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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments this is an old, very low maintenance road that had holes and trenches along it, unless you're in an all terrain vehicle you're really not safe traveling it, plus the danger of Southern rebels. pics to come#

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) | 1123 comments The road had looked the same for the last twenty miles, a small crumbling dirt track that tossed the truck from side to side and threatened to pop the tires every time Shae went over a loose rock. All around them, they were surrounded by forest and lush greenery that descended into shadows and darkness. It was quite surreal to be surrounded by trees and nature, a far cry from the familiar city streets of Paloma, though that seemed like a lifetime ago now. Shae sighed, blinking a few times to ease the strain of her eyes. She’d been driving for almost fifteen hours now and she’d been awake for close to thirty. She yawned, starting slightly as music sounded from the speakers before dissolving into static. Shae grit her teeth and turned to look at Wren, her sister had really been testing her patience these past few miles. The journey had been much less painful while Wren had been asleep.

“Can you not just-“ Shae flinched as a guitar screech battled it’s way through the speaker, “Leave it alone…”

Shae pinched her nose bridge, willing herself to keep her cool. She was exhausted, dosed up on caffeine and feeling ready to snap at any moment. It didn’t help that arguing with Wren was more or less pointless, Shae would never win, she’d just stop talking and wait for the youngster to get bored. She chewed on her lip and focused her attention on the road ahead, still never ending and leading apparently to no where. Shae was still strung up with emotions, worry eating away at her, constantly checking the rearview mirror to see if they were being tailed. They hadn’t seen another car for almost ten miles though, hopefully what had happened with the man in Paloma would be behind her now.

The two of them had covered a huge amount of distance in the stolen pick up. Shae had filled it up with gas twice, careful not to show her face to the shop assistant as she’d paid. The only problem now was that they seemed to have been on this road forever and it didn’t seem to be leading to anywhere. Shae continued to worry away at her lip, knuckles turning white as she gripped the steering wheel tightly in her hands.

“Do you think you could check the map?” she asked Wren, trying to pose the question as delicately as possible. Shae wasn’t ready to deal with an outburst if Wren thought they were lost. They weren’t lost just yet. Shae knew roughly where they were but at this point she was so tired, she could barely see the road in front of her.

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments Trees, more trees, oh hey look more trees, it was really exhausting looking at all the stupid vegetation around them, and Wren was growing tired of the road trip fast. She'd passed out for a few hours off snd on, but each time she woke they still weren't at whatever their stupid destination was and Shae wasn't exactly forth coming on why they had to leave in the first place or where they were headed next.

To ease some of her boredom Wren had been spending the last half hour trying to find a radio station that actually had music on it and not just static, plus it was irritating her sister so that was a bonus. Hey if she was miserable then Shae had to be miseravle, that was teenager 101, sure she loved her sister, but there was a lot between them that neither one was willing to talk about. So it left for difficult times, such as these.

She jumped slightly when Shae's voice rang through the air, Wren glowered at her sister for a moment before cranking the static up as high as it would go and then shutting the stereo off altogether. The young 15 year old folded her thin arms over her chest and glared out the open window ad she tried not to scream and pull her own hair out. That is until Shae asked her to pull out the map and look at it, that was pretty much the breaking point. "Are you serious right now?" She muttered as she yanked the glove compartment open and pulled out a worn looking map. "I don't even understand this thing , and honestly I can't understand why you can't just admit that we're lost, because FYI we are," Wren looked pointedly at her older sister before returning her eyes to the map and trying to make out where the hell they were. " It would help if there were road signs on whatever drive you have us on," adding the last part was just because she felt like griping a little more honestly.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) | 1123 comments Shae grimaced, biting down hard on her tongue as Wren made a point of turning the static up. The sound was piercing, enough to send a shiver through her, just like nails on a chalk board... or splintering wood. Shae wrinkled her nose refusing to look at Wren as the youngster slumped back in the chair. She wasn't about to pander to one of her sisters little temper tantrums. Shae certainly wasn't in the right frame of mind and by now she was stretched well beyond breaking point. Wren was in an insufferable mood and though Shae could completely understand why, she wasn’t about to let her little sister catch on to that. She kept her eyes on the road, trying to pick anything out that looked different, anything that could provide them with some indication that they were headed in the right direction.

“Yes I’m serious,” Shae snapped, reaching towards the map, “Ugh, just pass it here.”

She sighed once again, feeling the tension within the truck return to a crescendo. It wasn’t good. The past few hours drifting in and out of arguments was slowly driving Shae to insanity, if they didn’t get out of this car soon they were going to kill each other. She checked the time on the clock, it was still morning but it wouldn’t be for much longer. Shae couldn’t let another five hours pass the way the previous five had, she was nearly breaking point. A pinch appeared between her brows as Wren spoke up about them being lost for what seemed like the fiftieth time today. Shae turned sharply in the seat, glaring at her sister with those same intense blue eyes.

“We are not lost,” she said firmly, before returning her attention to the road, “And don’t use ‘FYI’ it makes you sound obnoxious.”

Shae chewed on the inside of her cheek, pushing her hair out of her face as she stared pointedly at the road ahead. Wren was right, no street signs, no road markings, not even any markers to show how far they’d come. This journey was starting to feel like a waste of time. Shae had hoped the rebels could be their salvation, well hers at least. Killing that man had got her into more trouble than she cared to think about. All it would take would be for someone to trace it to back to her and then Wren would be alone again. And that was one promise Shae was not willing to break.

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments Sometimes Wren honestly wondered how she and Shae hadn't already killed one another with the way they bickered sometimes. The thought of jumping out the window was looking more and more appealing honestly, and she really just wanted to get out of the truck. She sighed, long and loud, her sister was one to talk about being obnoxious. She'd been obnoxiously denying the fact that they were lost, why couldn't she have asked for directions at either of the gas stations they'd stopped at?? Wren would've but her sister hadn't let her out of the truck, not even to go to the bathroom. And she refused to reveal their destination, it was all very frustrating for young Wren. Her arm sat on the armrest, her chin in her hand. "Take the stuoid map, it's not like it's gonna do you any good either," Muttering was sort of Wrens Forte when it came to her sister.

The forest seemed to be growing thicker and honestly the holes in the road seemed to be getting wider, how strange was that? Wren felt a passing of goose bumps over her arms as she stared down the darkening road, "Shae .. Maybe we should just turn back," Her voice was slightly raspy as she tried to keep her emotions in check, no way was she letting Shae see that she was a but nervous or scared even. Nope she was a big girl and could take care of herself, she just didn't want to get stuck out there in the middle of the wilderness with who knows what. This wasn't her idea in the first place, it was Shae's, and it might just get them both killed, Wren sat up straight and gripped her hands in her lap to keep from doing something stupid, like yanking the wheel from Shae's grasp and turning them around.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) | 1123 comments Shae rolled her eyes as Wren reduced to mumbling her words and the older girl reached out to snag the map from Wren’s fingers, resting it against the steering wheel as they continued along the rough track. Her eyes flickered from the road to the seemingly thickening forest ahead of them. The tree line did seem to be more dense here, casting shadows over the road and making it near enough impossible to see the end of the track. Shae wasn’t about to admit they were lost though, she took another glance at the map, following the road with her eyes. Panic seized at her chest when she realised she couldn’t find the road on the map, Shae frantically clutched at the document before she found the date on the top hand corner. It was ten years out. Shae gave an exasperated sigh and shoved the document in the footwell, wincing as they went over another bump in the road and her shoulder slammed into the driver door.

She grit her teeth, if she opened her mouth Shae knew she’d start yelling. She breathed slowly through her nose, trying to avoid the unease that was beginning to creep up on her. They should have found the place by now. One of the vendors had told her to keep going south until they hit this road, then follow the old track for thirty miles or so. After that there was meant to be a set of cross roads, markers and signs that informed trespassers of what they were getting themselves into. Shae felt a chill go through her, even the vendor had warned her against coming here. This was rebel territory and these people would kill on sight. She swallowed nervously, her eyes watching her hands on the wheel. The knuckles were white, marked with scars and dotted with fresh bruises and cuts. Beneath her thumb nail was a thick line of red. Blood. Shae knew she couldn’t turn back now, even as Wren suggested it Shae had seriously begun to consider until she’d seen the blood. Shae had killed that man and going back to Paloma would only be worse for them.

“No,” Shae said firmly, “We’re going to keep going.”

But even as Shae said those words, the angst crept back in, gnawing at the pit of her stomach. The rebels must have seen them approaching, must have known that intruders were heading towards the camp. What if they didn’t let them get there? What if they just shot at them with rifles? These thoughts swirled in Shae’s mind as she stared at the road ahead. Her gaze was set in it’s usual determined scowl, blue eyes hard with decision as she looked down the beaten dirt track. She was about to suggest that Wren try the radio again when the audible chk chk of the engine caught her attention. Shae whipped her head back to stare at the dashboard, the unease positively tearing at her stomach as the check engine light came on. The truck was slowing, all tension gone from the pedals as it stuttered to a jolting halt. There was a click and then a bang from under the bonnet and a puff of steam rose up in front of the windscreen.

