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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments The cottage is rented by guard Carter Peterson, where he lives with his daughter, Faye Peterson.

Living Room

Faye's Bedroom

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Faye coughed into the crook of her elbow, waving her hand in front of her to clear some of the smoke that was in the kitchen. She'd just opened up the oven to check on her roast chicken, but apparently some grease hit the bottom of the oven and it was all smoking. Faye quickly pulled out the chicken with pot holders covering her hands and carried it to the cork pad that she'd left in the island, so the roaster wouldn't burn the countertop. She was fluttering around with her hair flying out around her, it was just nerves, really. Because her father invited Quentin over for dinner that night, and so he was coming over, and he made Faye's heart beat faster than usual and made her cheeks turn pink whenever he looked at her. But then, to make it so much harder her father decided that he needed to take an extra shift, and wouldn't be home until about two in the morning, so it would just be herself and Quentin. Having dinner. Alone. Like a date. Faye already felt the butterflies swirling in her stomach as she closed up the oven, peeking into the pans on top of the stove to see how her vegetables were doing.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Faye pursed her lips, the grease was apparently causing more of a problem than she thought. She cursed in her head, but never uttered the words out loud; that would be unladylike and fowl, something her father would surely scold her for. And even though he was t there, Faye had the strong values installed in her that being a lady was important, especially if you wanted to catch the eye of a man, a man like Quentin. Faye had even dressed for the occasion, and put on a nice chiffon blouse with little hearts on it with her favorite pink skirt, the short one, too. It was an outfit that was still cute, but also showed enough skin so hopefully Quentin would notice her. She had the security that he wouldn't see her huge thighs when she sat down, since he would be on the other side of the table; that's the only reason Faye felt sure enough to wear such a short skirt. Her hair was left down, pin straight has usual, when Faye decided the smoke wouldn't go anywhere until she did something about it. She walked across the floor in her white flats and opened up the front door in hopes of airing out the kitchen. But instead she found Quentin standing there, and soon he was looking at her, and Faye's cheeks started to pinken right away "Oh! Hey Quentin... I was just...airing out the kitchen. I swear I didn't burn the food it's just s finicky oven." She promised him, looking slightly nervous that he would think her a terrible cook and just leave right then and there. But she leaned to the side of wishful thinking and moved out of the doorway "Please, come in." She offered, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear and staring anywhere but his eyes.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Faye could just barely see the smile on his face from where she was looking, down at the floor. Her eyes were meant to be trained on something that wasn't Quentin, because she felt that if she looked at him too long, she would blurt out something about how handsome or wonderful he was, and then that would ruin everything. But then he was walking inside and coming closer to her; Fate could smell the scent of his cologne, it was spicy and musky, and she swore that she could breathe it in all day long. Then he placed a kiss, a literal KISS, on the top of her head, and Faye honestly felt like she might swoon. He'd just kissed the top of her head. Did friends do that?? Faye wasn't exactly good friends with any men, so she really wasn't sure. She shook her head to get the thoughts to go away when Quentin moved on, mentioning that he would eat whatever she served. Faye giggled sweetly "I would never serve you burnt food, Quentin, but I would make you sit there while a cooked you a new dinner." She told him, and it was the truth. He didn't deserve to be disappointed, and he'd been working all day, he deserved a nice, hot meal. Faye strolled into the living room and stood by the couch, her gaze looking a little guilty "Well, actually, he had to take an extra shift tonight, so he won't be here. But I didn't cancel, since I didn't want to be alone." I didn't want to be without you, would've been more honest, but really, honesty never got anyone anywhere. "If you don't want to stay because of it though I can fix you a plate to take back to your room?" She offered, her blue eyes gazing at him with care. The last thing she wanted was for him to feel uncomfortable around her.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Faye felt a sense of dread come over her when she realized: only one man had kissed the top of her head before...her father. He did that whenever he came home from work, even if she was asleep, as a sort of routine. And now Quentin had. He wasn't interested in her romantically, he was interested in keeping her safe, just like her dad. It was an awful thing to learn; but she took it well, since, what else could she expect? With her fat legs and huge stomach, chubby face, she was practically an elephant, why would Quentin want her, when he could have so much better, so much prettier? Faye tried to push the thoughts away though; my he it was hopeless, maybe she had no chance with him, but even so, she could spend time with him, right? She could still laugh at his jokes and blush, even if he didn't want her. But then he was mentioning her burning the house down, and sounding like he thought Faye was just a kid, not to be trusted alone in the house. And it drove that knife in further. Faye bit down on her lip and looked down at the ground for a minute, but eventually she nodded "Okay, great. Uhm, what do you want to drink? We've got the regulars and daddy has some beers if you want one." She said, turning away from Quentin and walking away. She bit down on her lip again once she was out of his sight, trying to think of happy things; like rabbits and rainbows and her violin, instead of focusing on the bad; that Quentin thought of her as a little sister.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments (("I like her so im going to spank her (and not in the kinky way) until she likes me" - Quentin logic is beautiful cx))
