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Megan (nightrunner) Five Years after graduating high school, two high school sweethearts are reunited, and there's a big secret between them. She was pregnant when he left for college, but never had the chance to tell him, so what happens now?

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Temperance Thanks for setting this up! :)

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Megan (nightrunner) No problem, so do you want to puzzle out what our other story line will be before we get going on characters and such?

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Temperance I think that would be great. ^~^
My idea was former enemies run across each other again; maybe she was a cheerleader/ homecoming court member or a goody two shoes and he was her opposite?

I was also thinking that my character could have ties to your girl, maybe they were friends or something?

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Megan (nightrunner) That's a great idea. So, maybe your girl helped my girl out while she was pregnant/has been there for her while she's been pursuing a degree? So like an "aunt" to my girl's child?

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Temperance Aw, thank you. :) I really like that idea; that would be great! So when she didn't have classes, she could have babysat for your girl when she was at work, or in her own classes.

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Megan (nightrunner) Yeah, and the guys don't really know each other except for through the girls.

So, I'm currently character making for another rp, but I will try to get started on these ones shortly. What do you want for a layout for character sheets? And what is your girl going to be like, so I can make her a more accurate enemy. (view spoiler)

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Temperance I think that works; for my guy, I'm seeing athlete or type a personality, so he would definetly have only hung out with people like him.

That's fine, I'm starting to work on replies for other rps, so it might take me a little while to get my characters up. If you have any suggestions for the fc for my guy, i'd ove to hear them. It might help me get him done a little faster ^~^ hmmm....I usually go for the general layout; a few pictures of the charrie, name age, and personality in bullet points; if you want to include history, or had a different layout on mind, I don't mind changing the set up. Hmm...definitely a take charge personality, loyal, stubborn, flirtatious, and, possibly, very short tempered. (view spoiler)

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Megan (nightrunner) Okay, that character layout will work for me, but I will probably add history? And I'll also probably wait until you post one and take pointers from your layout, just so we have the same kind of information. (view spoiler)

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Megan (nightrunner) I also have no idea for the face claim, though anyone you pick will be fine with me. I just have to see him before I start picking out a child for our old high school couple.

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Temperance Ok cool; yeah, that's fine! I might add a few things to mine after the rp starts, if that's ok with you. Of course; I have no problem with that ^~^ (view spoiler)

That's ok; then I will try my best to pick a great one. Lol that would make sense; I can have the pictures up in an hour. The profiles won't be done, but this way I won't make you wait to start yours

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Megan (nightrunner) I'm fine with you adding things as we rp. I'll warn you though, I can get a little ooc if I don't add stuff as I go so that I can keep track of various characters. (view spoiler)

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Temperance Awesome; thank you so much! Lol, that's fine, I'm the same when it comes to writing things down, especially if it's plot related. (view spoiler)

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Megan (nightrunner) (view spoiler)

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Temperance (view spoiler)

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Megan (nightrunner) (I'm headed to bed, but will get my characters up in the morning/early afternoon. Have a good night/morning.)

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Temperance (that's fine; can't wait to see what you come up with! Good night ^~^))

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Megan (nightrunner) A couple of things on this I just wanted to clarify on a little. So, I kind of image them in like a southern setting, if that's okay with you? And I imagine this reunion happening around June, so its like exactly five years since they graduated.

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Megan (nightrunner)
Name: Katelyn Rose White
Age: 23
Gender: Female

Details: Katelyn stand at five foot eight inches, which is relatively tall for her community. She weighs a little over one hundred and twenty pounds, and has a thin frame. She has bright blue eyes that often leave people stunned, and seem even brighter in contrast to her chocolate brown hair that has tints of red in it when in the sunlight.

Personality: Kate is a sweetheart. She loves to have fun, and tends to be very polite and proper. She's a real southern belle. She is a free spirit, she doesn't really live with restrictions other than the money in her pocket, and she is normally pretty good at adapting to the changes life throws at her. Much of that comes from having a kid though. In high school she was uncaring, wild. She has settled into life since. Kate also has a cool head. She doesn't have a quick temper, it takes quite a bit to get her worked up, but she will also passionately defend the things and people she believes in. If anyone were to say anything against her daughter or teen mothers as a whole, she will tell them exactly how it is.