“Shit!” Shae cursed, slamming her fists against the steering wheel so the horn let out a pathetic beep. “No, no, no, no!” She hit the wheel again, letting out another stream of profanities as she slumped back in the worn leather seat. Shae screwed her face up, running her hands into her hair as a series of exasperated sounds came from her lips. It was just her luck to steal something that wasn’t even road-worthy and now the two of them were stuck in the middle of no where surrounded by trees on all sides. She gave Wren a hard look, almost daring her young sister to say something as she keyed the engine again only to be rewarded with the same straining ignition sound.

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments The silence was deafening, was Shae actually considering going back? Wren risked a glance at the young woman beside her, the two of them shared looks, they both had blue eyes, dark hair, full lips, that stubborn set to their jaw. But personality wise? They were on completely different planes, and they both knew it. While she was more extraverted, Shae was introverted, only really speaking out when she had to, or when mama bear protective mode turned on because someone was threatening Wren.

The two girls rode in silence for a bit before Shae finally announced that no, they would not be going back, they were going to continue on the road ahead of them. What if the road ends? Then what Shae? Huh? Are you going to make our car fly?, these thoughts stayed silently in Wrens own head as they went a few more minutes down the road, that was when the truck started acting up and a sinking feeling came upon Wren.

The string of curse words that came from her older sisters mouth wasn't as surprising as the fists being slammed against the wheel, especially with the horn beeping. Wren almost reached out to grab Shae's hands, but just barely stopped herself when she got that look from Shae. "Don't beep the horn, you're going to alert any person within 10 miles of where we are, pop the hood and lets take a look," Wren was trying to be the calm one for a change since her sister was wigging out. The teenager pulled on the handle of the truck door and shoved on it with her shoulder at the same time, the door gave with a grinding sound, the heaviness of it let it sway open without much else help. Her booted feet hit dirt as she slid down, Wren walked around the truck and put her hands on her hips as she looked through the windshield at Shae, waiting for her to pop the hood so they could take a look at what was going on.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) | 1123 comments Shae was ready to retort with the fact that there probably wasn’t a single human being within a ten-mile radius but arguing with Wren now truly was pointless. Shae reached under the steering wheel and pulled the lever to release the hood. It lifted with a clunk and Shae threw open the car door and clambered out onto the dirt track. The sun was barely visible through the thick canopy of leaves above and the shadows between the trees were making Shae even more uncomfortable. She stalked around to the front of the truck, half stumbling on the beaten track. Shae’s nimble fingers instinctively reached for the hood, only to reel back at the scorching heat coming off the metal.

“Not a word,” she muttered to Wren, feeling the youngsters eyes judging her stupidity. The truck for streaming for christ sake, or course it was going to be hot. She pressed the pads of her fingers into her palm as the pain ebbed away. Shae unbuttoned the checked flannel shirt she was wearing, revealing only a straining tank top beneath. Wrapping the shirt around her hand she gingerly lifted the hood, only to see another wisp of steam rise from the overheated engine.

“That doesn’t look good,” she said, feeling as if she was just stating the obvious. A pressing thought came down on her, what if they couldn’t get it running again? What if they were stuck here? They could walk but even that suggestion seemed stupid in her mind. That was another way to end up dead, Shae was certain. Maybe she could fix it. Shae didn’t know much more than the basics but if they could get it running again maybe they could turn around and at least get out of the forest. Tying the shirt around her waist she leaned over the engine once again, blue eyes scouring the mechanics with trepidation. Shae had never seen anything as old as this, none of the components seemed to be in the right place. With a sigh she placed her hands on her hips, mind whirring as she considered her options.

After a minute’s contemplation she went back the cab and rolled down the windows, thankful for the manual operation as the evening air rushed into the confines of the car. It would take an age to cool down though, especially in the warm evening air and Shae wasn’t even certain it was overheating that was the problem. She pushed her hair off her face, taking a long deep breath as she walked back to the front of the truck. As all the emotions came rushing back, Shae slumped exasperated on the dry earth, resting her head in her hands as she stared pointedly at the ground. Things couldn’t possibly get any worse.

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments The tense look on Shae's face made Wren take a step back, she felt that her sister was about to crack honestly. "Wai-" She tried to warn Shae, too late though, her sister yanked her hands back, her fingers surely burning from the heat of the truck, she pressed her lips together to keep from mouthing off, because Shae looked like she much just clock her if she said anything right then. Being a grown up was pretty freaking pressuring it would seem, and it made Wren not want to get there anytime soon.

The smoke coming up from the inside of the hood was not looking encouraging, and Wren wished she could offer words of encouragement, but mostly sarcastic quips wanted to come from her mouth. Those wouldn't be appreciated just then so she cleared her throat as her sister meandered around and looked at things, eventually she came back and slid to the ground, looking defeated. Wren bent down and sat indian style in front of her sister, her hands on her knees as her blue eyes stared at the top of her Shae's head, this really wasn't progress, now was it?

"We could grab our packs and just walk a bit, I mean we need to find a place to at least camp out anyway if we're going to be stuck out here," There was reasonable, right? Wasn't too bossy, or teenagerish... or maybe it was? Because how would they ensure their own safety in this place? Sure they both knew how to kick ass, thanks to Shae, but would that do either of them any good if their enemies had weapons ? Wren held back her fears though, just wanting to get Shae up off the ground and looking more sure of herself. She'd much rather their banter back, than this, because this actually frightened Wren some, and she didn't like that one bit.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) | 1123 comments Shae closed her eyes briefly, only opening them when she felt Wren’s hands on her knees. She sighed and looked up at her younger sibling. Those blue eyes were filled with such drive and determination, belief even. Shae knew she couldn’t be like this, couldn’t mope or cry or freak out. She was meant to be the strong one, not the other way around. It was up to her to make sure that Wren was okay, the two of them only had each other after all. Shae nodded in agreement, placing her hands on top of Wren’s as she looked at her. It was like looking into the past, looking at a younger version of herself. Still a child, still vulnerable and still innocent to the world. She had to protect her, Shae didn’t know what she’d do if she lost Wren as well. She was all she had left, the only thing in the world that kept her human.

“Okay, okay,” Shae agreed, internally vowing then and there to stop being so crabby. It felt like she was driving Wren away with her constant mood swings, but Shae had every right to be angsty and she wasn’t about to burden Wren with those reasons. Brushing off her jeans, Shae got to her feet and went back to the truck, leaning into the cab to collect their measly belongings. “Let’s walk for a while, see what we find. We’ll stop after an hour take a rest, get something to eat and then we’ll carry on.” It felt better to have a plan, to actually have times to work towards and a goal in mind. She handed Wren her pack and pulled her own rucksack over her shoulders, feeling somewhat disappointed at how light it was. There was probably only enough food for one meal, they’d have to try and scavenge later on.

Shae turned to Wren after that placing a hand on her sister’s shoulder, her thumb resting against her neck. “I’m sorry, about all this,” she murmured, her brows furrowing as she considered her words, “I just need you to trust me, okay? Just please don’t fight me on this,” Shae actually managed a smile after that, though the expression felt strange on her features.

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments Wren and Shae just stared at one another for a few moments, the siblings trying to draw strength from one another, at least that's how it felt to Wren. She noticed the resolve in her sisters eyes, she was realizing they had to get moving, because there was no way that sitting around was safe for either of them. Shae finally started talking and getting up, doing things. Shae stood, so Wren stood up as well, dusting off her pants before taking her pack from her sister. It wasn't exactly heavy, it had a few things in it and a couple of granola bars, not much honestly. She kind of regretted snacking on their road trip now, because she had a feeling it was going to cost them when it came to dinner time.

"Its okay," She told Shae before falling into step with her, "I'm along for the ride, just.. I dont' mean to be such a pain. I can't help it sometimes, the words tumble from my mouth and before I know it I've botched everything up and there's no turning back," Wren's words were quiet, and almost timid, because she was sharing how she felt, and she didn't exactly do that often with Shae. There was a lot of feelings between them that needed to be discussed, and probably never would be honestly. With a sigh Wren moved forward, toward the tree's, they looked sinister almost, but she knew it was just her imagination playing tricks on her. "Maybe tomorrow we can find a stream and take a stab at fishing," She suggested with a grin of her own, she knew that they would probably just make fools of themselves while trying something like that, but it might be fun.

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments (I'll go)

Fury wasn't sure how this would all go down, two girls, three guys, he really wasn't the sharing kind of guy, so he would leave Damon and Vince to squabble over one of the girls, because he was certainly getting one all to himself. or that was the plan going through his mind as they walked through the underbrush of the woods. Mosquitos were buzzing here and there, and Fury swatted them away anytime they got near them. Honestly though they didn't bother him too much, he just wasn't sweet enough for their taste.

The vegetation they were wading through was thick enough to where no one would see them coming, that was for sure, which made Fury a bit more excited, they would have the element of surprise. The road wasn't one they went to often, so he wondered why Vince had even gone over there in the first place, good thing he did, very thorough guy, no wonder Damon spoke highly of him. Damon thought Fury mostly tuned him out, but he did listen once in a while, when he felt like it.

