Burning Man (Gideon and Sirius #1) Burning Man question

Dogs and people
Mary Ann Mary Apr 25, 2015 10:00AM
In “Burning Man”, Alan Russell’s character, detective Michael Gideon, classifies people by the dog breeds they resemble in personality. He writes, “Happy animated sorts are golden retrievers. Those that are nervous and hyper are Jack Russell terriers. Beautiful people are poodles. Those with OCD are border collies. Solid citizens are airedales. Class clowns are Labradors. Sensitive sorts are basset hounds. Independent types are cairn terriers. Toto was a cairn terrier.” Toto whose real name was Terry was the dog in Wizard of Oz. page 105. How would you classify yourself if you were to do it by dog breed?

I think most people are muts. We can any one of us be any of those characteristics at different times. Of course I say this because my best friend calls me a yappy chihuahua, and I absolutely refuse to accept that. She only says that because 25 years ago I went all nuts on a guy who was trying to be pushy with me. Geez... You'd think after 25 years I could be cut a little slack.

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