Faye was happy to see that the smoke had stopped coming from the oven, so she placed the chicken back inside of it to keep it cooking. It only needed a few minutes, but still. She just needed to breathe; because she could be wrong. She could just be, reading the situation the wrong way, or maybe there was nothing to read, and Quentin just cared about her...platonically? There were too many ideas swirling through Faye's head. All she knew was that staring at Quentin in his right tee shirt that showed off his muscles were far too easy, and looking away was far too hard, and her fingers itched to explore his hair. His tone was grumpy when it sounded from the living room, and Faye wasn't sure for a second if he even wanted to stay. She didn't need babysitting..maybe it was best to show him though, rather than tell. Be responsible and mature and things, yes that could work. Maybe he would like her more, if she acted mature like Maddison and Katie instead of being so tiny and innocent. She poured two glasses of water from a piture of cold tap water she kept in the fridge, and dropped a few ice cubes into each glass, replacing the piture in its spot before she walked back into the room and handed him a glass "Here you go," she said softly, feeling their fingers brush against one another's when she handed him the glass. It sent s shiver down the back of her spine, and Faye smiled for a moment. Whether he liked it or not, he was absolutely perfect. Faye took a seat beside him on the couch, folding her legs beneath her so that Quentin wouldn't see the way her thighs squished and made her look so awful. She turned herself sideways a little so she could be facing him, and poked his shoulder "What's wrong? Have you had a bad day? You seem upset." She said in a soft tone, she'd already placed her glass of water on the coffee table and was more interested in looking at his lips. Rough, dark pink lips that looked so welcoming, Faye swore she could just lean over and steal her first kiss from Quentin, but knew that it was a terrible idea, then he would never speak to her again...

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Faye hadn't realized hat he would notice her staring at his lips, she thought she was being discreet about the whole thing. But then he was talking about not having a bad day and Faye felt some relief go through her; he only deserved to have good days, that's all she hoped he would have for the rest of his days. His voice sounded like he was struggling though, and when Faye realized that he was staring at her lips, too, her eyes widened to twice their regular size. Oh god, he said don't, but he was leaning towards her. Oh my stars.. she thought, her eyes fluttering softly closed when Quentin placed a finger under her chin and tilted it upwards, towards his face. I quite like it when father isn't home her mind said. But in all actuality, she was quite nervous. She'd never kissed anyone before, not even a little bit. But with Quentin, she felt a huge swarm of butterflies in her stomach. This was it, it was time. She wasn't going to be so innocent anymore, not after he kissed her. Faye had her eyes closed, her lips puckered; she was ready. But then Quentin was dropping her chin and leaning back, looking at her with a steamy expression. Her violin?? He was about to kiss her, and now he wanted to know about her violin? Faye just stared at him in disbelief, her eyes looking into his with confusion and want in them. She wanted to kiss him, and she didn't care about his question anymore. Something swept over her, a certain confidence that made Faye lean towards Quentin. He wanted her, and she could tell. Faye pressed her lips delicately against his. Her kiss was quick and sweet, but it made her heart stop beating, and one of her soft hands lay softly against the cotton of his shirt, feeling fully in bliss with the small kiss she was giving him.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Faye just knew what to do, that's what shocked get the most about kissing. It was just a reaction, and she's spent so many years worrying about being terrible at the whole lip thing, but it was surprisingly easy, and Faye kept meshing her lips sweetly with Quentin. He was a fantastic kisser, and the fact that his lips were pushing against hers made her heart soar. He liked her. He really, really liked her enough to kiss her back with his own eyes closed. He pulled back too soon for Faye's liking, and her eyes stayed softly closed for a minute "Am I dreaming?" She whispered softly, trying to figure if she was living out some magical fantasy and thrashing in her bed, or if she was actually feeling Quentin bump noses with her, and run his fingers in her cheeks, calling her beautiful, saying she smelled good and kissed nicely. It was then that Faye realized the butterflies had stopped. They were gone, seemingly melted in a warm pit of gooey happiness in the bottom of her stomach. Faye finally opened her eyes to see him staring at her so closely, she felt like she was a piece of art to be admired, instead of just a dumb young girl that just had her first kiss with the literal man of her dreams. Faye would've said more, she would've, well, probably thanked him for the kiss, or given him a hug and asked what he thought of her, but she was too distracted. Quentins hand was running all the way from her cheek to her hip, making Faye shiver beneath his touch and hum softly to herself out of pleasure. She placed her own hands onto his face, one hand on each cheek, just to hold his face closer to her. He was looking at her so intently that Faye felt like a princess, but then she was surprised, and her breath left her in a woosh as Quentin tugged her closer and laid his lips against hers. It wasn't the kind of sweet kiss she'd given him; it was a different kind. A harder one, with their lips roughly moving against one another's. Faye just followed his lead and let a groan escaped her lips at how wonderful t felt. She didn't mean for it to be loud, but it surely was, and soon enough, Faye was sliding across the couch, landing in Quentin's lap, her skirt bunching up some and revealing more skin. She didn't mean for it to happen, but she was too busy letting her tongue mingle with his, her fingers raking through his short hair, to even notice.