He thought he heard voices up ahead and kept watch of where he was putting his feet. Not wanting to step on a twig to alert anyone of their presence, his eyes squinted some as he peered through leaves and brush, up ahead, on the road that had been in question, were two girls, one that looked oh about 18 or 19, the other maybe 14 or so. Damn, young, he wondered if Damon would be a stickler about age with the younger one, sometimes his boss grew a conscience when it came to kids, not often, but sometimes. Fury made hand gestures to point out the girls to the other two guys in the party, he wasn't sure how Damon wanted to do this, but he was up for just following the boss man, letting him take lead.

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Vince continued to lead the way, taking an easy route that wouldn't drive anyone crazy with twists and turns, and also keep them hidden. He walked quietly, per the usual, and his eyes continued looking up and down, from the ground to the scene, making sure he was heading in the correct direction. He knew he was, but you could of course never be too sure, and so he continued thinking back to the map he had drawn. Or, the various maps he'd drawn. The familiar trees and fallen branches were enough though, telling him to keep going.

They made it in no time, he knew because he could spot the opening up ahead, he heard their voices, and Fury pointed. Which was good, because you always needed someone to point things out to people who weren't paying attention—some people were just so stupid. Vince went up a bit more, scanning the area ahead for sticks and rocks before he turned and looked at Damon, walking forward still. His voice was quiet, but it got the words out quickly. "How'd you want to do this?" He asked, before stopping by a nearby shrub.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) | 1123 comments Damon moved to make sure that he was hidden behind the trees, out of sight of the two girls. He could just make them out now, one older than the other by a few years. Both were very attractive, a little on the thin side but pretty all the same. His mind brushed over that dark place as he looked between them, the familiar stirring of the that dark part of him beginning to surface. He could definitely have some fun with these two. Play them against each other, torture one to see how the other would respond. Use the younger one as a bargaining chip for the older girl to do exactly as he pleased. Damon chewed on the inside of his cheek, contemplating their next move. The younger girl was tiny, a spindly little thing, it wouldn't take much for himself or Vince to get a good hold on her. The other girl was a bit taller, there was more to her but she was also slight in stature. Immobilising the two of them would be a fairly simple task. Damon thought for a moment longer before looking between Vince and Fury, "Vince I want you to take the younger one, Fury take the other and I'll step in if things get hairy. I'm sure you boys can handle a couple of girls though," Damon said with a sly grin, "Just get a hold on them, don't rough em' up too bad unless you have to," Damon's voice was firm, his eyes lingering on Fury as he spoke. He watched the girls as they approached their hiding space, "When they get level with us you go." he said, watching as the two women closed the distance.

"I'd like that," Shae was saying, contemplating the two of them actually doing something together that didn't involved yelling or screaming fits. She gave a sigh, feeling herself begin to relax as they continued along the track. The dark forest wasn't exactly comforting, but being surrounded on all sides also gave them a place to hide if anyone drove down here. Shae couldn't help but notice how quiet it was though. The bird's didn't even make a sound and as they walked a little further along the path the unease began to seep back. "Wren," Shae said, taking step closer to her sister, "Stay close." She said, whether it was for her own reassurance of for Wren's Shae couldn't tell, all she knew was they they had to get out of here as soon as possible.

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments The look in Damon's eye was one that made Fury feel like he wasn't alone in his thoughts of what could happen with the girls, and he was glad that boss man was onboard. Him and Damon had similar thinking, so it wasn't that much of a surprise, honestly he was just glad he hadn't brought his little girlfriend along, Jenn made a mess of things more times than not, and her bickering with Damon would've given them away long ago. Fury nodded his understanding to Damon and crouched down for a few moments, watching the girls slowly make their approach, the older one was saying something or another to the younger one, well they wouldn't be talking at all soon, not if he and Vince could help it anyway.

The moment came fairly fast, at least in Fury's opinion it did, as soon as the girls were pretty much right beside the boys Fury gave Vince the signal and then jumped out, his arms reaching for the taller girl, and wrapping her in a hugging like hold, she was feisty though and he kenw from the moment he tried to wrangle her that he was going to have a fight on his hands. "Calm down princess," He muttered as low as he could, not wanting to put too much effort into talking since all of his concentration was on holding the fiery girl in place. "Where ya gonna go anyway, into the woods? We're all around you, not such a good idea coming out this way," He grinned, and even chuckled some as he let his mouth whisper over her ear, his eyes flicked to Vince and the younger girl to see how things were going over there.

Wren felt relief when Shae didn't shoot her idea down, maybe they could actually go have fun for once, and she may or may not have been contemplating on dunking her sister when Shae stepped closer and warned Wren to stay close. "What? Why? Its not like anyone else is out here Sha-" Wren was knocked to the side some as a big guy came barreling into the road, grabbing her sister forcefully and trying to hold her against him, "Get the hell off my sister," Wren shouted before lunging towards the big guy, no fear in her as she thought about what might happen to her sister, she didn't even see the guy coming for her behind her, as her attention was all on Shae, and it would seem neither girl noticed the third guy hiding in the foliage still.

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The girls were young, and fairly small too, so Vince understood it wouldn't be much trouble. He understood the intentions of Damon and Fury, he could just tell by the look they each had in their eyes, but he didn't mind. After a while you get used to the way some people were, and Vince was used to it. He nodded his head at Damon, glancing over at the girls now. He guessed they were close, which was good and bad. If you were close, people could use that against you. In fact, Vince could just see Damon using the little one, getting the older to do what he wanted. But, he tried not to think about that as they were getting closer and closer with each second.

He knew Fury would tell him. He figured, since Fury had told him where the girls were earlier, that he'd tell him again now. And he did. Vince was ready, but he let a second pass. If they ran out at the same time, they'd collide. Vince's girl was closer, so when Fury dashed out, he'd have to wait anyways. Vince jumped out after the second passed, wrapping his arms around the younger girl just as she lunged out for Fury. She was a lot smaller than he was, so holding her wasn't difficult at all. He debated saying something to her, but he understood anything he said would have no positive effect of her anyway, so he stayed shut.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) | 1123 comments Shae barely had time to register what was happening as Wren’s face morphed into an expression of horror and someone all but lunged at Shae from between the trees. The body hit her hard, colliding with enough force to knock the air from her lungs. She barely had a chance to respond before the man had her in a tight hold, forcing her arms by her sides and her back pressed tightly against his chest. Shae gasped, struggling to catch her breath as she started to feel the impact of the hit. It was more shock than pain, though he’d hit her hard in the spine in the process. She grimaced, writhing against him as his voice sounded in her ear. It was enough to send an icy chill down her neck, make her shudder in disgust. “Get off of me!” Shae snarled through gritted teeth, pulling away as she felt the heat of his breath by her ear. Shae had only heard a voice like that once before and it had belonged to the man she had killed. She fought against the assailant, her body struggling to break free from his iron grip.

“Wren!” Shae’s voice was raw, biting. She was filled with a sickening dread as her eyes sought out the second attacker racing from between the trees. “Wren! Run! Behind you!"

Seeing Wren in danger gave Shae a renewed strength. Adrenaline shot through her and she twisted against her attackers hold, managing to free her arm from his grip. With all the force she could muster Shae swung her arm back, her elbow connecting with the man’s gut. It wasn’t much but Shae used the momentary distraction as a means to get away from him, lunging towards Wren who was now grappling with the other man.

Damon watched the entire exchange with amusement, his blue eyes narrowed slightly in their predatory glare. He liked watching women struggle and seeing the older one writhe against Fury’s hold was stirring that dark monster inside of him. There was something so beautifully pathetic about a woman trapped in the grip of a man, hands clawing at strong arms, weak bodies unable to fight them off. Both girl’s were feisty, fighting off the men that held them. What surprised Damon the most was the lack of fear on the older girl’s face. He saw anger there as Fury held her, frustration at her inability to break free but she wasn’t frightened. No, not until Vince got a hold of the little one. Sisters, Damon surmised or at least close relations. A smile tugged a the corner of his lips and Damon pulled the gun from his belt, running his hand over the barrel as he saw the older girl start to break free from Fury’s hold. He contemplated taking the shot, his fingers tight around the trigger. Damon knew he could do it, a single bullet straight to her spine, paralysed from the waist down. She’d be helpless then, unable to save her precious sister. But no, he was quite enjoying the show and from the looks of it, his men could use the training. He stepped out from between the trees, gun held lazily in his hands as he looked between Vince and Fury.

“Come on lads, round this up will ya,” he said, his casual demeanour perhaps a little too calm with the gravity of the situation at hand.

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments Wren gasped, an arm had hooked around her middle just as Shae yelled out a warning, Wren was pulled up against another guy, just how many of these guys were there? Wren's mind wasn't exactly thinking clearly as she watched her sister struggle against the guy across from her. Wren pulled her foot back and kicked it hard into the guys shin that was holding her, trying to wiggle her way out of his arms, but honestly he had a pretty good grip on her. She thought about all the defensive fighting Shae had taught her, Wren dipped her head forward and then slammed it back into the guys face, as hard as she could. Her head seemed to ring from the action, but it was enough to maybe get away from the oaf, she was seeing stars so walking straight was a bit hard, but she did her best. It ended up with her almost colliding into a third guy, whoa. So three of them? Wren tried to break free and run from both guys that she was between while Shae seemed to be getting out of her captors arms as well.

