Fire and Ice (Warriors, #2) Fire and Ice question

Reid Wooldridge Reid Apr 25, 2015 01:54PM
Cinderpaw will probably never see combat again. Who thinks she'll be able to become medicine cat? (I've read the book so I know but no spoilers.)

i think so

I think YellowFang is a super big softy :3

To answer Reid's question: yes. Yes, yes, yes, and she will be so optimistic while she does.

It is tragic what happens to Cinderpaw, but it motivates Fireheart to find out more information on Tigerclaw, and it develops Fireheart as a character as he learns about the harsh realities of Clan life and relaizes how dedicated he is to keeping them safe.

Yes, since she is smart, able to keep her spirits up and is able to be friends with Yellowfang who doesn't make it all that easy with her particular brand of humor and views.

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