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Faye couldn't believe how magical kissing felt. There was an electric charge between them just seconds after he started to kiss her; it was keeping them together, holding them there. Quentin's lips were astonishingly quick to her, moving so fast and tasting so fantastic. Was that Chapstick, or did he actually taste like black cherries? Faye wasn't quite sure, but she did get very excited as soon as he started to use his tongue. He was playing with her; darting his tongue around, teasing her with it, and Faye grew terribly frustrated, letting out a small grunt while the two of them fooled around. She gave up soon, though, and instead used her tongue to taste his lips, the slick taste of him was enough to put Faye in an excited haze, but she managed to keep her control, because everything he did was so distracting. Some switch flipped inside of her and every part of her skin felt charged, tingling, as if she were waiting for him to slide his firm hands there and savor the skin. Faye stayed submissive in the kiss, since he was the one teaching her, not the other way around; and what a teacher he was. The sounds he made, the smell of him; she didn't think any man could be better than him, he had to be perfect. Faye froze when his hand touched her thigh; her big, ugly thigh. He wasn't just resting there, no, Quentin was touching all up the middle of her thigh, and her skin felt like it was on fire, his hands spreading slammed on her excited skin. The moan she let out was accidental and instinctual, he was spreading her legs, letting her straddle him, and Faye pressed herself against him tightly, wanting to be as close as she possibly could. She took it as an invitation to touch him, and Faye's hands found their way to the hem of his shirt and slipped beneath it, tracing the lines of burning muscle and bone there. Kissing was great, but Faye thought it must be best when it involved touching, too, because nothing was better than how she felt in that moment. "Quentin," she moaned out, when his lips hit her neck. She arched her neck so he could have better angles of her throat, her breathing heavy against the side of his face, where she decided to rest. Hands on her bottom, breath on her neck, lips on her skin. It must've been a deadly combination, because Faye let out a second moan "Don't stop..." She breathed out, her own lips kissing the skin just beneath his ear. But then the electricity was gone, the charge was over. Quentin was pulling her away from him, placing her gently down on the couch with her skirt bunched around her waist and her eyes glazed over with wanting. He was trying to talk to her, he looked guilty, but Faye didn't care, she just wanted him to come back and kiss her again. She was confused, and her eyes showed that, especially when he started to fumble over his speech "What is it?" She asked him, not willing to move from her spot on the couch; she was trying to encourage him to come back. He was gone, though, racing off to the kitchen, and Faye let her eyes fall softly closed, trying to go back to just a moment ago. Quentin liked her, he had wanted to kiss her, he gave her that first, magical kiss, and even though she craved more, she couldn't help but be ecstatically happy. He liked her, and she liked him.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Once he was gone from the room, Faye could smell the stench of burnt food from the kitchen. She'd forgotten all about the chicken in the oven, and started to wonder just how long she'd been kissing Quentin. It felt like it had only been seconds, like she needed much longer; but maybe that wasn't the case, maybe they'd been kissing for twenty or thirty minutes, without her even noticing. Faye took a moment to lean back against the couch cushion and just breathe. He skin still felt like it was on fire, and she could remember, could still feel, every piece of skin that Quentin had touched on her body. She wanted him to come back, to keep going. She knew that it was possible for her to go to him, but she felt afraid to do so. She wasn't experienced. She could go up there and accidentally kiss him like some disgusting fish out of water, and then he'd be repulsed by her. The only other option was to make him kiss her again, but she felt too shy to do something like that, at least in that moment she did. She didn't want to seem like a slut or anything. Faye felt her skin start to cool, maybe everything would be okay? She heard Quentin mutter a curse from the kitchen and she wondered if it was about her or the burnt food. Faye finally opened her blue eyes and tugged her skirt back down to its regular length. She stood, her hair a mussed mess and her lips still swollen from the kiss, and was walking towards the kitchen. She didn't know what to do, but she couldn't very well let Quentin handle a burnt chicken on his own. But then there was a loud crash and Faye felt her heart leap, skipping a beat, while a terrified screech ripped from her throat. It was thunder, of course, but within a split second of the huge noise, the lights in the cottage sputtered lamely before blacking out, leaving Faye in the darkness of her own home. Faye felt her breathing speed up, and then there was Quentin, calling out it her, calling her baby. "Quentin?" She called out in response, her voice sounding shaky and scared while she took hesitant steps forward. Her eyes couldn't quite adjust to the darkness do the footage, and with the pace of her heart quickening, Faye was slowly being overtaken by fear. There was anther crash of lightening, shaking the windows and making Faye scream again, she would never grow used to it. "Quentin??!" She cried, her voice tightening as she got closer to hysteria. Where was he??