Fury grumbled as the girl in his arms gave him hell, Vince had hold of the spritely thing that this girl seemed to be determined to protect. She elbowed him in the gut, letting his grip loosen, just slightly, enough for his female to get about an arms length away, Fury grabbed at her shirt. Barely he caught the fabric in one hand and yanked her back, hard, against him. He reached across her front and grasped a wrist, while his other hand snaked around her waist once more. "I suggest you not try that again, or this guy may just shoot the little girl you seem to be so keen on getting to," He growled in her ear, making sure to put enough pressure on her wrist and waist to put some pain there, but not enough to break anything, yet. Fury was going to enjoy doing as he pleased with this one, honestly she was lucky he hadn't broken her in half already. He glanced across and noticed that Vince had lost hold on the younger one, Fury rolled his eyes and wondered who would catch the free little mouse, Damon, or Vince?

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'Maybe she's suicidal.' At this point, this was what Vince was thinking. Sure, the kick hurt, but it hurt his legs not his arms. Sure, the grip loss ended, but it returned momentarily. It was her head—jeez, what hell was her skull even made of— that hurt. He realized what she was doing, but he was a second too late. He didn't mean to let go of her, but it happened. And she was loose. Vince took a second to rub his head, but he then noticed where the little one was heading. Damon. Immediately Vince went over, plucking her the way people did apples. He brought her closer this time, but only to warn her. "im not going to hurt you, promise. But he might. I suggest you stick with me." He whispered, his grip on her tightening before he lowered her a little, so her head was on his chest. Then he looked over at Fury, noted he had the older one, and he looked at Damon. Now all he could hope was that he wouldn't kill him, and that the little one would listen to his warning.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) | 1123 comments Shae almost got free of him, but she’d barely taken two steps before his hand snagged her shirt and pulled her back flush against him. The man was solid and his body against her back barely moved as she fought against him. She squirmed as his hands grabbed at her, making her shudder as one snaked around her waist and the other caught her wrist in a painful vice like grip. Shae didn’t care, she’d break her wrist if she had to, all she knew was that she needed to get to Wren. Her sister seemed to be holding her own but even as Shae continued to fight, feeling the searing pressure in her wrist as she pulled against him, she began to realise that their attempts were fruitless. Another man had appeared near the edge of the road. His expression was calm, his body relaxed as if there was nothing out of the ordinary taking place here. And yet the presence of a gun in his hand and the sinister smile on his lips was enough to make Shae’s skin crawl. As her captor whispered in her ear once again, Shae finally stopped moving. She swallowed warily, begrudgingly letting the tension in her arms drop as she stopped fighting him. “Why are you doing this? Please just let he go, she’s just a kid,” Shae begged, leaning forward towards Wren as the blonde haired stranger held the gun up.

“Have you got them?” Damon asked rhetorically, raising a brow at the men. His amusement was evident, but even as he walked, the gun hanging lazily in his grip it was clear that he was someone who ought to be taken seriously. His steely eyes flickered from the older girl to her younger counter part and a twisted smile curved his lips. “So what are two vulnerable girls doing so far away from civilisation?” he asked, cocking his head and looking pointedly at the older girl. Shae didn’t reply as the man looked her up and down, his eyes hungry, like a wolf ready to devour it’s prey. She’d dealt with assholes before, why did a gun make that any different. It was only as the blonde man moved towards Wren that Shae began to struggle again.

“Stay away from her!” she warned.

“Or what?” Damon asked, walking over to the girl that was held in Vince’s grip. He looked back at Shae, eyes burning with casual interest, testing her with their intentions.

Damon’s lip quirked and then he grabbed Wren by the hair, wrenching her head back so he could look at her face. His grip was unrelenting, his fingers wound tightly into the dark locks, forcing her to meet his gaze.

“You made a mistake coming here,” he said darkly, wetting his lips. The gun was still in his hand, only now he raised it to press the metal barrel against the young girls cheek. All the while he could hear the sister screaming, still fighting Fury.

“No! Please! Stop!” Shae yelled at him, ignoring the pain in her wrist. The fragile bones threatening to snap as she pulled against him, “We didn’t mean to! We came here looking for the rebels!"

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Fury wasn't one to just let someone get away twice, so even when the girl relaxed somewhat in his arms he didn't let up his grip, nope he stood firm, and as still as a brick wall, not letting up. Damon stepped from the shadows, asking if they had hold on the girls, Fury just nodded once in answer before letting his eyes slide to the younger one, she was once again in Vince's hold and looked... angry? Not scared? Well that would be changing, how did he know you ask ? Because Damon was headed straight for the younger girl, Wren was it? There was no way he was going over there to coddle the little thing, no he was going over there to toy with her, and Fury felt a slice of jealousy cut through him for a moment, wishing he could join in on the fun. Instead he watched, his eyes glinting with amusement, he was thoroughly enjoying this honestly, and as the gun grazed the younger girls cheek, he chuckled darkly, because the girl in his arms was pulling against him and crying out for her little friend. "Oh? Looking for us, eh? Well now you found us, I do say you're either gutsy or just plain stupid, having a hard time deciding which to be honest." Fury let his lips brush against the top of the girls hair, and was tempted to press himself against her in a more... devious manner, but withheld from doing so to see where the boss man was going with all this.

Wren shivered in the guys clutches that grabbed her once again, he expected her to trust him? She wasn't trusting any of them, period, she glared at the guy holding her sister, "Shae knock his teeth in!" She encouraged, hoping her sister would be able to get free, but it looked hopeless to be honest, and Wren didn't like their odds at all. She wouldn't show her fear, or so she told herself until the other one, the third guy, came over and wrenched her head back in a pain staking way, "OW, dick watch I-" Wren almost bit her tongue when the guy put the gun to her cheek, Wren's face paled slightly and her breathing all but stopped as she waited to see what he would do to her. It was all but maybe ten seconds though before she narrowed her eyes and almost spit on him, almost, instead she just glared at the blondie, giving him her best stare, because that was honestly all she could do in that moment, with the one guy holding her, and this guy pulling her head back, she was pretty much helpless, still, she could glare, and use her words. "Does it really make you feel manly to prey on women?" She asked with distaste in her tone, it shook, but only slightly.

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So they were looking for the rebels? Well, thank goodness Vince found them, cause they would have walked their asses down to another province, completely missing the camp if they continued down this road. Of course, Vince figured they regretted coming now, but they'd thank them later, should they not die first. Especially the little one, who was apparently Wren. She didn't give him any more trouble, no, but Damon was sure using her. Just as suspected, he was testing the older one—her name was Shae he guessed—who only reacted if Wren was placed in danger. Now, maybe if Wren wasn't such a loud mouth, things would go smoothly, but she wasn't. And there wasn't anything Vince could do about it. He told her to listen, and she didn't. So, he simply held onto her, allowing Damon to do what he pleased.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) | 1123 comments Shae could only watch in horror as the blonde man forced the gun against Wren’s face. She bit her tongue, fearing that saying anything else would only get her little sister hurt. Shae’s mind was working furiously as she watched the man, listening to his words. The sound of her own captor’s laughter in her ear made Shae tremble, the first ounce of fear seeping into her resolve. These men were killers, they didn’t care who they hurt and at this point escaping them seemed impossible. She grimaced purposefully moving her head to the side so as to avoid his words in her ear, they were unsettling, messing with her head and preventing her from thinking clearly. Shae stilled, deciding to conserve her energy in case they got another chance to make a run for it. She grit her teeth as she felt her attacker's lips against her hair, the action sent an icy chill down her spine and it took everything she had to stop herself from shaking. It was his words that truly set her on edge though, “You’re the rebels,” Shae murmured, realisation dawning on her as she looked between the two men she could see. “Look please, just listen to me! We came here to join you!”

Damon quirked a brow at that statement, though he didn’t look at Shae. Instead his hand moved from Wren’s hair to her jaw, his fingers closing around her face as she continued to talk. “I suggest you think more carefully before you speak,” he snarled, his eyes darkening as he looked at her. One thing that Damon demanded of his comrades was good manners and the fact this insolent child continued to insult him and yell like a banshee was starting to test his patience. If she knew anything of the southern rebel’s the girl would know that they were savages, gender wasn’t a matter when it came down to raw killing. ‘“That is unless you want my friend Fury here to show your sister exactly what we do with loud mouths…” Damon spat, releasing her face with a shove and stepping back to look between the two girls once again. He narrowed his eyes at Wren, the gun still poised in a position where he could shoot her if he so pleased. “Now what do you think you can offer me that some crack whore from the local village can’t?” Damon sneered, looking from Shae to Wren as he waited for an answer.

