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Book title help!

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message 1: by Melissa (new)

Melissa I cannot remember the title or characters names for this book.

The heroine is trying to be an emt (I think) and goes with her best friend (who is dating casually a fighter) to underground fights. She falls for the fighter who offers to drive her home one day. She ends up being "medic" during these fights even though she doesn't like blood. Guy can't fight without her there. There is some bad blood with hero and another fighter and girl is warned. One night she goes with her friend to the house and is taken to basement and assaulted by group of guys. She makes a call while in basement and boyfriend hears where they are and goes to save them.

Please help I'm going crazy!

Cynda Wrong book. This is a book set in 1960s Jackson MS during civil rights movement....

Jessica Pickett Can you remember any quotes from the book? Even if it is a rough quote you may be able to find it by googling. I have googled the description you gave and can't seem to find anything. Good luck!

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