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments The darkness was terrifying to Faye, and as childish as it was, it felt like she was just standing prey, waiting for something to come out of the shadows and pounce at her. This was nothing like the usual night. There was rain thundering against the windows and the siding, sounding like it wanted to come in. And when the thunder sounded and the lightening clapped, it as like the thing was pouncing, like she was goner. Faye stood alone in the dark. Quentin's voice was calling to her, saying he would be there soon, but would he, the darkness only grew, Faye's heartbeat going faster and faster until suddenly, there were arms wrapped around her, holding her delicately, and his scent was there again, filling her senses with a certain, easy calm that Faye had never experienced before. Quentin, with his pumpkin spice skin and honey lips, was kissing her again. All over her face. Once, twice, and over again. Temple, lips, cheeks, nose. Faye melted against him, but a part of it felt strange. She'd never been kissed before, never been touched. There were times when Madison told her a bit was checking her out, or that one was flirting, but Faye never believed it, because she wasn't desirable. And as he laid his lips on each of her cheeks, Faye was reminded of that. She didn't have beautiful bone structure in her face, she had chubby cheeks that made her look like a thirteen year old who hadn't lost her baby fat. And the hips that he was holding onto weren't slim and small like she wished they were - they had fat stuck to them in gobs, covered by her tan skin. People tried to say that she was just curvy, that it was a body type, but Faye knew better, she knew that she was fat, and that's why it felt strange to have Quentin kiss her, to have him hold her and feel warm against her chilly bones. Because she didn't deserve it, and deserved better. He should've had a girl with thin arms and legs and nice hips and no cherub cheeks. So why was he kissing her to begin with? An icy feeling grew through Faye's chest as she realized what was happening; Quentin was pitying her, he felt badly for her and wanted to make her feel better, because he was sweet, and kind. He was whispering about protecting her, but Faye only felt like an idiot. She pulled out of his arms and stood a length away from him, her arms folded over herself in the dark, as if ashamed "You don't need to. Im fine.." She got out, her voice think with tears that she wished she could cry. But she couldn't cry, not like a baby. She didn't need to reinforce the chubby cheeks or chunky hips that made her look so juvenile. Faye did her best to compose herself and looked around "Uhm, I'll go get some more candles and something to eat." She said, figuring that she would give Quentin a make-shift dinner, then go up to her room to sob away her sorrows into her favorite pillow. She tried desperately to see where she was going in the dark, taking careful steps away from Quentin. Her shoes made soft taps, and with feeling her way around, Faye finally found the kitchen. The cabinet with candles and matches was on the far side, but she kept s hand steady on the center island to make her way. She stepped on a pot holder, though; and before Faye knew it, she was falling. She tried to grip onto the counter, but her grip slipped, and Faye let out a shriek just before she landed with a thud on the hardwood floor of the cottage. Her head slammed against the flooring, and Faye let her eyes close softly as the world around her got to be fuzzy. Just seconds later, her consciousness was gone.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments The darkness was almost comforting to Faye. It was peaceful, quiet, and she didn't feel any pain, it was just silence and sleep. She didn't feel herself being moved, couldn't feel Quentin's warm arms holding her gently and taking care of her. But God, she wished she could have. He was everything she'd ever wanted, and she only wished that she could be good enough for a man like him. Faye did start to feel though. She felt the brush of supple fingers against the side of her face, and she heard the soft whisper of his voice asking her to wake up. And how could she say no? Faye stayed awake for a moment with her eyes closed delicately. Her head was throbbing, it truly had its own heartbeat by that point. She was tempted to put a hand to her head, but she truly didn't want to move. After a few moments, Faye finally decided to open her eyes, but only partially. Even in the darkness, the light of the moon through the windows seemed to be too much for her to handle. Her blue eyes tried to focus, and they found Quentin, leaning over her with concern etched onto his features. Faye couldn't help but smile some. For some reason she felt silly, like her heard wasn't quite in balance. "You're so handsome... Did you know that? You're like, THE sexiest man alive." She whispered, laughing quietly as she reached up a hand to poke his cheek lightly. His eyes were such a marvelous shade of brown, she'd never thought she'd seen any color that perfect before. Faye honestly couldn't remember that she'd fallen; she just knew that she was laying on a couch with Quentin beside her, and that made her just plain giddy. Her smile turned into a grin and Faye wrapped her arms around Quentin's neck, pulling him down some so she could put her lips against his ear, giggling softly while she tried to compose herself. She wanted to speak, but it was taking her a minute. "Do you like me Quentin?" She asked him, her whisper landing against the base of his ear, right against his neck "I mean, do you like like me?" Faye questioned, her blue eyes sparkling with hope.