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments To join them? Well wasn't she just a high and might princess, did she think that they would just take whatever ragamuffins decided to stumble upon their camp? Because that just wasn't the way it worked, hell Fury had killed his own brother to prove his loyalty to Damon, there was no way that these two little girls were going to get to just join up because they felt like it. Damon caught Fury's attention as he talked to Wren, his words were true, he would gladly show the one in his arms, Shae, what happened when there were loud mouths, honestly he would be happy to put on a show with her as his muse. "Hmm seems like if your friend keeps it up you and I will get to show everyone what a good time's like," The tone of voice was excited, and almost playful. Fury was getting far too into it all, and if he didn't watch himself he would do soemthin that would probably land him in a choke hold by Damon. So he breathed deeply and tried not to think about ripping the clothes off the girl against him, but it was hard to keep calm... all the way. If Shae was paying attention she would notice just how 'excited' Fury was, and that thought made him happier than any of his previous thoughts honestly.

The bruising fingers moved to her jaw and Wren was forced to look into her captors eyes, well one of them at least, and she bit the inside of her cheek until she tasted blood so that she wouldn't scream. So this was what it was like to be threatened, and truly in harms way, yep it sucked. The teenager couldn't think of a better explanation, and she held the gaze that was looking down intently at her. When he mentioned her sister though she blanched, actually showing fear, but not for herself, but for Shae, "Noooo," She cried out and lunged towards the guy with the gun, but it was no use, the one behind her was holding her steady and all she managed to do was bruise herself more really. "You leave Shae alone or I'll ... I'll," Wren blinked back tears for once, not wanting any harm to come to her older sister, "Look I'll do whatever you want just leave her alone," She pleaded, knowing she probably sounded pathetic, she was just a girl, and what would she have to offer him, really?

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People watching. A pastime of many, yet many also didn't realize they were doing it. Vince always did. Maybe it was because it did it so often, but he always knew when. And even now, though he was important to the current situation, he knew he was people watching. All he did was stand there, holding Wren as to not let her get away, quiet as ever. Of course, he had no problem with such thing, it was better this way. He caught every word. He heard Fury, mumbling from behind Shae's head, wondering to himself whether they had guts or were just stupid. He soaked in Damon's threats, all of them joking together to form a command. Shut up. He could tell Wren wanted to speak, she was so tense in his arms. Fury commented something about a good time, and Vince didn't even have to look at him to know he was smiling. Or, he was at least excited. And he knew he was right, because moments later Fury was taking a deep breath, trying to calm down. Wren attempted to lunge after Damon, but she barely moved in Vince's grasp. She attempted at threatening them, but she just ended up begging. A part of Vince wanted to help, but Damon was the one in charge. A part of him kind of wanted to speak too. But it just wasn't his place. So up he just continued on, holding Wren and people watching.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) | 1123 comments Shae glowered, screwing her face up as Fury spoke in her ear once again. His words were chilling, filled with a possessive, predatory tone as if it was his right to lay his hands on her. “Over my dead body,” Shae replied scathingly. She tried to distract herself, focus her attention on her sister and what the leader was saying but with each passing minute that was becoming more difficult. Her captor’s hold on her hadn’t changed but the tension in his body had, she realised with sickening dread what would come next. She squirmed against him, her unease clear as she began to put up a fight again. Shae wasn’t about to just stand there and help to feed this man’s sadistic need. “This get’s you off?” she asked, a hysterical laugh almost threatening to break through the fear. She shook her head in disbelief, turning her head so she could actually see his face in profile. Fury had strong features, defined and masculine but marked with the same sinister expression as the leader, “You’re a sick bastard ain’t you,” Shae spat, trying to distance herself from him once again. Her attempts were pretty fruitless now and if she actually escaped where would she go? Shae wasn’t about to leave without Wren and she doubted she’d get the trees before blondie shot her.

“No?” Damon raised a brow, folding his arms across his chest and looking pointedly at Shae, “That’s not a word that anyone pays any attention to around here.” He chuckled darkly, looking the older girl up and down. She looked uncomfortable and Damon wondered just what his comrade had been whispering in her ear. No doubt some sick fantasy or ideal that he’d conjured up. Damon didn’t look at Wren as she spoke again, “Whatever I want? I’m not sure you’d be so willing if you knew what I had in mi-“

“No she won’t,” Shae said firmly, “She won’t but I will. We’re just asking for a chance to prove ourselves, we’re strong fighters, we want to help your cause!” she continued earnestly, at this point Shae would say anything to get them out. But beneath that she was still true to her original plan, this was what they had wanted, a new life and protection from the state.

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Leena (leena23) | 3786 comments "Well that can easily be arranged , honestly I don't mind my girls heart beating or stopped," Fury made it sound like he was teasing, but was he? Really? One could never tell with him, and Ash probably would've given an approving holler right then if he'd been around, he was nearly as odd as Fury. Fury only grinned when Shae asked if that's what got him off, or something to that effect, "Oh honey there are a million different things that get me all kinds of," Fury wiggled his brows at her, "Excited. Blood is my favorite, it's a great way of foreplay, get some blood smeared around on your bod-" he cut himself off as Damon once again began speakinh, he want about to interrupt boss man. That was just looking for trouble honestly. He did notice however that the girl, wren, was a complete idiot. You never just offered yourself up like that, not around men like them at least. The girl in his arms began struggling again and talking, jabbering on about how useful she was and stuff, nothing really Fury cared about... Unless .. "Prove it." Was all he said, and threw Damon and Vince a look.

Wren wondered exactly what she'd been offering, from the chilling look of their apparent leader, the blonde fellow, it was nothing good. What would he do with her if she agreed to it? Wren gulped and almost felt relief when Shae offered herself uo instead, but she couldn't just let her sister take all the pain and suffering. "Hey I'm worth something too, I can scrap with the best of em," Hmm maybe she should learn to keep her mouth shut, because it seemed like the guy behind her kept gripping her harder and harder each time she spoke, or was that just her imagination? What the hell had she and Shae gotten themselves into anyway? Whatever these goons were gonna do, she just wished they would hurry up and get it over with , Wrens patience was wearing thin. (sorry if it's short , on mobile -_-)

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Vince was paying attention to Fury, who was getting pretty intimate with Shae. And then of course, Wren offered herself up and Shae went on about how she was useful, though Vince doubted they were as good as they said. But nonetheless, Fury had ideas, and he wanted proof. Curiousity ran through Vince's veins, but his mind was a bit preoccupied, as Vince was debating covering Wren's mouth. It would honestly do her good, as every time she spoke things got worse for her. Especially when she pleaded with them. Vince figured she was naïve, as any smart person would understand to not offer yourself to men like this. That was, unless you were a whore. They enjoyed offering themselves--but that was beyond the point. The look Damon gave her was unsettling, or so she thought. He was easily used to Damon by now, though when he had first met him was a bit terrified. But still, little Wren still spoke. Vince held her tighter, hoping she'd either shut up or pass out from lack of air, either would save her.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) | 1123 comments Shae tried to shake off the effect that Fury’s words had on her. It filled her mind with images that she simply didn’t want to contemplate, how many girls had this man tortured, killed and violated? Young women, vulnerable and alone, preyed upon by monsters. She tried to force the fear away, focus on the gravity of the situation at hand. What would these men to do her, what would they do to Wren? They had to get out of here by any means necessary. The sickening grin that spread across Fury’s face only sought to rile her up even more, he really was getting a kick out of this and it was starting to make Shae angry. She bit down hard on her lip as he spoke about what got him off, forcing herself to keep her mouth shut. Internally she was raging, toying with the idea of snapping her own wrist in order to get a punch to his nose. Shae wondered how he liked blood when it was his own. It got her thinking about what made a man like this, Jonah had never laid a heavy hand on her and her father had never had anything but good things to say about their mother. Shae wet her lips, breathing heavily as she leaned back so he could hear her better, “Someone messed you up real bad didn’t they,” Shae said in a mocking tone, her voice low but firm, testing him. “And now you’re just like them.” She was clutching at straws, looking for weakness. Shae knew it was words like that, which would get her killed. Still if that comment even affected him slightly she could use that moment of hesitation to break free form his hold.

She watched the leader just as he looked at her, meeting those blue eyes with a steely glare of her own. There was malice in those eyes, a history of violence and a coldness that seemed to break out into the space around them. In those eyes Shae saw the mark of a killer, someone who would deliver pain without remorse, leave devastation in his wake. Shae couldn’t be sure that this is what her and Wren were capable of. She had killed before but Shae would never place that pressure on Wren, she was just a child and killing wasn’t something Shae would ever let her do.

Damon looked between the two girls once again, sneering at Wren before he approached her older sister. There was fear in the older ones eyes and Damon raised a brow at Fury as he approached, “Just what have you been saying to her?” Damon said with a low chuckle, taking the gun and tracing it along Shae’s jaw. She flinched away instinctively and Damon raised a brow, his mouth turning up in a wicked grin. He lowered the gun, folding his arms across his chest as he thought about everything the two girls had said. It was clear an idea was forming in his mind as he looked between the sisters. But it was only as Fury said those words that Damon’s plan solidified. He quirked a brow at his friend, before looking down at Shae with his dark gaze. “Okay,” Damon said simply, “We’ll give you a chance to prove your worth.”

