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Cera  | 8859 comments Here it is!

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments hey thanks. so could I be the girl

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Cera  | 8859 comments Welcome and sure fine with me

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments cool so want to make our charries?

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sure

Name:Sebastian Wilson


Looks: He is around 6'-2" with curly black hair and a handsome face. He has greenish blue eyes that has flecks of brown in it. He wears glasses to read. He wears mostly tee shirts and a old pair of jeans but when he dresses up he goes all out with a suit and tie. He does have scars on his back.

Personality: He is a sweet guy that can sometimes come off standoffish. He doesn't like to talk about himself. He always asking questions from how things work to why things happen. He full of wonder. He is very stubborn and never backs down from a fight unless he knows he can not win. He will try to lighten the mood with a joke and always has a smile ready for his friends.

History: He does remember what it was like to be human and he remember all through his time as a animal. He held on to that and it help him get through tough times. He doesn't very like to talk about what he when through as a lion and always changing the subject

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Name: Kenna Carley

Age: 17

Appearance: description
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Personality: Kenna is quiet and shy around others but protective of the ones she loves. She can be very head strong but cares deeply about the ones she loves and would do anything to protect them.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Hey do you think you could add a picture of Sebastian?

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments I also added a pic of her in her lion form

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Cera  | 8859 comments I add a picture

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Great thanks! So want to get started?

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sure can you start it off?

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna yanked and pulled a zebra with her teeth, she had to do this quickly or it would be taken. SHe had gone to the watering hole to drink and saw the zebra and had to go for it. She pulled it to Sebastian, through the heat and once she pulled it to him she jumped on him " surprise" she said playfully licking his cheek Kenna gave him a playful happy look " lunch and diner" she said nuzzling him and got of him swishing her tail happily letting him look at her zebra she brought for him. It was nice and plump, not even a baby, though it had been hard to drag.

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sebastian yawn pulling himself out of a daydream; he couldn't even remember what it was about. "Holy cow Kenna, this is a big Zebra." He shouted jumping up. He felt a flash of pride towards Kenna. He walked over to her and nudge her playfully back. "I sure wished I was as fast as you. Then you didn't have to do all the work by yourself." He sighed sniffing the air.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna smiled as well as a lion could and nudged him back " I couldnt let another pride take my kill" she said and smiled nuzzling him. She wiggled her bottom playfully swishing her tail " you know you need to keep your energy so you can protect me" she said slyly. " Now eat before the vultures come " she said. She had already had some cause it would make it lighter to drag. " I also dont need those pesky hyenas sniffling around for some scraps, they just give me the creeps" she said giving her body a little shake to prove her point.

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sebastian puff up his chest when she said she need him so he could protect her. He lick her cheek as if to sooth her. "No hyenas are coming around today. I when scouting this morning, they are towards the west. Our friendly westward prides will have to deal with them today. He bounded back towards the Zebra and bend down to take in his fill. He ate quickly and when he was done he nodded. "Your right you shouldn't have to go hunting for dinner tonight there still enough meat of these bones." He started to drag the zebra out of sight

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna giggled at his display of strength and she bumped his head with hers affectionately " thank you" she said appreciatively. She layed down looking around just in case guarding as he was focusing on eating. Her tail swished happily. She liked making sure she got food for them. Thats the lionesses job anyways they were to supply the food and the males protection. But it was just them. Once Sebastian got bigger and the male lion in their pride, that accepted them when they were cubs, got wary Sebastian was kicked out. so kenna followed, he was her best friend. They were abandoned together and she would never leave him. But it was sometimes hard to hunt without a big pack of lionesses, though she took what she could get and learned to hunt well. very well.

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sebastian came back and flopped down beside her with a yawn. Sabastian nudge Kenna with his head. "Penny for your thoughts." He ask using a something he remember from the human world. Sebastian missed the human world, he didn't remember everything but from what he did remember he missed. He strongly remember a woman voice laughing, it was a loud sound but full of happiness. Sebastian didn't like talking about the human world, he refused to even admit that he remembers some of it but some times Sebastian allowed himself to remember and it made him sad. It felt like something was taken from him. Kenna was the better lion, Sebastian envy that but didn't let himself linger on that.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna nuzzled Sebastian before settling her head on his paws " I just wish it could always be like this" she murmured. She knew soon Sebastian would go off and claim himself a pride to find mates. She would be left to find another pride for herself to settle in. They were so close that Kenna didn't think Sebastian would ever see her as a mate. Which meant he would have to leave her to find his own. She didnt want them to part ways, they had been together since the beginning. He would want to find many mates a pride of women that could provide him endless amounts of food and cubs. He was turning into a very large magnificent lion, lions would fear him and lionesses would adore him. For now he was all hers but she knew he would part from her soon. He was her connection to their previous life, he remembered a few things but she was just a baby when she was turned she had no memories of humans. Even if Sebastian didnt like talking about it he was her only conection