History: Kate was popular all through school. She was one of those girls that everyone liked and no one could find reason to hate. Some people hated her just because she was too nice, and too perfect, or based on the fact that her best friend all throughout school could be a self righteous bitch, but Kate's presence was often enough to keep her friend at least mostly in check. It was after graduation that everything changed. Kate found out two weeks after graduation that she was three months pregnant. It turned her world upside down. She had plans to go to college with her best friend, they already had an apartment rented just off campus where they were planning to live while they were in college. Kate knew right away that she wouldn't be able to go straight to college. She couldn't afford it, but she still moved into the apartment, using tuition money to pay for doctors appointments, medication, and other baby related expenses. She never told the father, however. She knew who it was, she had only been intimate with one guy in high school. They had been together for over two years, and if their colleges had been closer, they might have continued dating. She never told him, though, because he had a plan, a future, and she couldn't bring herself to take that from him. It was a huge secret. Only her parents and her best friend really knew that her baby girl existed, and it was her best friend that helped her through the fear of being a teen mom, and assured her that if anything happened to her, her baby would still be taken care off. It caused both of them to grow up a lot. Kate settled in to her apartment, forgoing her education for three years to take care of Adeline. Currently she is two years into an online education course to get a hospitality and public relations degree with funding through her work as a customer service manager in a department store near the college.
Her baby: Adeline "Addy" Violet White. She is four and a half years old, and will be starting kindergarten in the fall. She got her mom's eyes and her dad's dark hair, though she doesn't know her father. She is a happy, carefree kid, though she gets really shy when meeting new people, especially adults.
(view spoiler)

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Megan (nightrunner)
Name: Logan John Danforth
Age: 22
Gender: Male

Details: Logan stand at five foot ten inches and weighs about one hundred and sixty pounds. He has blue/gray eyes and dirty blonde hair that ranges from very light dirty blonde in the summer, to light brown in the winter. He has a more muscular build and works hard to maintain it.

Personality: Logan is a funny guy. He has always had a good sense of humor, and loves to express himself. He has a big personality that draws people in to him, but he also is fragile. Due to borderline bullying in high school, he doesn't have great self confidence, when people insult him he takes it harder than people think, even though people don't see the immediate effects, he keeps it to himself, and it sits in him, like a pot that slowly heats up. It's only a matter of time before he boils over. Since his school, he has learned to fight his own battles. He no longer lets people walk all over him, and will call people out when they are being exceedingly rude for no good reason. He may still be smart, which lead him to being in the top five of his class, but he is no longer the geeky kid he was in high school.

History: In high school, Logan was a theater geek. There's no other way to put it. He was smart and talented, but not in the way boys were expected to be. Boys were expected to be athletic and strong and handsome. Logan was cute and intelligent and weak. He was so in love with acting and theater, that for the most part he didn't care. It was his world. The only backlash he ever got was from the popular kids. The football players and the cheerleaders. They went out of their way to shove him into lockers, make fun of him, one girl especially loved calling him gay, because he never had a girlfriend. In truth, Logan had wanted to ask girls out all throughout high school, but his confidence was rocked too much to even try. In college though, that all changed. Logan was accepted into the premiere acting and theatre school in New York, and once he arrived, he flourished. He finally was in with people who understood, and he was good at what he did. He has recently gotten cast for his first Hollywood film, after having starred in many low budget film festival productions. Logan's life is about to take off, and he's ready to face the bullies he had to endure in high school, and show them how wrong they really were.

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Temperance ((Setting it in the south is fine with me. ^~^ did you have a certain state jn mind? your characters look awesome! I should be able to work on mine later today. ))

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Megan (nightrunner) ((I was thinking maybe live Virginia or one of the Carolinas? Something pretty central on the east coast so that there would be students going a variety of direction to go to college and such. And thanks!))

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Temperance ((I'm liking Virginia; it has tons of possibility, like you said, for students to be able to go to different schools. ^~^ I have an early class so I have to call it a night :( I won't be able to get on again, for a longer length of time, until Friday. I'm really sorry; I should be able to finish both profiles then, and maybe we could start planning how this is going to start?))

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Megan (nightrunner) ((That's fine, I actually have a really busy week. It's prom week this week. I'm a senior in hs, so I have a lot of stuff going on.))