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Faye looked up with bright eyes, hoping and praying that he would say yes. Because if he did, than it would all just be perfect. They would like each other, and then they would just have to be together, and that would be a dream come true. Quentin looked conflicted though, he looked confused and sort of upset with himself. Faye's brows furrowed. He was all she could see in the cake kitchen, her back against the soft cushions of the stupid couch her father had always insisted on having there, so he could relax in the kitchens and be with her while she cooked. Faye always found it silly, but just then she was thankful for it, glad that it was there for the two of them. When Quentin answered her, he confused her even more. Ask later? What was the supposed to mean? She was asking right then and there, and she wanted her answer so she could kiss him again, and hug him close to feel how warm he was and how perfect his muscles were. But he didn't want to answer right away, and Faye supposed she had to respect that "Okay..." She muttered, her tone tinged with disappointment. Quentin was soon leaning down though, and whispering to her about the mysteries f the universe and how special she was. His words made a grin pull into her lips, the color is her eyes blaze, and she giggled lightly "I'm not that special... You are though. Wanna know why?" She asked him, sitting up slowly, since her head still was throbbing with a dull pain from hitting her head on the floor. Faye's hair fell around her head messily, and she sat very close to Quentin and looked straight into his eyes. "You have this look in your eyes all the time when you look at me, like you care a lot, and you want to make sure I'm happy. When you smile, it's so perfect that I want to smile, too. You smell like pumpkin spice, really Quentin, I could just put my nose right there," she poked the center of his chest, "and inhale your scent all day long. When you laugh I feel like nothing could ever go wrong ever again. And your hair always does this thing where it gets scruffy after a couple weeks, and my fingers just itch to push through it and mess it up even more, I love it when it's scruffy." Faye paused for a moment, glancing up at his hair. It was like that then, really, and she grinned in a goofy way at him. "I can tell when you don't shave, and you get this little shadow of stubble right here," she told him, being forward and running her hand along his jaw line "it's so cute when it's like that, like you just rolled out of bed." She said, letting her hand drop to her lap. Faye bit down on her lip for s moment "And now I know how you kiss, and it's like magic. So I swear it's not me that's the special one...it's you." She stated. If it had been even a pinch lighter in the room, one would've been able to see the redness in her cheeks. She'd been brave to tell him that, and now she felt a little nervous, but mostly excited, since she's finally told Quentin the truth.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Faye couldn't help the shock that overtook her when Quentin started to smile back at her. His eyes has brightened and she could see it so well from where she sat on the couch, it made her smile back at him, looking hopefully into his eyes to see if he was going to like her outburst of compliments or not. But then her eyes widened and she felt stunned, because he was talking about all these things that she hated about herself, and saying how wonderful they were. He loved her smile, the same on that made Fate cringe whenever she saw a picture of it; her eyes would crinkle around the edges until she squinted, it was disgusting. Her eyes, that she found to be too small for her face, he called angelic. Over-sensitive became loving and caring, and stupid turned to silly. Faye couldn't even compute how different their views of her were; but it was astonishing, and she found that her cheeks were bright red by the time Quentin brought up the anniversary of her mothers disappearance. Faye's eyes darkened and she couldn't look at him for a moment; it was a hard subject for her. She'd been so young when her mother left, it felt little Faye feeling utterly unwanted and inferior. How could she be good enough for anyone if her own mother didn't even want her? But Faye shook herself mentally, trying to focus on what Quentin was saying. Her violin, oh yes, she remembered the day. She'd been practicing in the backyard when no one was home, and the music had just seemed to bleed from her fingertips as her hands moved the bow in an agile manner across the violin, tears streaming down her cheeks. She'd heard footsteps and wiped her tears, but apparently Quentin had been there longer than that, he'd been watching her. She was going to respond, was going to make up some excuse for crying, when Quentin continued. "I don't want to kiss anyone but you either." She whispered back to him, feeling like it was all a haze. A blanket came around her shoulders and Faye pulled it gently closer to her, feeling the warmth when there were goosebumps littering her body. It seemed like a dream, with Quentin being her hero and the couch their safe haven. He was kissing her neck, admitting he liked her, and Faye let out a light moan that was barely audible, it was all too good to be true "Quentin..." She muttered, her whole body relaxing once he admitted that he liked her. It was a happy sense of relief, and a feeling of opportunity rising in her chest. This was it, they could be boyfriend and girlfriend. They could kiss in the palace halls and have picnics under the stars, it was all going to be perfect. Then Qurntin was whispering again, but this time it was different, more intense. Faye opened her eyes to see him leaning towards her, gently pushing her to lay down on the couch. Faye easily did as he pleased, and when their lips connected, it felt like fireworks going off on their