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sebastian lay his head on her head with a sigh.Ah she was talking about him getting a pride. That was another topic he didn't like to talk about. He did not want to leave, why should he leave the only friend he has? Who need a pride? A male lion does he reminded himself. He held back a growl at thoughts of the future for Kenna sake. He did not want to upset her over his own feelings. "Me too." He said softly after a while. "But I do wish we had ice cream. Ice cream can fix almost anything." He added after a moment knowing that saying something about the human world would distract her and keep her from thinking about the future.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna let out a breathe through her nose she knew once he would leave she would have to find herself a pride she couldn't be left unprotected. She knew she would probably turn to the pride that had taken them in as Cubs. They were still trying to get her to come back. They wanted her hunting skills. She would never leave Sebastian though, no she knew when they separated it would be him walking away from her. When he mentioned ice cream she frowned " tell me what that is again Sebastian" she asked curiously. She didn't remember a single bit of her human years. She was only an infant while Sebastian had been two years old he had enough memories to remember them through their years as lions. If it wasn't for Sebastian Kenna never would have dreamed she was anything but lion. Sebastian dreamed of his human years. Neither of them knew why they became lions and neither of them knew if they would be human again. Though Kenna wasn't sure that would happen

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sebastian stared off into the distance, his mind traveling to a different place. He started to smile as much as a lion could before explaining "It this creamy food made from milk. People eat it when they celebrating something or when they are upset. There are many different kinds. My favorite kind was mint chocolate chip." He may of been two years old when he turn but he felt like he remember so much. "There is such thing of a ice cream cake." He remember that because on his second birthday party they had ice cream cake. He when on to explain what a ice cream cake was. "A ice cream cake is a cake which is also a food combined with ice cream." He slowly pulled himself away from the memory and back to the present. He does remember some of the night they were turn into lions. He didn't remember all of it but he remember changing how the world slowly shifted, he remember screaming, and Kenna crying. He refused to talk about that night to Kenna. He never mention that he remember it and refused to now.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna knew this would be good, if it had milk in it. WHen she was a cub she was barly nursed. As a two cubs they had been taken in by a pride. The lionesses had convinced the males to allow them to join, it was before the males could produce a male offspring. Sebastion was groomed to be the leader. Then a male was born and that had changed. He would then be kept until his teenage years before he was kicked out, so he wouldnt try to kill the males sons.
Even though they had kept Kenna she wasn't nursed by a lioness much. They had her eating meat very early on in her infancy. The other mothers had to worry about their cubs so even though they could keep them they couldnt always give her milk. This was hard on her as a young cub, Sebastian was her protector too keeping her from harms way and making sure she got her scraps of meat if she wasnt able to get milk. He taught her to eat meat instead and did every thing her could to keep her safe. She even had early memories of him carrying her around by the scruff of her neck. she would do anything for him now, anything he asked: not ony because he saved her life and raised her but because he was her best friend.

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sebastian nudge her with a sigh. "I should go scouting, I saw some activity towards the east. Probably nothing but I need to cheek." He told her slowly getting up. He scouted a lot it was one of the first thing he learn of a lion. The males of his first pride saw him and knew right away that he would be a good scouter and a leader. Sebastian liked scouting, he knew he couldn't mess it up no matter what. He loved the running that is involved with it. The wind in his fur and everything just feels right for a few moments in time. Sebastian sent her a lion grin. "Want to come with me Little Paws?" He ask using an old nickname that he gave her years ago. He gave it to her because Kenna always seem very small to him but she was smaller compare to other lioness but her size did not fool him. She was a tough girl that he would keep safe no matter what. That what best friends do for each other.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna bumped heads with him affectionately. " good idea" she said. She knew he liked scouting things out and protecting her. He had always protected her and they cared about each other so much she knew he would do almost anything to keep her safe, as she would too with him, even if that wasnt her job as a lioness. She of course was never taught scouting as a lioness though sometimes he took her along to keep him company. SHe always was fascinated by this as well. She was a fast runner and she loved to race him when they had built up energy they had to get out. It was fun racing Sebastian because he was also a very fast runner and she knew he loved to run a lot. So she jumped up when he invited her stretching her legs briefly. " Of course fur ball" she joked. She called him that when he started growing his mane as a pup. Now of course he was even more of a fur ball. She nuzzled his cheek before she started walking towards the east her hips moving naturally as she walked and her tail swishing slightly.

