Yea she is I actually didn't know she was going to be a few years older but I like that

message 16: by Jaina (new)

Jaina | 22 comments Cassandra Jean has some pretty cool drawings and a few gifs of Emma when she's older.

message 17: by Abbey (new)

Abbey (ash12) | 20 comments I think shes supposed 2 be 17

message 18: by Ash (new)

Ash (evermorefan) I finished COHF a few days ago and loved her

message 19: by Michelle (new)

Michelle I love Emma!! She is like a female Jace. And I love Jace so, you know. Emma and Julian (ship name Jemma?) is already one of my OTPs. I have a lot of OTPs (although the whole point of One True Pairing is that there is only one). My OTPs are Clace (Jace & Clary), Wessa (Will & Tessa), Sizzy (Simon & Izzy), Malec (Magnus & Alec), Jemma, and Cath and Levi from Fangirl.

message 20: by Michelle (new)

Michelle I just saw this quote online:

"The thought of a whole life spent without ever being separated from him, a promise that she would never be alone, trumped the voice in the back of her head that whispered: Wait..."

City of Heavenly Fire

This was the part where (view spoiler)

And I was thinking about that "voice in the back of her head that whispered: Wait...". That must the part of her that is aware that she is possibly most definitely in love with Julian. They're so awesome!

I'm so excited to read the Dark Artifices. Cassie said that it's fantasy plus mystery. As in there are clues in there that they collect. I just can't wait. And the main character Emma has lived her whole life as a Shadowhunter, unlike the other two protagonists Clary and Tessa, so it's going to be a different experience. Also, we get a change of scenery. We had London, and we had New York. Now we have Los Angeles where the Institute isn't a church. So there are many different things, well except the Shadowhunting world obviously.

I heard Lady Midnight is really thick. So excited!!!

message 21: by Leah (new)

Leah (moonmadmonkey) Emma is such a kickass character. She breaks the typical mold of innocent gentle virgin and is so much better for it. She is so herself...Which seems like an obvious thing to say, but yeah. Her and Julian just kill me, ugh.

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