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Temperance ((Thanks for being so understanding. ^~^ Really? That's awesome! I hope you have a great time! C: ))

message 26: by Temperance (new)

Temperance ((Finals is this week, but I'll be Abe to get on Friday to finally put the finishing touches on my charries; then we can finally start! :) ))

message 27: by Megan (new)

Megan (nightrunner) ((Okay, good luck on your tests!))

message 28: by Temperance (new)

Temperance ((Almost done with the characters! Want to start figuring out how we should start the rp?))

message 29: by Megan (new)

Megan (nightrunner) ((I was thinking start with the girls together before the reunion dinner/dance thing. Since they're friends and their sort of living together, it would make sense for them to be getting ready together, then when they get there they run into the guys.))

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Temperance ((That sounds cool; maybe Kate is doing her makeup while Jenny tries to distract Addy with a story? And Hayden can just be getting into town.))

message 31: by Megan (new)

Megan (nightrunner) ((Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking, but I was also thinking about not rping the guys until like the post before the girls get to the reunion so that their not idle characters. I also think my guy will probably pop in a little late, you know, make an entrance.))

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Megan (nightrunner) ((Also, in my town, the reunions are in a nice hotel in town, where there's lots of room, and people can book rooms for the night if they're coming from out of town. Would a similar setting be good for you for starting the rp?))

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Temperance ((Ok cool; lol ok I get it. That makes things a little easier. That sounds perfect, and from what I read from his history, totally fits him! I was thinking Hayden might be on time, but gets mobbed because he was a fullback/ running back who was a rising star on his college football who had NFL prospects, but blew out his knee and lost them; but now he's a successful businessman, or a lawyer (still making up my mind).

That's actually really cool; it's definitely different from how we do high school reunions here. Usually they dress up the gym and everyone meets there, but I really like the hotel idea.))

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Megan (nightrunner) ((Okay, so once your ready we can start, I should be on most of the day.))

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Temperance ((Personalities are done! ^~^ I can work on histories a little later. Did you want to write the starter? I'll be on and off all day; clearing out some of my school stuff out, which might take a while >.<))

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Megan (nightrunner) ((I can start putting one together if you want. It might take me a minute though.))

message 37: by Temperance (new)

Temperance ((That would be awesome!!! Thank you so much! ^~^ take all the time you need! ))

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Megan (nightrunner) Kate wrapped the curling iron up in another tendril of her hand, staring at herself in the mirror in a moment of rare silence. She knew once she finished her hair and opened the door, she would be able to hear Jenny and Addy from where they sat in the bedroom. She was just trying to take a moment to herself to calm her jumpy nerves. Jeez, she hadn't felt this anxious since she found out she was pregnant. She knew it was useless, that she didn't even know if he would be there. Addy would be safe at Kate's family home, so she was under no obligation to tell him, but just seeing him again was enough to set her on edge. She unrolled the iron, tucking the curl into place and checking her hair, making sure she hadn't missed any pieces, or maybe just to stall a little while longer.

She sighed, turning the iron off and hanging it in the bathroom closet to cool, then turning to pull the door open, hearing the high pitched laughter of her little girl and feeling her nerves fade slightly as she went to sit at her vanity, pulling out her make up kit. In a house o three girls and one bathroom, a vanity had been one of their first investments, and it now held both her hand Jenny's makeup, even though it was in Kate's bedroom.

"Jen, you know the address of the hotel, right? You aren't going to get us lost again?" she called to her friend as she started on her makeup. It wouldn't take her long. She didn't ever wear a lot of make up. Her staples were eyeliner, mascara and lipstick, anything beyond that was too much for her. She still was going slow, not wanting to mess it up. She hadn't seen this people in five years, and to most of them she had fallen off the face of the earth. Only Jenny knew about Addy, and keeping the kid a secret from so many people would mean lying her ass off all night, and that just didn't sit right with Kate.