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sebastian watch her walk away with a half frown. He saw that she was being to be a beautiful lioness and he felt a flash of jealousy at whatever future male gets to be with her but then he shook that thought away. He had no need for those feelings this was Kenna the club he help raise not some lioness that always tried to get his attention. He shook his head once more just to get his head straight on. He followed Kenna and once he caught up to her he shouted. "Race you!" He jumped, he feet coming up and he let out a yell of joy. When he feet hit the ground he was running, the wind blew in his fur blocking all the sounds around him. That special peace that always found him came and he let out another shout. He was heading north, the wrong way so he switched directions heading East towards a group of rocks.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna grinned slyly and took on his challange. Kenna raced after Sebastian. Her legs pumped hard as she ran up next to him. Sometimes they would have to worry about the amount of energy they exerted. they needed enough energy to be able to hunt and protect themselves and with the head of the desert it wasnt easy. But they had just eaten a lot and they both had built up enegy than needed to be used so it was okay.
She had to pump her legs harder to keep with him, he was very fast and very strong and though she was a good hunter and was very fast herself, Sebastian ran a lot and was a male and was built stronger. So she put her head down and turned with him towards the east. Jumping up swiftly on the rocks at the end.

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sebastian was sitting on the rock when she jumped on it. He had a teasing grin on his face as he wagged his tail in joy. "You getting faster but not fast enough for me." He told Kenna nudging her playfully jumping up and down a little. He was the in his playful mood, running away helped him calm down. He nudge her once more before couching and moving slowly across the rocks to start his scouting. "Remember point out any weird smells or sounds." He whispers to her. This morning he found a new scent of a male lion. He may of been just passing through but if this male lion was part of a pride that was moving into this territory that could be trouble. A new pride meant more fighting for food and water and they have enough trouble with the west and east prides who always had a problem with him and Kenna. He didn't remember how it started but even since Kenna and him had to live on their own the east and west prides had taken a hateful stance against them.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna gave him a mock glare and bumped her shoulder with his. " Hey well whos the one thats the master of hiding" she said wiggling down into the long grass her body practicing invisible. She wiggled her shoulders and backside readying to pounce, and then did so on his back playfully biting and pulling on his eat playfully. This is why females hunted. males manes were too obviously recognizable whereas females such as Kenna could hide low in the grass unseen by a zebra or gazelle. Though manes attacked females and demonstrated their dominance. Sebastian's mane was probably the finest mane she had ever seen.
She moved off to him and sat beside listening closely. " OKay" she said looking out intensely.

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sebastian looked over at her hiding a laugh at her playfulness before getting more serious. He sniff the air trying to find that sent. He tail swung back and fore as he listened to the wind. The world boomed with noises from the buzzing of bugs to the snorts of zebras. Sebastian took it all in, if he ever turn human again this is what he would miss the most. There was so much things to take in and with human's senses you couldn't take it all in. As the wind blew from the south, Sebastian smelled the scent he smelled early. "Do you smell that?" He ask Kenna

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna looked over at him and then out at the land focusing. Rocks, dirt, lizards, she looked over at him then relized he was still focused out on the land she turned her attention back refocusing. She narrowed her eyes and starred out. But she found herself get restless and fidgety. She wanted to pounce on somthing. She didn't want to distract him. So she sat patiently her tail swishing side to side. When the wind blew and sebastian took it in she looked up. SHe jumped up sniffing the air curiously " Is that another lion?" she asked curiously not sure if she was right. When lions crossed over their territory they sometimes hid their scent.