((I’ll direct them back to the camp next post XD))

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Fury was wondering if he'd had more fun with the younger one, she was feisty, despite everything going on around her, and that she and her sister were both being held captive, hmmm to run his hands over that young, supple body, that would be something, wouldn't it? His attention snapped back to reality as his own prisoner said something, apparently she thought that would effect him, he chuckled, low and deep, "Now wouldn't my parents have loved that? No princess I'm afraid they didn't effect me the way they would've liked," Fury buried his face against her hair a moment, "I made myself this way because I wanted to, and because I like being free to be who I want. And you, you want to join us? You don't have the guts," Fury then pulled back, Damon was coming towards them and he didn't want to interrupt whatever he had in mind, he just smirked when Damon asked what he'd been telling Shae, Damon wouldn't care what he said to her, hell he'd probably chime in at one point to be honest.

Wren felt like her arms, or her neck, one or the other might just break, if this guy didn't loosen his grip some, so when the leader of this little pack walked back to her sister she whispered, "Can you just ease up the tension a tiny bit buddy? If your intention is on keeping me alive, well you're about to forego all possibilities, it feels like you're killing me almost," The words were filled with a variety of emotions, and she hated that, because honestly she didn't want to show these guys any of her emotions, but what could she do? And what the hell was Shae thinking? Pulling her to this forsaken place and expecting her to become a southern rebel? That was um kind of big, wouldn't it have been a good idea to at least ask Wren if she was all in or not? Of course she was, because Shae was, but still, it was just a bit of common courtesy... her head jerked some when the leader mentioned they would have to prove their worth, how? What would he have them do? She kept her mouth shut for once, and let Shae take lead.

Fury nodded approvingly, though he wasn't sure exactly what Damon had in mind for them. "Sounds good to me, this one has a smart mouth, lets show her what we do with girls like her," Fury had a myriad of things in mind for Shae, and then for her sister, but he wasn't sure if he was honestly going to get to act any of these things out, because the fearless leader was looking like he might just have ideas of his own. Well there was always later, if the girls were even still alive by that point, there was no telling.

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Damon walked over to the older girl, discussing a little bit with Fury. Vince would have heard, except little Wren actually spoke to him. Which was surprising, considering Vince didn't speak to her. Only that one time, and that had been a warning she had definitely not taken seriously. Why, Vince had no clue, but it was probably because he had kind of just kidnapped her. Now that he thought about it, he wouldn't trust him either. Well, he would now, since everything he had said proved to be true, but not before. Little Wren, as Vince decided he'd call her, told him to loosen his grip. She said it kind of nicely though, minus the fact that her voice was filled with mixed emotions her face failed to show. She mentioned how if he wanted her alive, he should probably stop, and a part of him stopped to think if that was what he was going for. It wouldn't be hard, if he held her a little tighter around the neck, it'd snap and she fall limp in his arms. Maybe she deserved it, maybe her father was a guard at the palace and he killed people when they were doing nothing but running to greet someone, maybe--Vince's thoughts came to a sharp halt, Damon speaking up. So they would get a chance? Vince was curious as to what they'd have to do to show their worth. But, as Little Wren had asked, he did loosen his grip a little. Of course, it did come with a message, a nice quiet whisper. "Better keep shut then." It was a command, yeah, and Little Wren seemed unable to follow through, but if she wanted to live she'd listen to him and let his commander do what he wanted.

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E L L E (lacustrine_dreams) | 1123 comments Shae felt a shudder run through her body as he chuckled, her body wrought with tension at presence of his face so close to her. She could feel the rough stubble of his jaw against her shoulder, his breath over her neck. It was invasive, humiliatingly so, and no matter how hard she tried Shae couldn’t seem to distance herself from him. What he said next filled her with fear and perhaps a stroke of pity. What human being would do this to themselves? Why would someone choose to be like this? Shae grit her teeth, straining against his hold as he murmured close to her ear. He didn’t think she had the guts, well Shae would show him. She swayed to one side, wrenching the arm that was pinned by her waist from his hold. Shae felt the pain in her shoulder as she tore her arm free but that wasn’t about to stop her. She reeled back, twisting as far as the space would allow and was about to swing her fist towards his face when she heard the click of blondie’s gun by her ear.

“Uh-uh,” Damon cocked his head to one side, waggling in front of her space, “You don’t want to do that.”

Shae glowered at him, holding her hand in the same position until Damon encroached on her, pressing the gun to her temple. Shae stiffened as the cold metal touched her forehead, but she still didn’t drop her stance. Damon leant down so his lips were by her other ear.

“Do it, hit him. I fucking dare you,” Damon’s words were cold emotionless, but his eyes were hungry. It was if he was begging her to give him an excuse to pull the trigger. Shae looked between Damon and Fury- who still had a painfully tight hold on her other wrist. After a moment’s deliberation she threw her hand down by her side, her expression defeated as Damon smiled wickedly. He lowered the gun and looked pointedly at Fury this time. “You’ll get your chance,” he said, reaching out to touch Shae’s jaw, his hand gentle this time as he tilted her head up. “Shame really, such a pretty face,” Damon mused, before dropping his hand and turning his back on the two of them. He took a step towards the trees and then gestured for Fury and Vince to bring the girls.

“Come on, we’ll start the initiation back at camp,” he said, glancing back to look at his men. “Let them walk, but if they try anything, you shoot them.”

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The boy with the rust-color hair was at war. At war with what; himself, the world, that small need and growing need to see something hurt and cry? No one could really say as much when they first looked him in the eyes. He was a collection of sweet deaths rolled into a singular being, voiced with the hymns of a thousand dying minds. Energy surged through his every step, eager for him to arrive at his destination. His mind was still fresh as the morning dew with the images of carnage he'd left behind, and good God, he wanted to see more of it. He was tempted to turn around, walk back those hundreds of miles just to see it again, but he had a different purpose, and more bloody happenings to see.

As it so fortunately came to him, the air was filled with the coppery scent of blood and a small puddle of blood was visible only a little bit away. Hunched over it all was a girl, small in a large ratty sweater. The contrast between the tired, excited rich little boy and this girl who assumed was a runaway of one reason or another wasn't so vast in this one moment. Blood, even if there's no need for relation, was a connecting force as much as anything else around them. The boy with hair the color of blood and mud cocked his head to the side, halting only a few steps away from the girl. Here was this creature, bleeding out before him, and yet he couldn't seem to work up any more excitement than he already had. Blood usually did the trick in sending a hum through his body and into his finger tips, yet it wasn't working now.

His brows furrowed, his lips parted with questions ready to be asked, but he stopped himself. A moment of silence passed, then another, and another until they passed in a handful of minutes. What would he say? What would he do? Most times he'd egg the person on, push them through their actions until there was nothing left but a violent sort of peace. Gained, lost, given, taken; he could make those things happen with peace of mind and self. But he didn't feel so much the need to do that now. It was probably because it was a girl hunched over in front of him. He had yet to shake those nasty little principles of polite engagement with any and every female. He couldn't let that part of him go, he supposed. It was likely the only way he'd be able to identify himself in the din of the war in his mind.

He crouched beside her, eyes alight with wonder and a beautiful glint of a faint guilt. He licked his lips, slow and almost calculated, as he observed her. What to do, what to do. He figured he could end her suffering, in some basic act of violence. There were plenty of rocks at his disposal that he could use to crack her skull open. For the most part, however, she seemed to be doing a fairly good job all her own. His head tipped to the other side, his movement slow and smooth like a snake latching its sight on prey. But, this was prey of a different kind. His intentions, he soon realized, were nothing close to destructive. He, almost miraculously, wanted to save her. Like a gift, she'd bled in front of him.

Maybe she was meant to be his redemption, one thing to keep him from fire and brimstone. He was silent for another couple seconds, before his hands clasped around the area of her arm just before the gushing wound. Fingers like talon, hooked on tight enough to leave little crescent moons on her skin from his nails, he removed one hand to release the blade from her grip.

"What are you doing," he hissed, a monotonous twang of someplace Southern coloring his words, "What are you doing? Don' y'know better than to this? What, are y' crazy? Death ain't ready for you just yet, miss. He ain't ready to take y' soul just yet. You just got to wait, be patient. There ain't nothing we can do when he tells us to wait."

He'd sent many a person to their meager deaths. Sometimes by his own hands around their necks, a knife well placed, or simply by his words, but he'd done. Something in him now, something he didn't quite understand but knew well, didn't want to see this girl die. There was a potential in the way she cut through flesh, a peaceful rhythm to the way her blood pushed forth to the ground. Maybe that was why he didn't want to see her die; so that he could watch her bleed continuously.

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She mistook his intentions. She mistook his need to watch her bleed another time for him wanting to murder her. It was comical; what was she thinking? That was right, she wasn't; at least, not in the copper haired boy's opinion. The bright red spring that rushed forth from her arms was a picture of heaven, his eyes drawn to it like moths to a flame. Didn't she know how precious this sight was, how blessed it was? It was like he was being kissed with the sight of an angel or something heavenly, or mother mary help this girl.

