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"So, how do you feel?..To confront Alex, I mean." I ask, but then I see her suddenly duck as Alex walks into the room.

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Alex enters the ballroom, noticing Kathryn, a good friend of Elizabet, huddled among the crowd.
He waves towards her and begins to walk.

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Kate gulped and prodded Liz with her finger. "He's coming!" I hissed.

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Alex let out a low whistle. "Hey, darling. you look...good!"

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"He is sooo annoying!" I complain to Liz.
Kathryn placed a hand on Liz's shoulder. "Are you okay?" I ask, concerned

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"I know what's up, and you're not gonna expect me to believe your lies!" I bend down, meeting her eyes, my tone softer. "I'm you best friend. Please. Trust me...ARE.YOU.OKAY?"

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"I know, I know. Almost everyone in the entire world hates him. You aren't any different. Alexandra is a git and everyone knows that...Let's dance then"

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(Did u votefor me on the bestmod )?

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(Ok. You didn't. So. Reply to.my.message)

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Alex looked up. He can't believe that she just said that.
He stared at Liz, not looking away.

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Kathryn nudged liz. "Hes staring at you." Ihissed

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"So, liz. How are you?" Alex asks her

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"Nice dress!" Alex remarks looking up and down at her

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"E..e..you know, dont you?" He stuttered wondering whether the truth would have been better. They didn't cal me Alexandra Heyho for nothing

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"Everything...you...the dress..and .. er.. " he didnt want to tell her the last one..."im not gay...my friend.omar is though!"

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"The completely clingy tight dress..." I say, dazed and indulged in her beauty. Omar had always told me Amir had a thing for her...But I wasn't gonna let that spoil my chances. Besides, half her friends are crushing on me anyway!
"Do you want to dance. I know you probably think I'm a prat and what happened earlier...well, I'm really sorry that happened and I mean it this time."
I bow down to my knees.
"Please you majesty Miss Elizabet, listen to me just this once. I am very sincere in my apology so please use this chance as a one and only.
Forget about Amir. Forget about the stupid comments I made. It's all about me..."

((we need them to start liking eachother...also, go on the va group...lets roleplay there too...

dont you love the way I brought Amir, Omar, Thomas, Tia and Alex into all this? I know you love it!))

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((i missed u!))

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"Please!" I scoffed. She seemed so reluctant, it almost made me feel awkward. almost!
I carried her over to the dance floor and asked for her hand.
"Shall we?"

(lol..amir..omar...alex..thomas...tia...I JUST CAN'T GET FREKKING OVER IT!)

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Zaynah {♥Adrian Ivashkov♥...♥Edward Cullen♥...♥Tobias Eaton♥...♥Harry Potter♥...♥Magnus Bane♥...♥Ben Barnes♥...♥ wrote: "((I MISSED YOU TOO!!!))"

((go to the va group))

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I awkwardly sway from side to side.
"You aren't very good are you?" I ask teasingly. Only mocking...not being rude..


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"Well, then. Let's go and get some drinks," I offered, tired and defeated.
I carry her in my arms to the bar.

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Alex runs after her and then one of his friends, Omar comes up to him..

((you be omar and we both go and find you and try to talk to u...ok?))

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"I don't care that you and Amir have broken up. I had always knew you were gay but please...I didn't kiss her or show her my dance moves...I just asked her for a drink..." I say to him, pissed now.

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"What did I want her to answer? What did I ask?!" I say, my voice turned into a shout now that heads turned in our direction.
"And you are soooo gay! Look! Skinny jeans, High pitched giggles, handbags! Just shut up! I'm not sure about Amir but you are definitelt gay and dont deny it!
Also, try to get laser acne surgery to beautify yourself more...Oh yeah...I've seen the piles of makeup in your drawers...Mommy's not gonna be happy now is she?" I asked in a mocking voice.

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((lool! i am bursting with laughter..))

"Well, zaynah and aniza are different...They're sisters..."
I sigh.
"Look omar, do you want to help me or not?" I ask challengingly.

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"Then follow me!"
((we go into your room but remember to mention whose omar and whose elizabet...I'll also bring amir into the story...then us two can enter...llol...this is gonna be fun!)

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