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Temperance Jenny affectionately brushed a dark curl from Addy’s eyes as the little girl cuddled closer, her eyes fixed on the colorful pictures. They were sitting on Kate’s bed, with Addy fighting sleep as she hung, half on, half off, of her lap. Jenny had kicked her heels off before clambering up awkwardly, her movements hampered by her tight dress. The close fitting, red cocktail dress, was perfect for flirting, but not for slouching in a bed pilled with pillow; but her honorary niece, enthralled with the story, and Aunt Jenny’s different voices for each character, made up for the mild discomfort. It was only fair that she was the one to tell Addy a story before they left since she had hogged the bathroom for nearly an hour. It had been a lot of work, straightening her wavy blonde hair in sleek perfection, rimming her eyes with jet black eyeliner and topping everything off with coral lipstick. She always went for the wow factor and while her best friend favored a minimal look, Jenny wanted to scar the retinas of their classmates. Remind them that the queen bee looked just as good now, if not better, than she did in her cheer days. But a lot had changed since then, namely the fact that she had gotten two roommates instead of one; Kate hadn’t told a lot of people about her little girl’s existence, and she had backed her on that.

She knew that some of the squad wouldn’t have minded; she was best friends with Kate, so most of her friends on the squad had gotten along with her. They had kept in contact over the years and she was excited to see them. All except one; Trinity Hagan had hated her ever since Jenny had broken her nose two weeks before graduation. She couldn’t remember the exact circumstances, only that the taller, bitchier blonde had said something, and she had snapped. But she could recall everything else with perfect clarity: the sound of crunching cartilage, Trinity’s shrieks, and Scott, her then line backer boyfriend, wrapping her arm around her waist and hauling her away.

She blinked, her concentration brought back to the present when Addy had poked her in the side, asking why she had stopped the story. Jenny had rushed through the page, making the voices sillier and more grandiose. The little girl laughed, the sound cheering Jenny. She glanced over at her friend, who had rejoined them, and rolled her eyes, even though Kate couldn't see. "Seriously? It was one time!" She groaned theatrically before responding with a grudging, "Yes, mother; I have the address plugged into the GPS."

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Megan (nightrunner) "She's not your mommy, she my mommy!" Addy called, poking Jenny once again, "And what happened to the princess?" She had heard the story before, but she loved it all the same, especially when he auntie read it to her. She snuggled closer, her head on Jenny's shoulder, a yawn sneaking it way out of her, though she tried to hide it. Kate glanced over with a grin, pausing midway through doing her eyeliner.

"It may have only been once, but you took us two hours away before you realized you went the wrong way. We missed like the entire dinner plus that night," Kate teased back, shaking her head, antagonizing her friend could be fun. Plus settling into a fairly normal routine made it easier to forget about what was coming. Even if she was one o the popular girls in school, she knew her friends could be vicious if they found out she was a teen mom, and had yet to finish getting a degree. "Hey Addy, are you almost ready to go to Pop-pop and Nana's house? Did you get your bag all ready?"

She felt bad dumping her baby off on her parents, but Jenny had been excited about the reunion, and it had been infectious for weeks, but now it was just causing her old high school anxiety to resurface. She kept having to remind herself to breath. "Mommy, we have to finish the story first!" Addy told her stubbornly. She had definitely gotten that from living with Jenny, but it was simply cute on her. Kate nodded. "When Aunt Jenny finishes the story, you have to go get your bag ready, okay? If you're late to Nana's Pop-pop will eat all the cookies, and you won't get a single one."

Threats of no sweets always kicked Addy into motion, even if her Nana spoiled her endlessly, and always had sweets galore waiting for her. She was getting really spoiled today though, Nana had made her favorite mac and cheese, and was planning to take her out to a movie, but Addy didn't know that yet. "Oh, Jenny, where did I put my dress?" she asked, knowing that her best friend had tracked the dress since she convinced Kate to buy it. It was a lot more...revealing than almost anything Kate had worn since having a kid, but nothing near what she had worn in high school. Jenny had convinced her that i she wore pants everyone would know something was up with her.

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Temperance ((It's raining really bad here and the wifi is cutting out; i'm worried that I'll lose the response, so I will definitely reply tomorrow! C: ))

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Temperance “Sorry Munchkin, I forget; she treats me like I’m younger than you.” Jenny nodded, her expression teasing though she shifted slightly; she had been raised by a single father, with her grandmother Margot, and her cheerleading coach, serving as the closest thing to a mother that she had ever had. But she gasped playfully, carefully setting the book down to tickle Addy. “Did you just poke me? Did you just poke me?” She mock growled, mimicking the monster from the story. Once she had gotten the little girl to laugh, she picked up the book dutifully, though Addy must have heard the story a hundred times, and started where they had left off.