lips. He was being rough, but Faye quite liked it, and she kissed him back, trying to match his intensity, one hand curling into his hair while the other rested on his warm neck, trailing her fingertips softly against his skin. It was over all too soon, though, and soon enough Quentin was looking down at her. Faye gazed back up at him with passion in her eyes, a slow smile creeping onto her pink lips. "Of course I like you. Why do you think you always see me everyday, when you're on shift? I check the schedules and make a reason to be near you. My heart beats to much faster whenever you're around, it's like I'm having the best heart attack possible. You make me feel these butterflies in my stomach, swirling around and making me want to just kiss you every time I see your face." She told him, whispering back. Faye's fingers pushed through his hair, feeling the soft cut brush against her palms. "I feel like I've known you forever, Quentin. All I want to do is make you smile, and I want to walk through the halls and find you on your shift, I want to kiss you when you're on the job just to brighten you're day, and I want to fall asleep in your arms and feel the warmth of you holding me. I want to make you feel like the best man in the world, because that's what you are. You have all this passion and care in your soul, I can tell that you do. The job you do, it's so brave. I've been worried every time there's a raid or an attack, scared to death that I'll never see you're golden brown eyes again." Faye admitted, her nose just barely touching his. She was ready for more kisses, but she had more to say, more to get off of her chest. "Whenever you come to dinner, it's hard to not stare at you across the table. I have dreams about you, Quentin. And I know that's weird, but I have dreams that you and I are together, and we go horseback riding together, and dance to our own music, and kiss under the stars in the middle of nowhere. So yeah, Quentin. I like you. I like you more than any man I've ever met. You're my dream." Faye admitted, her eyes looking up into his. It was hard to be in that position. Quentin was practically laying on her, and Faye felt vulnerable in the best possible way as she laid beneath him. She wanted to kiss him, wanted to pull his lips down to hers and make him wish they were glued to one another. Faye tugged on his head just slightly, her lips brushing his barely, basically teasing him. She wanted to be kissed, and as she looked up into Quentin's eyes, she felt an intense want for him, a fiery pit in her stomach that demanded for them to be closer, for the talking to stop, and for something more intimate to begin.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Faye knew what was going to happen. Quentin was acting just like he had before. He was quiet, and gosh, his face was pressed against Faye's neck, causing her to squirm some. See, she wanted him just as badly as he wanted her, the only difference was that she barely knew what that entailed. She was just guessing and letting Quentin take the lead. She had no idea where to put her own face when Quentin had buried his into her neck, and she didn't know how to start a kiss, so she was waiting for him. She didn't have to wait long, though, since Quentin was soon yanking up her body to press even harder against his. It was all so firm, Quentin's body, like he had muscles on every single inch, and he was using all of them to crush her in the best way Faye thought possible. She even made a guess herself, and arched her back some, so she could press her body more to Quentin's, since it felt so insanely wonderful to be that close. His kisses were even more as intense as last time, and Faye's hands pressed against the side of Quentin's face, keeping him in place for her while he devoured her lips, tasting her with his tongue. She let out a loud groan that flew straight into his own mouth, because he was driving her crazy. He was on top, he was holding her, he was controlling their kisses. And while Faye liked that, yeah she liked it too much, she wanted to be like the first time, she wanted to be on top of him, with his muscles and his tempting mouth beneath her, not the other way around. Faye's fingers moved slowly down from his face to his shoulders, and in just a second, Faye pressed her hands to his shoulders and managed to flip the two of them, so that her body squished against his and her legs parted to straddle him as he laid there. Faye kisses him just as intensely as he did to her, and her tongue even grew brave enough to dart into his mouth, mingling and tasting there, trying to make sure Quentin knew that she wanted him too, she wanted him more. Her eyes popped open at the sound of thunder outside the window they were laying near. She looked down at Quentin for a moment while they kissed; his eyes were closed, his hands touching her, and damn it, Faye couldn't help but let a goofy smile pull across her lips. It broke the kiss, and Faye was looking down at him, her hair tickling his cheeks and her eyes shining with love. "I guess you have to be my boyfriend now..." She said softly, trying to tease him. But then there was a thought. He liked her, but what if he just liked her for kissing?? What if he didn't want to be her boyfriend at all? Faye's fingers were slowly dragging along his chest while she looked down at him curiously "I mean, if you want to be." She muttered quickly, to make sure she wasn't beig that kind of girl.