There was an almost mourning set to his features, like he could weep at a moment's notice. His reverence of this sight, this smell was like ecstacy to him. Or, well, something close to it as he'd never experience the full force of such a thing. He supposed it would feel something like the short buzz coursing through him at the girl's words. Was it a mix of frustration that brought forth the words he next spoke, or wonder at someone so bent on watching the world blacken around them.

"Ah do wanchu t' die," he stated, "Ah do wanchu to go see death, t' meet y' Maker. But ah wanna see it another time. Ah wanna be the witness." He licked his lips again and looked away, standing upright once more. There was nothing predatory in his stance, in his stature. That was the thing to him: he was harmless to most. His worded slaughter was perhaps the deadliest thing, and yet no one could ever see it when they first looked at him. An affluent boy from the South, naive and innocent; they saw easy pickings. He saw people with the potential to rip each other to shreds. That's what he saw in this girl.

She seemed so willing to watch her life burn out, to end it. Maybe it would be better to go out in some gruesome way. That's what he wanted for her; a terrible, beautiful bloody death. A mess of limbs, flesh, bone, blood, pain. He wanted to hear her scream, not this simple whimpering and snuffing out like a small candle. No, she looked too good for it. Too perfect for something more tragic. Something so bloody it would make the devil weep with joy.

A soft laugh escape him, like the sweet billowing of sails in the wind. His face didn't reflect this laughter; it appeared as though he were pained by the idea of him killing her. He couldn't, for the life of him, bring himself to cause direct harm to a women. He didn't think them weak, didn't think them too delicate. He thought of them as beings to protect, to save for their own silent destruction. But not for this girl; she needed something volatile, something attention grabbing.

"Ah don' wanna kill y'. Naw, naw; ah jus' wanchu to have an audience," he stated, looking at her full on this time, "Ah think y' deserve sumfin eye-catchin'. Not this wimpy shit--'cuse mah French--y' got goin'. You wan kill y'self? Do it so no one forgets it."

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When she turned away from him, he'd felt the choirs of angels disappear with the blood. All he saw instead was a tattered sweater and a fragile girl hiding from herself. Or just from him. That would be a little new for him; normally they didn't hide from him, underestimating the boy with hair of the color of flaking blood. He wondered what could be going through her mind, what she could be thinking. He toyed with her dagger, liking the glint it gave off in the light mixed with the crimson of her blood.

"M' name's Lafayette, miss," he replied, sounding almost sheepish now. When she turned back, she'd likely see him for the sheltered little twenty year old he was. Sweet smile on lips pink as the petals of a rose, freckles abound on sallow tan skin. "Lafayette Amhearst." The name held power, and power was everything, right? He didn't think he much liked the power his name held. He fidgeted, seemingly nervous now that he'd spoken his name. He hadn't said it much since he left home, since he'd gotten his parents killed.

It'd be a simple enough endeavor, really. But, that didn't matter much now. "Ah jus', uh, got here." Although, he wasn't sure if he was at the right here. There were a lot of "here"s that he'd experienced on his way, and most had ended in a pile of bodies--some that he caused, some that he happened upon--and he was tired. Sleep deprived and deflating with the loss of the wonderful fountain of blood, he could have fallen asleep where he stood. His eyes fluttered such for a moment, and he swallowed thickly, shifting his weight.

"Ah wanted t' join the rebels," he stated, though he knew that she had probably already guessed as much, "Ah ain't gon' tell nobody about whachu you was doin'." He shook his head, blinked away another bout of sleep. "Tha's not mah thing t' tell."

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His eyes fell immediately to the blood forming anew on her hand as she gripped the blade of the dagger. He might have missed the hesitation as she gave her own name, but he wasn't that deeply fascinated by the tiny orbs of crimson that dotted her skin as the blade bit into flesh. He also might have missed her examination of him, his lips screwing up as he sniffed almost indignantly, blinking furiously to keep the sleep at bay. The girl, Fire, was more helpful than he had originally thought.

It seemed like she wasn't just a fountain of blood, but of information. Part of Lafayette wanted to kick himself in the teeth for not having thought of which rebels he'd really been looking for. But, the Southern Rebels seemed like the best fit for him. Violence; it compelled him. Got his feet moving and his heart racing in a satisfying way. "Th' Southe'n Rebels, Ms. Fire," he replied. Her name came out more as Fi-yah, that sweet soft twang in his words coloring the smile on his lips.

He squinted past his tired mind to keep his focus on her. It was only polite, and with that in mind, he let go of the dagger. He figured there was no need to hold her back now. Whatever had brought forth the destructive intent to cut her own flesh open must have passed. Besides that, now she could lead him to the rebels. "Wouja mind takin' me to 'em? Ah don't mean to be forward or nuthin', but Ah'm mighty tired." His smile turned sheepish, his gaze cast down as he spoke.

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Rich kid shit? Lafayette didn't think much of the way he spoke. In fact, he'd used to think that his manner of speaking was just a crude play on English. His manners, he supposed, is what she was referring to. This made him cock his head to the side again, a squinty vision of a bird was he with this action. Rust headed innocent bird, but probably better to equate with a keen bird of prey. Fire, though, wasn't his prey. Not yet, at least. But she must have been right. If he'd heatd her name before, she had to be in the upper echelons of society down in the southern provinces. He might have even seen her before.

He nodded, tight lipped and serious as she began to walk away from him. It was obvious she wanted him to follow, and so he did. He dipped his head down as he walked, a shuffling to his gate. He, now, wanted to know where he might have heard her name from. It was a curious thing, knowing only a name and still being able to place it to the concept of a person. He used to hear his mother go on and on about people. So and so was this kind of way; he and her were that kind of way. She never did ever have anything nice to say unless she was showing him off. The thought of his mother, the woman that would have gladly stripped down in public to prove he was the picture of adorable, had always been too selfish. His uncle had told him as much, and he usually believed what it was that his uncle had to say.

"So, Fire ain't y'name," he asked quietly, in an attempt to make conversation as he trailed after her, "Where'd y' hear mine from?"

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He shouldn't pry. Really, he shouldn't. His mother liked to pry, liked to get into the thick of things so she could brag about how much she knew later. But, Lafayette could relate to that resentment in Fire's voice as she spoke those words. He wondered maybe if their mothers had been different mothers, maybe better mothers, would they be where they were now? He didn't think so. No; the copper haired boy would have ended up on this road one way or another. Probably would've removed the obstacles that had been his parents the same way, too. He'd certainly commit to saying that he'd do it again if he had to.

Determination and resolution. That was something he'd been taught made a man, made a person. What would he be if not one that stuck to his guns? Lafayette picked up speed, nodding his head as he strode beside her. He noticed, in passing and without a need to mention, that the two of them were around the same height. He then concluded that he wouldn't have to work hard to keep up with her pace. His legs still burned with exhaustion, but it was a nice sort of ache now that he was sure he would be at his destination soon.

"Ah hope it was nuthin' bad," he murmured, lifting his gaze to the tree tops, "Unless it was about mah momma." The grin that appeared on his face was harmless, like he hadn't just said what he'd did. Like he hadn't just then recalled listening to his mother scream while someone ripped her open. "Ain't nobody got sumthin' nice to say about her."

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Kiera let out a loud sigh as she walked down the paths of the forest, blazing her own trail in the deeply wooded area. She had been walking for quite some time, but hadn't paid much attention to where she was really going. She could always find her way back to camp, so she didn't think it was much of a big deal to wander some. She had her small satchel slung across her body, with small circles vials empty, waiting to be filled by the herbs and plants that she would hopefully find on her walk. But that day, the plants were oddly scarce; and she didn't see a lot of things to pick. That was probably because she didn't actually need to be out there. She had been going picking every day, and she had plenty of herbs back in her tent, but she had been wanting to get away recently, wanted to escape the annoyances of being around the other northern rebels. It was much quieter out in the woods, there was more room to think. And since Gabe, she hadn't really wanted to socialize, so the solitude was good for her. Kiera had her gun tucked into the band of her denim shorts, the hem of her black tank top covering the hilt of it. Her ebony hair was actually tame for once, and fell nearly around her face as she bent down to pick up a few leaves of basil; not for healing but for cooking.