Jenny raised an eyebrow, mock scowling at Kate over Addy’s small, dark head. “That would have never happened if you had been paying attention; you were my co-pilot. You’re supposed to stop me when I start going in the wrong direction. Besides, you should be thanking me for missing that dinner; it wasn’t even that good. I mean…that’s what Tiff told me.” She made it a few more pages before Kate reminded Addy that she needed to get ready. “Sorry, trouble. Your mommy has spoken.” Jenny said, kissing the top of the little girl’s head before setting the book on the nightstand before clambering down.

Jenny smoothed the front of her dress before stepping into her heels. Once she buckled the straps, she straightened and started flitting around, gathering a few last minute amenities. She grabbed her black clutch and stuffed her mascara, lipstick, and, after a momentary struggle, managed to shove her iphone in as well. She latched the clasp closed before setting it down next to her keys.

Jenny giggled at Addy’s defiance, feeling a bubble of pride erupt, but she didn’t pick her moments well. “Maybe you can get your Nana or Pop-pop to finish it, sweetie. Me and your mommy have to go to our reunion.” Jenny had just been straightening her necklace when Kate asked about her dress. The one that Jenny had pushed her to get. Her face lit up as she looked up, letting the pendant settle against her collarbone; she hadn’t left the dress in Kate’s room, out of fear that her best friend would try and return it while Jenny was working at the salon. “I’ll go get it.” She said, rushing out of the room, heels clicking in her wake. She pushed open the door to her room and sailed in, heading directly for the closet. She pushed aside a few dresses and her graduation gown to reveal a zipped up garment bag. Bearing it aloft, she returned to Kate’s room, holding it aloft triumphantly. “Here it is!”

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Megan (nightrunner) ((This is kind of what I was imagining for the dress, but a little longer (view spoiler)))

"I am both your mommies, and we're going to be late if we don't get going!" Kate scolded, herding Addy to her side of the room to get her back pack ready. She started packing her coloring books, crayons, a few of her favorite DVD's. She ran back over to the night stand to grab the story book and drop it inside. Kate had already packed the back pocket of the bag with clothes, pajamas, a toothbrush, and Addy's favorite blanket. "Are you going to leave Teddy at home? He might get awful lonely?"

Addy ran back to grab the black bear stuffie, holding it to her chest. "Ready to go!" she announced, picking up her backpack as Jenny came back into the room. Kate bit her lip looking at the garment bag, still a little nervous, praying she hadn't put on too much weight or something since she bought the dress. Jenny's obvious excitement was getting under her skin slightly, making her nerves jumpy again, but also making her heart race with excitement. "Addy, how about you have Aunt Jenny help you get your shoes on while mommy changes, and then we'll leave."

Kate finished her eye makeup, deciding to leave her lipstick for after she was dressed. She took the bag from Jenny, laying it on the bed before unzipping it, taking the dress carefully out from inside, looking at the dark sapphire fabric and taking it in her hands, turning to go change before she could second guess it. She shimmied into the dress, shocked for a second time at just how much of her back was exposed, and how the lace front was almost see through, but it was a decent length, and it technically covered everything important. She looked in the mirror, slipping in matching earrings and felt, well, sexy for the first time in years. She hadn't thought she was still able to look so alluring, and it boosted her confidence slightly. She took a deep breath and opened the bathroom door, applying the lipstick lightly and slipping into her silver heels. "Okay, Jenny, I'll give you this. I think I really love this dress," she admitted, doing a small twirl, Addy ran up to hug her legs, smiling up at her. "You look so pretty!" she exclaimed, twirling around herself, and then running back over to take Jenny's hand once again. "Now we go to Nana's?" she asked hopefully, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

Kate smiled, picking up the small clutch like purse she had packed earlier. "Jenny, did you remember to put any actually money in that purse? Or your drivers license?" she prodded, knowing her friend sometimes forgot the important stuff when she got excited. "Are we ready to leave?" She was going through her mental checklist, it was a mother thing to try and make sure everything was in place and prepared.