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Quentin's reassurance of his feelings for her made Faye's heart feel distinctly fuzzy. It was wonderful, to have a man like Quentin so passionately admitting how he cared for her. She couldn't help but smile up at him while he spoke to her. It all seemed like it was too good to be true, but Faye wasn't going to doubt it, not anymore. "I love the sound of that." She whispered up at him, thinking of how they really could be soulmates, really could be absolutely perfect for each other. Faye's eyes were sparkling, her grin looking girlish and silly when he said that she would have to be his girlfriend. "Well you don't have to be so persistent, you've already worn me down." She teased him. Seeing Quentin wink at her made the butterflies swarm in her stomach, Gosh he was just perfect. How had it taken so long for her this to happen? His eyes were such a fantastically deep brown, Faye placed a hand on the back of his head and pulled his face closer, pressing her lips against his in a soft kiss. It was a quick kiss, but Quentin's rough lips still felt fantastic against hers. Once she pulled back, we saw a bit of worry in Quentin's eyes, and it made Faye worry, too. He started to talk about keeping their relationship a secret, and Fayes heart felt like it was breaking in half. She knew it was too good to be true, that Quentin would want a girl like her. "Oh." She said softly, feeling like she'd gotten to be so happy for nothing. Quentin was talking about her father, and just not wanting to make him angry or something like that, but it felt like a terribly executed excuse. "Uhm. Uh, okay." She said quietly, avoiding his gaze. Faye felt like she wasn't worth it, as usual "I guess so, but Quentin, my father likes you. That's why he invites you to dinner and has you around me." She mentioned, trying to stay calm about her feelings of rejection.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Soon after Faye spoke, Quentin was sitting up and taking her with him. It was interesting for Faye, to be sitting in Quentin's lap, her legs wrapped around him. She smiled up at him, her hands wandering to his neck. She stroked her hands along the skin there, her fingertips just barely skimming, to get him to smile. He was still worried about her father, even when he told her she could tell whoever she wanted. Of course Quentin would say that, but he was scared, and Faye didn't want him to feel insecure with her, she wanted them both to be comfortable. "Okay, well how about we compromise then?" She asked him, angling just her eyes up to look at him, making her appear to be even more innocent and docile "I won't tell him outright, but I'll make little hints that show him I have a crush on you. And then he'll put in his two cents, and we'll know what we're up against." Faye suggested, one hand wandering down to his chest. "But I don't care what he says, Quentin. There's no take backs on being my boyfriend." She told him, trying to act stern. But really she just wanted to kiss his face off, to giggle and taste his mouth and be relaxed. He was talking about her burnt chicken, and Faye scrunched up her nose, "How can you say that when I burnt it? I mean the burning thing is also your fault.. Because you were...distracting me." She giggled, tapping her nose against his "But still, I'm going to have to feed you a dinner of ice cream and the sugar cookies I put in the freezer yesterday. Im sorry...." She muttered, just barely pressing her lips against his "Forgive me?" She asked hopefully, but also know that he would.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Faye bit down on her lip, he was speaking to her in a raspy, seductive tone, and she was sure that if she'd been standing, her knees would've gone weak. He was looming over her, and Faye's eyes fluttered shut when he skimmed a finger down her thigh. He was talking about stars and Faye almost grew grumpy. She didn't want to be the only star in his sky. That was like being the last woman on earth and he could only have her or nothing. She wanted to be the brightest star, the one that he weeded through the other stares to find, and even though the other stars were bright, he picked her. But she decided to keep quiet, because he was muttering to her and she wasn't about to stop him "Oh hush, I didn't burn the cookies." She told him, smacking his arm lightly. Faye didn't have much time to argue, though, because he was pushing his lips against hers swiftly, a passionate one, like the first time he'd kissed her. Faye felt her breath catch in her chest, and she completely forgot about her arguing. She only wanted to be absorbed in that kiss, and she was. Her fingers went to push through his dark hair and her tongue dared to taste his bottom lip, that is, until Quentin pulled away and looked at her with drunken eyes. She couldn't help but smile, and found herself nodding while he helped her up "Alright," she said, taking the flashlight "Ill be right back." Faye promised, with one blissful, lingering look to her new boyfriend, she left the room. As soon as she was out of Quentin's sight, she walked faster, hoping to get back to his side sooner. It took her no time to get to her room, and Faye propped the flashlight on her nightstand with a hollow thump. The soft light emanated through the room, and Faye started to shuck her clothing, removing everything but her light pink panties. She rummaged through her drawers until she found a nightgown, and pulled out one of the ones that she would wear on any given night. It was a light grey, almost white, with small spaghetti straps and a slight V neckline. It wasn't form fitting or anything, and fell to just above halfway down her thigh. Faye didn't think anything of wearing it, it was just her usual. She pulled her hair to the side and brushed through it, then nimbly wound it all into one long braid. That was all Faye needed, so she grabbed the flashlight and went across the hall to her fathers room. She opened his drawers and pulled out a pair of flannel pajama bottoms and a t-shirt, thinking that Quentin might be more comfortable in them. Once she had everything, and checked her reflection