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Alex entered the room "Well, you mentioned cute rebel prince...so i guess i'm allowed in, babe"

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((ok..too many rps...im getting confused!!lol!:)))

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((va rp,...training room))

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Amar enters the room on behalf of his dear friends, Omar and Alexandra Heyho..Thomas was long gone..
"Tell me about what happened between you an Alex!"

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Aniza ↔ you
Elizabet ↔ you
Omar ↔ you
Thomas ↔ you
fat guy (find the name) ↔ you

Zaynah ↔ Me
Alexandra Heyho ↔ Me
Amir ↔ Me
Tia ↔ Me
Kathryn (Liz's bff) ↔ Me


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"Well, don't you know...I'm Amar...Hey...is that my jacket?" I asked pointing to the leather jacket which was sprawled across the bed.
((remember ur and his jacket...and u tell me everything cos I drug ur glass of water..basically u ask me for a cup of water and i was like okay if you tell me wt happened and ur like maybe so i drug the water and u tell me everthing, being drunk, of course))

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((exit a and o)

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Alex enters the room. "Are you okay, babe?" I ask her, nervous she'd kill me or something...
((remember that the face claim is taylor lautner))

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ok..that's alex...but reply!

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