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Temperance ((Posting in a few minutes! ^~^))

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Temperance (view spoiler)

"Should I be offended that you just said that?" Jenny asked, tugging on the hem of her dress before she straightened, heading towards the vanity once more. She bent her head, taking the last few minutes to scrutinize her makeup for any flaws she might have missed. It didn't matter if they were out of high school, especially since she was in the business of making people look beautiful; one flaw could bring everything crumbling down. Her double check had paid off and she quickly fixed her lipstick, which had gotten smudged in the corner. She capped the tube and shoved it back in her clutch as she stood, listening to the sounds of Addy hurrying to get her things packed.

The garment bag was still lying on Kate's bed; Jenessa hoped that she wouldn't chicken out wearing the dress as she smiled, quickly crossing the room to grab her keys off the night table. "That I can do; c'mon, kiddo. Let's get your shoes on so we can get you to your grandparents before you turn into a pumpkin." She turned, slipping her hand into Addy's smaller one. "We'll see you by the doors; don't forget your hells...Mommy." With that, she swiveled away and headed into the hallway.

"Ok, munchkin, Aunt Jenny's heels are really high, so I," She said, reaching down to pick up Addy's sneakers and set them on one of the kitchen chairs. "Am going to put you on the table so I don't fall and get hurt, ok sweetie; but you need to sit really still. No monkeying around, capisce?" Though the little girl's nose wrinkled at the strange word, she nodded, lifting her arms up to be picked up. Jenny divested her of the backpack, which she also set on the chair, before she scooped Addy up and set her on the table. The process took a little longer than usual, since her dress and heels kept her from moving too quickly. But by the time Kate joined them, she had tied both laces into perky bunny ears and had Addy back on the floor. She turned, the small princess bag slung over one her arms when she whistled. "I would have been offended if you didn't; you look hot, Kate." She complimented, her smile a throw back to the 'we won playoffs' beam that could be seen from the top row of the bleachers in the stadium. "And what's Aunt Jenny? Chopped liver?" She teased, but Addy's excitement was infectious. She grinned again, the expression still a little incredulous, but no less proud. "You look gorgeous, sweetie. Really. And yes, troublemaker, we're going to your Nana's." She said, heading to the door and pulling it open.

Jenny froze guiltily for a moment, her mind running through her mental checklist. Then her expression lightened. "Yeah, yeah, yeah." She said, waving her hand noncommittally. "My driver's license is in the glove compartment and I have money...just not in my purse; I mean look at this clutch. It's Bebe...I'd hate to stretch it out." She winked victoriously, pleased that one of her old high school tricks had paid off. "Now quit stalling; we have places to be!"

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Megan (nightrunner) "Why would you be offended, have I not been the one trying to keep you from fighting kids since like second grade?" Kate teased, thinking under different circumstances she would tussle her hair or something, but knew doing so now would result in absolute panic from her friend. She was a little surprised at how well Addy was cooperating today though, so the small time Kate had budgeted for Jenny panicking about her make up or Addy being stubborn about doing things before she left was going to extra time, so they might actually have some time before the dinner to talk to people.

"Aunt Jenny is pretty too, but mommy is prettier, because she looks like me!" Addy proclaimed as Jenny teased her, drawing Kate out of her thoughts as she laughed softly. "There it is, they always say truth comes from the mouth of babes," she joked lightly, sticking her tongue out at her friend as she grabbed Addy's backpack, then double checked the counter where she had put everything she needed earlier. Once she was satisfied, she followed Jenny out the door, taking Addy to the back of the car to strap her in while Jenny started the car. She and Jenny had a sort of agreement, Jenny would drive to events, and then Kate would drive anyone who was too intoxicated home. She didn't mind it at all, she had stopped drinking after high school, and Jenny still had the right to do whatever she wanted. She hadn't made any real mistakes, only Kate had.

"Mommy, when do I get to ride in a big girl seat?" Addy asked her as she buckled her in, Kate smiled, glancing up to the front seat. "When you are as tall as Aunt Jenny you can ride in a big girl seat, how does that sound?" Kate proposed, thinking it a decent bargain. "Yay! I'm already halfway there!" Addy said, clapping her hands as Kate laughed, putting Addy's backpack beside her on the back seat and moving around to the passenger side.