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At one point the cheers and screams ceased, telling him that he had gotten far enough away that he could yell and no one would hear him. He was back where at the old dirt road, the place where his day had gotten interesting. Vince didn't pay much attention to the road, as it was old and made of dirt after all. Instead he was looking beyond the road, at trees in the distance, silently calculating the distance he could go before he'd reach new territory he had yet to cover. Sadly, it'd be another mile or two, perhaps three before Vince saw something he'd never seen. But hey, he might as well. Or maybe in a different direction? He understood that it didn't matter by where he went, because he'd cover the same ground no matter what, but still. Vince was innocently walking through nature, his height of six foot two making it easy for anyone to spot him, should there be anyone looking. But there wouldn't be. And that's exactly what he was thinking as he walked out into the path, his mind, elsewhere as he stepped on a branch.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments The basil smelled fantastic to Kiera, and she stuffed a good number of the small green leaves into one of her vials before replacing the cork on the top of it. It was enough to season a few dinners for herself and her aunt. Kier felt distracted. She didn't even have a reason to be out in the woods. She was a medic, a medic collecting goddamn basil. Why was she wasting her time on something so stupid? The answer was actually easy; because no one was injured. And if no one was injured, Kiera was bored. And when she was bored, she thought about Gabe, and how much she wished he would walk through the fall of her tent and kiss her on the cheek, and go on to talk about his day and how pretty he thought she was. There was a dull ache in her chest as she thought about him, but she didn't have much time to linger on those thoughts, because somewhere very close by, a twig snapped. The snap was quick and hard, made by something or someone large. And all Kiera thought of was self defense. She grabbed at her gun and gripped it, her finger resting against the trigger. Kiera pointed it at the source of the noise and pulled the trigger of her revolver, the shot sounding out loud. She wasn't even thinking about it, it was just a defense.

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And so there he was, a pretty important member of the Southern Rebels. Going along, minding his own business. Doing nothing wrong, nothing at all! And yet, he gets shot. Because, why not? Right? Just why not? Vince recalled that he stepped on a twig, something he usually didn't do. Yet, he did. And, he regretted it very quickly. Apparently, there was actually someone else nearby, and once they heard that wonderful snap, they shot him. Thankfully nothing too bad, she probably didn't get a good look before she shot. The bullet grazed his shoulder, but even so, that was still pretty painful. Painful enough for Vince to turn and look at her, pretty surprised. And yet, he was quiet for a moment, taking her tiny figure in. She was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful humans to have the pleasure to walk the planet. Hell, if she walked over to him he wouldn't be surprised if the grass turned green and flowers sprouted from where she walked. She was just so... pretty. Maybe he would have thought of a better word, but then he realized that she had actually shot him, without him doing anything. And maybe Vince would have fired back and killed her, but not this time. Instead, he raised his arms in surrender. "I'm not going to kill you, promise."

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Kiera hadn't even gotten a look at whoever snapped the twig before she pulled the trigger on her revolver, but once the deed was done and her gun was lowered, she finally got to see who it was. He was a man, a very tall one, with stormy blue eyes and a very handsomely cut face. Whoever he was, he was staring at her with a sort of awe on his features, and Kiera wasn't exactly sure of what to make of that. He was rugged looking, but attractive; very attractive. And that was a first for Kiera in a long time, since she hadn't really found anyone interesting since Gabe. She shook herself mentally, this wasn't about Gabe or how handsome the man was, he'd sneaked up on her in the woods, and that was beyond stupid. But it looked like the bullet had just grazed his shoulder, something that Kiera could heal with ten minutes, a salve, and a little bit of thread. The question was only if she would want to or not. Kiera snorted "Oh well now I'm relieved." She said sarcastically, placing her hands on her hips. She figured that she was the one with the advantage then, and she tried to give him a steely gaze, but it was hard to look at such a hot face angrily. "Who the hell are you, and why did you sneak up on me like that?" Se asked simply, moving her arms to cross in front of her chest. She still had the revolver in her hands, and wasn't moving any closer or farther away from him, she was just standing her ground and trying to seem much more assertive and tough than she actually was.

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She could have said sorry. Or thanked him for not killing her on the spot. Any other southern rebel would have done so, but Vince was different and wasn't up for just random killings whenever the chance was present. Vince felt you only got killed if there was a reason. "Well, my name is Vince. I didn't sneak up on you, hell, I didn't even see you. Who are you, and what are you doing around here? It's dangerous." Vince lowered his arms, his mind finally receiving signals telling him that hey, his shoulder was in a tad bit of pain. He looked over at it, noting the tear in his grey shirt when the bullet had ripped through not only the fabric, but his skin as well. There was bleeding, obviously, and he sighed. This would be fun to explain, wouldn't it?

((this is hella short I'm so sorry >.>))

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Kiera actually felt a bit of sympathy after the steamy guy explained himself. He'd just been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and she's just hauled off and tried to put a bullet in him. But after really looking at his clothes, Kiera wasn't sure if she could trust him. He was wearing a grey shirt that had obviously been torn before; someone had left fairly neat stitches in some places to sew the clothes back together. And his pants were sturdily made, with tons of pockets on them for tools and guns and such. Normal Illeans didn't wear those types of clothes, and Kiera swallowed hard "Sorry, you were just in the wrong place, I guess." She muttered, taking a step away from him. Gabriel had always told her to never shoot a southerner; that they were sort of like bears. Shoot em wrong, and they'll just get angry. He said to run from them, and that's what Kiera felt like she should do. But he was asking her questions, and hadn't pulled a gun on her...yet. "My names Kiera. I just strayed off my path, I was looking for herbs. Im a healer." She said plainly, hoping that maybe honesty could get her out of the situation with her life. But honestly, if it didn't, she wouldn't be losing much.

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She wasn't letting her guard down, but it wasn't as if she had much of one anyway. She was so small, so why was she alone? She shouldn't be alone. Vince eyed her suspiciously for a moment, taking in her appearance. He came to two conclusions: She was way beyond his league, and she was also a northerner. He could just tell. Her clothes seemed normal enough, but they also looked aged, as if she didn't have much to wear anyway. And her satchel looked just the same, some parts of it a bit discolored from the age. That, and any Illean wouldn't dare be so far out in the woods when they could just go buy their own herbs. "So," Any guard or tension Vince held was dropped in this moment as he looked at her, arms by his sides. "What brings a northerner like you to these parts?" He was genuinely curious, and wondering if she was alone. Such a beautiful lady like herself shouldn't be alone with such a high chance of death.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 2375 comments Kiera was caught in his gaze, and she found that she didn't mind it. He wasn't pulling any weapons on her at all, though she was sure he had them. In fact, he seemed quite relaxed; probably because he knew she couldn't very well hurt him. That's what made Kiera stop taking step backwards, and instead step towards him. Her revolver was cocked and ready to shoot if she needed to, but she wasn't sensing a threat from Vince, only genuine curiosity. Why would he want to know? Why would he care what she was doing there? "I didn't realize I was this far out of our land." She said, her blue eyes boring into his "I was just...clearing my head." It was the truth, even though it sounded unlikely. "Do you want me to fix that for you?" She asked, pointing at the wound she'd made on his shoulder with the hand that wasn't holding the gun. "Also, why haven't you killed me yet? Everytime one of my guys comes across one of yours, they're shot almost dead. So why." She asked, biting down on her pink bottom lip.

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Vince wasn't usually one to run over and start a conversation. He was mainly a guy that spoke to you so you said hello first. Otherwise, he was the silent type. He just kind of stood around and watched what went on, gathering information. It was another reason why Damon liked him. Vince just happened to know things. Things like the fact that there were trespassers in the area or the fact that some people were thinking of going against him. That, and Vince was basically a human gps. Needed somewhere to be? Odds are, he knew where it was and how to get there. Vince watched as Kiera made steps towards him, but he made no movement towards her. He wouldn't want to scare her off or make her shoot him again—but only worse. "If you can. And, I'm not that type of guy. If you were maybe a guard, or from Illea, then I'd kill you. But you didn't really do anything wrong, so why should I kill you?" The answer was simple, and the truth. It was exactly how he felt. Vince stared back at her, his stormy eyes getting lost in the vast ocean that made up her eyes.

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As soon as Vice nodded his head for her to close his wound, she took a couple more steps to where she was right beside him. Kiera knelt in the grass next to his injured shoulder, and touched his skin briefly to move the fabric away from the wound she'd caused. A laugh bubbled from her chest while he talked, her eyes bright. "I shot you? But hey, whatever makes me not dead." She muttered, smiling just a little bit to herself, and hoping he couldn't see it. Kiera opened the flap of her leather bag and pulled out some vials, scattering them on the ground by her knees. She picked up one again and pulled off the cork. It was filled with something near to peroxide that she'd made the pervious night. She poured a bit of the milky liquid onto the wound, and patted it with an old brown cloth when it started to froth slightly. "I always thought the Southerners were dickbags, but you don't seem that bad." Kiera said quietly, applying a salve to the wound next. "Do you want me to stitch it, too? Im good at it, I swear." She promised. For some reason she wanted to help Vince, and it wasn't because she's shot him.

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Her laugh. Was that even a laugh? It couldn't be. It reminded him of heaven. That must have been the sound that played there, or maybe that was the way angels laughed. Either way, he liked it. A lot. Guess he'd just add that to the list. Vince was already kneeling on the ground when Kiera came over, and began working her magic. His body tensed a bit, his muscles clenched together as she continued. He figured she was a good healer, he just had kind of just met her and wasn't very sure whether or not he should trust her. But something was telling him he should. "Yeah, sure. Just don't screw me over, alright?" He chuckled a bit at the thought. Even if she did screw him over, he wouldn't do anything bad to her. Even if she did shot him, she had a reason. Self-defense. Vince could've been a bear or worse-Damon or another rebel—and they easily would've killed her no problem. Yet, here she was. Here they both were, Southerner and Northerner. Doing something that people could call getting along.

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