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sebastian nodded. "Yes it strange thought he not hiding. He making himself known which means either he wants a fight because he is a lone lion or his pride is moving in." He swung his tail in thought. "I hope it just a lone lion or we may have to move. We don't need another pride causing us trouble." Sebastian could take on a lone lion but a whole pride was out of the question. "What do you think little paws?" He ask looking over at her sense he restlessness, he held back a smile at it because this was a bit serious.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna looked up at him and then back out at the desert . " want me to go search and see? I may be able to get closer to see without getting spotted.?" She said wiggling her behind a little. She wondered if it was a pride if he would take this chance of them moving for him to split from her. That worried her the most. He would always be her best friend and favorite person loosing him would meanoosing a piece of her. So if it was a group she maybe wanted to figure out how to tell him and if it was a lone lion she could keep him from jumping into a fight and rather play it out more strategically .she nuzed against him " but it's up to you"

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sebastian looked out at the desert in thought. His tail started to swing fast as his mind took in all the facts about this situation. If she when to see she would have a better chance of not being spotted. But she wasn't as good as tracker as him. He sighed, he trusted her enough to keep safe. He just didn't like that huge unknown factor that could mean huge trouble. His tail hit the ground hard making a thud bring him back to the now. He nuzzled her back. "Go but first sign of trouble come back here." He told her giving her his I mean it look.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna nodded rubbing up against him " I will, I'll be safe" she whispered. She rubbed up against him so much beCause it would rub his scent into her. Especially was she nuzzled against his mouth and jaw. It let other males who smelled her know she belonged to someone. It both comforted her but it also protected her. Some lions would ignore it if they were desperate and willing to fight. She hit her head with his lightly and affectionately. Before she jumped off the rocks and onto the ground sinking her body down a little walking towards that scent of a lion. She kept her body low in case there were more than one who could spot her.

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sebastian almost when after her but he lay down in the grass trying to control himself. She can take care of herself. He repeat in his mind over and over again knowing it was true but begging the world to hear his words anyways. He kept an ear open listening just in case she needed his help. He didnt hear anything that wasn't normal but when another gust of wind blew through he smelt something wrong on it. He was wrong there wasn't one male lion passing through but two male lions heading their way. "Kenna get out of there." He whispers knowing she couldn't hear him. He could tell the male lions weren't together by their scents weren't mixed, if they were in a pride together their scents would started to mix but these were two separate scents which meant Kenna was heading to two male lone lions.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna kept her body low sneaking up following the scent. She peered around a rock. What she saw confused her, and what she smelled even more so. It was a male lion, smelling of the pride they had split from so long ago. And it was Fang, with his broken tooth he was exactly how he looked when she was a cub. But why was he here? in their territory. She frowned and started to step back. This was trouble and she knew it, she was smart enough to know to turn around and head back to Sebastian. But before she could sneak her way out she heard a growl from behind her and a shadow pounced over her.
This being towered over her and kenna reacted growling and scratching at her attacker turning over on her back to get at him better, he bit her neck, not aggressively but was a bite to get her to submit. Kenna knew they were far enough from Sebastian that he wouldnt be able to hear or see them. She looking up at her attacked and was shoked, she'd know him anywhere from the scratch over his eye. "Keen?!" she gasped with wide eyes.
He stopped and nuzzled her " kenny" he said. He was huge now, large mane, a fully grown male lion. She pushed him off her and crawled back " what are you doing here?" she asked her body going low when she saw Fang approach Keen's side.

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Cera  | 8859 comments I can not stand this Sebastian thought as he started to stalk back and fore. He knew of the trouble Kenna could find and hated waiting. Why wait when he could easily see if she was okay? Just calm down He told himself and sat down. She is fine, once one of the lone lions smelt his or Kenna's scent in their territory they should turn away. He nodded instill he thought. Unless they are looking for a fight.... He jumped up with a growl. That's it he is going after her because too much was at stake. If she got hurt.....He...He would never forgive himself. She was his little paws and his alone. He started to followed the path she took, following her trail. "Kenna!" He whispers loudly hoping to not to attract attention but also if she could hear him. He didn't know how far she when out, probably not that far. "Kenna!" He called again keeping low and out of sight.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna looked up at them her teeth bared a little. She may know them but that didnt mean they were there for good reasons.
"Im here for you Kenny, its time to come home" Keen spoke giving her a stern look she had never seen him use in his youth.
" What are you talking about im not coming back" she said backing up though it only made them step closer.
" Yes you are, you have had your fun, experienced being a rogue, but you are of age with no pups, we need you back with the pride, where you will be supported, where our cubs will be protected" Keen said tiredly
" Cubs? No Im not mating with you, the only way i'd go back there is if Sebastian comes with. If you persist to keep him away then I wont come back" she said simply.
"Kenny are you planning on staying with him, as his mate, are you planning on making a pride and staying with eachother?" keen asked
" W-well, n-no, but we are a pride now and I wont leave him so head back home before there is trouble" she said.
"Hes going to leave you, Southern prides need more males he is likly to be there"
" if they need males and you need females to diversify your pride why dont you go there?" she asked
" because its too much work and used energy, we just need you. Kenny if you dont come back with us there will be" Keen growled before he jumped on her, kenna clawed and tried to scramble away but he held his teeth to her nek and fang moved into help him. " now lets make us a baby kenny, like it should be" he growled and Kenna cried out loudly for Sebastian she was terrified.