The drive to her parents house was smooth, there were no real bumps in the raod, and once they got there, Addy was off like a shot, running into the house as soon as she got out of the car, forgetting her backpack as always. Kate took it inside with the car seat, knowing her parents would need both, then exchanging a few words with her mother to make sure she was still okay with watching Addy for the night. She had to call her daughter four times before she came out to say goodnight before returning to the kitchen. Kate sighed, getting back into the car with Jenny, her nerves suddenly hiking up. "Off we go? " she asked, starting to second guess agreeing to go.

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Temperance Jenny thought that over, her head tipped to the side, as she fit her key into the lock and let herself into her Kia Sorento. “I guess that’s a good point…but I still think I could have taken Leo Matthews in the fourth grade.” She argued as she unlocked the back doors with one press of a button. As Kate got Addy settled, she lowered the visor, glancing at her makeup once more. A small twist of anxiety tugged her stomach as she examined her eye makeup, withdrawing her eyeliner once more to touch up a slightly smudged corner. Her hand shook slightly and she hoped that Kate was too busy getting Addy buckled up to notice. Maybe she was a little more nervous than she had admitted. What if their friends were different than remembered, or she didn’t look as good as she used to? As soon as that thought hit her, she banished it. She was Jenny freaking Delaney; and even if she wasn’t as athletic as she used to be, at least she hadn't completely let herself go, which she was sure had happened to most of their classmates.

“Aw, thanks kiddo...hey!.” Jenny laughed in response, her good mood restored as she capped the pencil and stowed it back in her clutch. “Oh save it, White; we all know you’ve poisoned her against me. Sweetie, no matter what Mommy tells you, blondes have more fun.” She stage whispered as Kate tightened Addy’s seatbelt. While she waited, she glanced at the car’s interior; everything was immaculate as usual, but something felt out of place. Probably the GPS; she knew the way to the Whites, who had been like her surrogate parents, like the back of her hand. She would turn on the GPS, a fairly new acquisition that was secured to the windshield, once she left the familiarity of Southern suburbia.

Jenny’s nails, freshly French tipped, tapped a new song she had caught in the salon while she waited for Kate to finish up in the back. She could hear Addy and Kate talk quietly, and though she was going to miss the munchkin, she was looking forward to a night off; visions of pomtinis were dancing in her head, especially since Kate, who had promised to try and have a good time, was designated driver. She snapped out of it when she heard her phone buzz; but she wasn’t in the mood to mess with the overstuffed . She also heard the tail end the others’ conversation, which made her gasp in mock outrage. “Hey! I heard that.” She teased, glancing at Addy in the rearview window as mother and daughter laughed. “I’ll have you know I’m…a little under average size.” She admitted. “But flyers always have to be a little smaller; your mother’s just too darn tall.”

Kate finally finished in the back seat and took her place in the passenger seat. In record time, Jenny managed to get them to the Whites’ house, on time, which was weird. Jenny was never on time for anything; maybe it was a sign from God that she had made the right call, getting Kate to go to the reunion. "Easy." She yelped as she pulled into the driveway; Addy was already wiggling, kicking the back of the driver's seat in her eagerness to escape. She rolled down the window, waving at Mr. and Mrs. White when they came to the door; she couldn't get out of the car, not in these shoes. Jenny waited impatiently, straightening her hair until, finally, Kate reappeared. "Next stop, The Abbot Hotel." Jenny said, injecting the same amount of enthusiasm into the words as she did during her time on the squad. And without further ado, she turned on the GPS, pulled the car out of the driveway and set off for the hotel.

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Megan (nightrunner) Kate shifted nervously in her seat, adjusting her dress even though it fit her perfectly, thinking that maybe she should just have Jenny drop her back off at home before she did something stupid. "Jenny, do you think he'll be there?" she asked in a small voice. She knew her best friend would understand what she meant, and where her concern was coming from. He, him, Hayden...Hayes... Just the name made memories flood her mind, her eyes no longer seeing the road, instead she was back in high school, on the sidelines of the state football championship praying that he didn't get hurt, that they would pull through. She was being lifted into the air by strong arms that enveloped her, holding her tightly against huge shoulder pads, her feet not touching the ground. She was on that old log by the old bonfire place in the woods, leaning in for a first kiss, then having him stomping on her dress where it had gotten caught in the fire. She was on the couch at his house, draped across his lap as he made her watch the old Batman movies for the first time, he had been appalled when he found out she had never seen them.

