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The Man from the Broken Hills

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message 1: by Jim (new)

Jim Peoples | 2 comments Just finished "The Man from the Broken Hills". Really enjoyed Milo's character. Had the hard working mindset of the Sacketts, and gave me a taste of the education and background of the Talons. I'm going through the Sackett series chronologically, and I'm almost done. Does anyone have a preference between the Sacketts and the Talons? Did one family's history strike you as more engaging? Did any of the family's characters appeal to you more than the other's? Just curious.

message 2: by Shane (new)

Shane Belcher | 6 comments I personally lean towards the Sacketts a bit more than the Talons but I'm a definitely a Talon fan too. I love the real old ones that involves sword play and such.

message 3: by Jim (new)

Jim Peoples | 2 comments Finishing up "Lonely on the Mountain". Chronologically, which is the first Talon book to begin with. Is there a list somewhere?

message 4: by Shane (new)

Shane Belcher | 6 comments It appears that Rivers west is the first one according to this website which would make sense since it is set back in the older days.


I have never heard of that site but think I will have to explore it further.

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