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sebastian heard her cry and was in a run in a instance, he didn't know what was wrong and fear slice through him in a painful haze. I should of never let her go alone. He thought before finally seeing her. Fang and Kenny..... Oh no what were they doing here? He saw Keen pin down Kenna and that was all he need. He ran at full speed straight into Keen knocking him off of Kenna and landing on top of him. "Run." He roar at Kenna not looking back to see if she was listening. He was in a fight now. "Run Kenna." He repeat to make her listen. H growled at Keen, knowing that a fight with Keen and Scar was a dangerous one. He needed to play this one carefully but rage burn through him. "What are you doing in my territory!" He roar keeping an eye on Scar to make sure he didn't jump on his back. Not letting him answer he growled his rage burning. "And Never lay a paw on Kenna. She is in my pride and that means she is mine."

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna scrambled up when Sebastion dove over them pinning Keen to the ground. She yelped a little bit and ran up to the rocks as the lions grouched down in their fight positions. Keen kicked Sebastian off him and then all crouched down defensivly.
"We have not come for a fight" Fang growled. " we came back for Kenna, why dont you head South, I have four grown sons who I can bring here with me. Dont mess with us boy. Play it safe because im giving you and out to run" he growled.
Kenna watched in horror from a far, she couldn't completely leave Sebastian she cared too much about him not make sure he was okay. She needed to be there, just in case. " You may have her now, but we will come back soon, so your mind better change by then " fang growled baring his teeth.

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sebastian hit the ground in a roll when Keen kick him off. He landed on his feet with a roar. "There won't be a next time Scar." He took a threating step forward. "Kenna is in my pride, she is not in yours and will never be." He barred his teeth in a warning before adding. "If I remember correctly you were one of the lions that kicked us out." Sebastian was taunting them because truthfully he was scared out of his mind this was a fight he could not win. Not if Scar did have four grown sons. "Looks like that back fire on you." Sebastian laughed glancing at Keen with a lion's smirk. Keen use to be his friend growing up but things change. "Sorry Keen but Kenna will always chose me over you."

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna watched concerned she wanted to run down step up and help Sebastian but she couldnt take on a lion and win. It would also put him in danger if he had to worry about helping her.
Fang shook his head " you will see soon, no need to fight now but we will be back for our prize. It is us who trained her into the hunter she is today. she belongs to our pride" he growled gruffly.
Keen looked back at Kenna as they started to retreat " Kenny make this easy"
Kenna let out a loud menacing growl " Dont call me that!" she snapped " youwatched us go, let them kick us out, you did nothing and we were all friends. Your a coward Keen you always will be" she asid angrily.
Keen growled and turned back with Fang heading on there way back to their pride/