She shook her head, clearing her haze, only now realizing that her hands were shaking and that she was more frightened than she ever wanted to admit. "I'm scared, Jenny. What if someone knows? What if everyone knows? I could be walking into total mayhem," she admitted, her voice soft. She took a deep breath, clenching her hands into fists to stop them from shaking. In school she had always had a shield in Jenny. No one wanted to mess with her, because she had the friend that everyone knew would make their lives hell if they messed with Kate. Now, people weren't so afraid of Jenny, and people had more to attack Kate with. She turned to look out the window and felt her stomach flip. They were here already? It seemed like the hotel should have been further away. It had always been a few minutes from her parents house though, she had just never realized that it was this hotel that the reunion was at. She chewed on her lip, glad she had thought to pack her lipstick, because she had probably already bitten half of it off. "I can't do this Jenny, I really can't."

She unbuckled her seat belt, digging in her purse for the extra set of keys. She figured she would go get dinner somewhere else, and wait for Jenny to call and tell her that she needed to be picked up. Her hands fluttered nervously around, touching her hair and arms and the hems of her dress. Her anxiety was almost palpable, and it was so unlike Kate, cool, collected, levelheaded Katelyn White. She was too worried about someone saying something about her, or more terrifying to her was that they could say something about Addy. It was all too real a possibility, because this would be just like high school. Once one person knew something, everyone knew something.

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Temperance ((I'll reply tomorrow, I promise. I'm not feeling very well >.<))

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Temperance Jenny’s spirits were making a remarkable recovery the nearer they got to the hotel. By the time they neared a stoplight that was slowly changing from green to yellow, a little more than ten minutes away from the venue, she was almost giddy, and eager to see her former teammates. A feeling that apparently wasn’t shared with the other occupant of the car. Jenny could hear Kate fidgeting in her seat the closer they got; she thought it was old high school insecurity, not that Kate had much when they were still in school. But when Kate asked… that question, Jenny might have hit the brakes a little too hard as her car came to a screeching stop. Jenny straightened, her posture slightly rigid as she took her eyes off the road to focus on Kate. She didn't need a name to put to him. She already knew exactly who she was talking about; Hayden Lambos, football star, golden boy, and this town's favorite son. He was also Kate's ex, who hadn't talked to her ever since graduation, hadn't even bothered to look back; and Jenny hated him. She hadn't at first, when he and Kate had been going out. Everything had been good those years; Kate had seemed lighter, a little more easy going, and happier. Jenny had done pretty well herself during those years too; memories of an exhilarating rush surging through her as she was tossed up into the air during a game. Playfully screaming as Scott Spencer tossed her into the lake during their summer break.

She remembered double dates with them, and catching glimpses of them at parties; it had seemed, at times, like they were the only ones in the room. She had been jealous of them, seeing as Scott had a short attention span and, as she had learned the hard way, a wandering eye. But, after seeing how wrecked Kate was about this, she couldn't help but wonder if she was the one who was better off. The light turned green and an impatient honk from behind them shocked her back into the present. Face turning pink, Jenny pressed on the gas and they shot forward. She was quiet for a few minutes before she said, "He might not be there, sweetie; no one's seen him in years. And even if that asshole does show up," she put, flicking on the turn signal before pulling into the parking lot. "Ignore him; show him exactly what he gave up." She said, turning to look at her friend after she had pulled into a parking space.

"Which was a hell of a lot. Especially since he lost out on the opportunity to m..." Her voice trailed off when she saw a few people trail past the car, dressed well and eyeing them curiously. She cleared her throat, unbuckling her seatbelt as she reached for her clutch. "Honey," she said, her voice soothing and level, "No one knows; it's impossible. Neither of us have ever said anything, and the only other people who know are your parents; I kept this from my gram, sweetie. So trust me; everything is going to be fine." Jenny straightened, eyeing her friend with concern, and a little bit of stubbornness. Before she could freak about her hair, she leaned forward, giving Kate a one armed squeeze. "You're gorgeous, you're smart, and you are one of the sweetest people in this town. You're also one of the toughest people I've ever met. You can do this; I know you can." She said, giving her one last squeeze before pulling away. For Kate's sake, Jenny shelved her earlier insecurity and adopted an excited grin. "Now let's show these losers what perfection looks like."

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