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Julia Hörmayer | 323 comments No posts?
Well, I'll start with telling you I'm Candor. What faction do you belong to?

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Sydney Humphrey (bjjgirl) | 2158 comments Mod
Lol I'm a lot like Tris: definitely not Candor or Amity. I could probably fit into any of the other three factions. Although in general I think I would enjoy the Abnegation lifestyle the least of those three, I agree with and believe in their ideals the most; I think selflessness is more important than knowledge or bravery.

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Julia Hörmayer | 323 comments Wow, you're like the opposite me, lol. I'm all for honesty, I'd have no problem at all living in Candor. Erudite would be fine too, I think I'd generally fit but I wouldn't like the pressure they probably put on you.
All other factions were an absolute no go. Abnegation is pretty ridiculous to me and I don't consider selflessness very important. Or important at all. Nobody should feel obliged to be selfless, caring and thinking about other people's feelings is totally sufficient. I don't like Amity because of the drug they give you, that's horrible and I like argueing/discussing. Dauntless would probably be my last choice since I'm scaredy-cat and totally afraid of pain.
Btw in German Candor is the only fraction that was allowed to keep its name.
Abnegation - Altruan
Erudite - Ken
Dauntless - Ferox
Amity - Amite

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Sydney Humphrey (bjjgirl) | 2158 comments Mod
Well I suppose that's why they made the factions! I'm really adventurous and athletic, so honestly I think I'd most enjoy being a Dauntless. I practice three martial arts, rock climb, hike, rappel, the whole nine yards. I'd love the adventure and the challenge, and honestly, I wouldn't really mind the pain. I hate lying, but as a very emotionally sensitive person I don't think I could handle 100% of the truth 100% of the time. Candor would break me way faster than Dauntless. That's really cool about the German names! It makes sense though, since all the names are actual English words.

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Julia Hörmayer | 323 comments Yeah, but I honestly don't know if the German versions are actual words, since I've never heard of them and I have a pretty big vocabulary, I don't suppose they are. I was so confused at first. Like Ken? Seriously? That's like Ken from Barbie, lol. The others are ok.

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Sydney Humphrey (bjjgirl) | 2158 comments Mod
Haha then again I had never heard of half the English versions. Dauntless was the the only one I clearly recognized as a real word.

Maggie the Muskoka Library Mouse (mcurry1990) I think I might belong to Amity.

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Shobhit | 47 comments Hmm. I'm a total diverdent. I'm dauntless, abnigation, amity and erudite. But not so much candor.

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