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message 1: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Wren-Wilson | 282 comments Mod
Please post your science fiction and dystian nominations here.

message 2: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Wren-Wilson | 282 comments Mod
Sounds interesting, Harper. I'll have to give it a look.

message 3: by S.A. (new)

S.A. Hoag (goodreadscomsahoag) | 1 comments I have a new novel, posting it here.

Team Three has a secret, one they think they've kept from all but a select few colleagues. They couldn't be more wrong.

Allen, MacKenzie and Wade are Vista Security's top officers, part of the first generation post-WW3. Their secret - they are genetically enhanced and psychically connected. Hidden away in an enclave in the Rocky Mountains, they're also at the forefront of the movement to see what's left of the outside world.

As they attempt to learn the truth, their presence makes them targets of a vicious renegade with the means to destroy everything they know. Facing exile or worse, Team Three has short time to figure out who is enemy, who is friend and how to save their home and themselves.

message 4: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Wren-Wilson | 282 comments Mod
I love a good dystopian. Thank for sharing.

message 5: by K.M. (new)

K.M. Herkes (kmherkes) Flight Plan by K.M. Herkes
Flight Plan

A tale of loyalty and betrayal set against a backdrop of terrorism and corporate conspiracy. The library entry calls it "Techno-adventure."

It's blended genre, thriller with just a touch of PG romance, and set in a future not too different from the world we know today.

message 6: by Les (new)

Les | 9 comments ...Before You Leap (Time Will Tell, #1) by Les Lynam ...Before You Leap I'd love to have my first book featured here. It's YA and a character driven Time-travel tale. If your memories of HS are nightmarish, you might want to skip this one; the closest thing to a villain in the first book of the series is a pack of 'mean girls'. (Well, there is also an inexplicable, brief appearance by a werewolf, but you'll understand that part when you get to it.) Amazon link:

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