multiple times, Faye walked back down the stairs quietly, hoping to sneak up on Quentin to tease him. And she was in luck, for when she walked into the living room, his back was to her, so she let out a soft giggle and ran to him, jumping on his back and wrapping her legs around his waist from behind, holding onto his neck lightly "Hi." She whispered, the giddiness obvious in her voice. She was thinking all about the sass he'd given her earlier, and, well, faye wanted to return some of it "You know, you really were the one that distracted me from the chicken. I think it was your bad breath, or maybe it was how moist your hands were, like baby hands." She teased, her voice whispering into his ear "Or maybe it was the fantastic taste of your tongue, of the light touches of your fingers on my legs." Faye's whispers fell against his neck then. She was trying to tempt him and tease him, but she didn't know if it was working. She glanced up then, and spotted the fort that he made for them, and her blue eyes lit up. "Oooooo is hat for us!?" She asked excitedly, craning her neck to be able to see his face.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Faye couldn't very well see Quentin's face, but she was mostly looking past him at the adorable fort he'd built just for the two of them. She nodded with a silly smile on her face "Yup. The breath is hard to bear, but mmmm when you taste that tongue it's all worth it." She let out a light giggle, tugging her legs back so she could stand on her own two feet. She let go of his neck and took just a few steps so she was standing in front of him. As she stood on her tip toes to look across at him, Faye decided that if she could change anything, she would make herself a little bit taller, because looking straight into Quentin's eyes had to be the most magical thing she'd ever experienced. "It's not lame at all, I love it." She told him earnestly, her eyes radiating a quiet warmth that could make anyone feel like they were receiving a comforting hug. Faye placed her delicate hand on his scruffy cheek and kissed him softly; it was a lingering kiss, one that told him she wished there was more to come. But as soon as she'd started the romantic moment, Faye ended it, nodding eagerly and turning away from him. She dropped to the floor and crawled into the fort, her dress inching up to show her underthings as she went. "Not UH! it'll be the other way around, you look like a secret sugar rush kind of guy. I can just tell." She claimed with a giggle. But in reality, it would be her that passed out from sugar intake; and then didn't eat for a whole day because of the act. Once she was inside, Faye settled herself in a comfy position against a ton of pillows, a cookie appearing in her hand in only seconds. "Oh, I got you these If you want to change." She said, tossing him her fathers pajamas. But something in her tone made it clear that she hoped he wouldn't decide to change, because the tight black shirt and uniform pants made him look absolutely fantastic.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Faye finished her cookie plenty quickly; it was tasty, and the sugar in it mingled perfectly with the lingering taste of Quentin on her lips. She only wished they could kiss more, just relax in their little fort and kiss him forever. Faye was lounging against a couch cushion, tugging her hair out of its long braid when her boyfriend started to crawl in after her. He seemed a little worried, a little rigid, when he came inside, but soon he was lying down beside her, and Faye started to smile over at him. She scooted closer to him, placing her hands on his shoulders and shimmying her way to laying on top of him. Her body was squished against his, but Faye found it comfortable, and she grabbed the carton of ice cream and the spoon. "Ohhhh hush. Im sweet, but not that sweet. If you spent too much time with me, you would only get a tiny toothache." She said, her smile widening. Her long blonde hair tickled his face and she dipped her spoon into the the ice cream and put it towards Quentin's lips, ready to feed him the chocolate ice cream.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Faye giggled softly, nodding quickly at him "Of course I'll take care of you! I'll make you warm tea and bring you treats." She told him, even though that wasn't exactly how one was supposed to care for a toothache. She'd never had one before, so she really wouldn't know. When he started to talk about sexy nurses, Faye blushed madly, cutting her eyes away from Quentin's so he wouldn't see how silly she looked. "I supposed I could be sexy, but I really do want to be a nurse." Faye revealed to him in a quiet time of voice. She wasn't exactly good at being sexy, but she thought that one day she might be able to be a nurse, to help people and heal them. But hat wasn't what Quentin was talking about "I'll make sure to give you stress-relieving massages." She teased, thinking that would probably appease what he was talking about more than her future career decisions. Faye grinned when he complimented her, and took the ice cream he offered. But then he was smudging it on her cheek, and to top it all off, he kissed it off; his tongue lapping confidently against her skin. Faye's heart beat much faster after that, and her mouth betrayed her by letting out a soft, barely-there moan. She wasn't even sure if Quentin had heard it, and prayed to God that he hadn't. What kind of inexperienced girl moaned at that?? What was wrong with her?? "You're such a rake," Faye teased, trying to cover up her small slip up by ducking her head down to kiss his neck slowly, her breath falling against the skin there "I should just eat you up." She muttered, her teeth skimming his neck teasingly. Maybe that would teach him.

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