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sebastian watched them walk away with a growl. He tried to take calming breaths but nothing seem to work. Calm down Seb. He told himself as he turn back to Kenna. He walked slowly over to her, it took everything in him not to run over to her and demand if she was okay. "Hey...You okay?" He ask nudging her once he got to her. He check for wounds but didn't see any which was good or Sebastian may of ran after Keen and started a fight. Sebastian was scared, he didn't let it show knowing it might scared Kenna. Thoughts flew through his head about what if he didn't make it in time or what if Keen had just taken Kenna. I can not protect her..... He realized and that made him mad. He was supposed to protect her but if they came back with more lions he was a goner and Kenna would be taken away. Maybe we should leave this place..... Or maybe it time Kenna finds herself a real pride one that will keep her safe. Sebastian stumped in defeat, his tail swinging sadly.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna nuzzled her head with his long and affectionatly putting her paw up to his shoulder as she nuzzled him. SHe was shaking she had been so terrified, if Keen had taken her she woud have to gone back with them, you needed the father of your cubs to raise them and protect them, because other males would kill cubs that werent theirs. Kenna nodded to sebastian " im so lucky to have you" she whispered, without him she would be having Keens babies. " I was right about to call back to you when I saw Fang, I had no idea Keen would be there too, I didn't mean to put you in danger"she apologized. She was still shaking and she just wanted to curl up next him tucked away from everything else and burry her face in his mane. She needed him, he was everything to her, every piece of comfort and home she had. THey could figure out about moving their territory, to keep Sebastian from getting in a fight.

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sebastian nudge her with a whisper. "Lets go home." He walked by herself as they headed back towards their little den. He made sure he walked beside her, to make sure she was truly okay. His thoughts were everywhere as they walked. He wanted what was best for Kenna but he wasn't sure leaving was the best option but he could not stay here and watch her get hurt. He made it back to the den and told Kenna. "Lay down little paws." He lay down his tail slapping the spot beside him. "I never thought we see those lions again...." He growls but then sighed softly in a sad way. "It seems that our past is catching up."

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna followed him rubbing up against him a couple times as they walked. When they got to their den she curled up nixt to him putting her head on her paws. " Me neither " she murmured. She knew they didnt kick her out but she didn't think they would come back for her. And she didnt want to go back, not without Sebastian. She looked up at him " we can run, we dont have to sit here and wait for them, we can find ourselves new territory far from their pride, so theu cant look for us. I wont let you face them, not theShe knew he could handle his own he was a strong powerful male lion bigger than fang, bigger than Keen. She didn't think she knew a male bigger than him. He probably could have beat Keen and Fang but she didn't want him hurt, it wouldn't be good for either of them. He needed to keep healthy and strong.

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sebastian started out into the plains listening to her words. "Run where?" He ask. "Everywhere we go there going to be some sort of danger. We can not out run it. It is not better to be take a stand and fight for what is ours?" He looked down at her taking a deep breath. "Or maybe it time for us to split paths little paws. You go find a home in the southern prides they are kind lions. Today I saw that I can not protect you as I thought. I just one lion who isn't even a lion Kenna.... You need more than me." He knew she would argue and fight him but it was time to speak that idea out loud so they both need it was an option.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna whimpered softly at the sound of his words, it was happening, he was going to leave her and it would break her heart. She didn't care about protection, about a male or a big pride, he was hers. He protected her as a cub, kept her fed, and bathed, and out of trouble. She didn't care what danger they were in now, he had kept her alive in time of need. She loved him with all her heart. She layed her head on the ground " your leaving me" she whispered and tucked her head under her paw. She knew she only needed him, but he would want more, more land, more family, more than what she could give her. Without her he could find another roaming male and they could take over a pride. But he couldn't do that with her.

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Cera  | 8859 comments Sebastian jumped up with a growl. "Do you think I want to? I don't want to Kenna but look at us. We are a mess and I cant protect you! You can go join a southern pride and be happy live a life and I will be a lone lion." Sebastian didn't want more, what he wanted was something he could never had. Staring at Kenna all sad made something snapped in him. He sat down and whispers. "Kenna I not even a real lion. You know what I want? I want to be human again...... When I try to be fully a lion something always stops me. A memory of ice cream or a woman voice laughing. When I sleep I dream of human things. Kenna I can not protect you like a real lion because I not a real lion." There he said it, the words sat there between them like a weight. "You don't deserve me, you deserve someone better than me...." He lay down away and looked sadly at Kenna.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Kenna jumped up and hit heads with him lightly " but we are lions, it doesnt matter what world we were born into Sebastian, this is what we are now. We cant get around it. Its not like you can walk into the human town as if you were one. No Sebastian we are lions, and you are a strong one, an intimidating one, you are a lion and from now on that is what we are. your as much of a lion as I am. We came in this together"she said and backed up " I dont want to go there, I dont want to mate with them, and I dont want to hunt for them" She looked down at the ground sadly. " i want you to be happy, and if your arn't with me..." she trailed off,

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