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One of the mains covenant bases

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"You better hightail your ass out here. I am infront of the base and there sending out hunters. I will toy with them and warm them up for you. I hope that short run don't wear you out to much kid." he laughs and goes into fight mode. He smashes his fist together making a small shockwave. There are six hunters. Easy, This will warm him up real good. He charges and punch the first hunter in the stomach. The force shoots it back a few yards and creates a hole in it's stomach. "One down, five to go, I'll leave you three. Or maybe two."

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Connor didn't say anything, starting to run to the location. Within seconds he could see the small fight going on.

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"hah you fight like children." A hunter fires off a shot and John blocks it by placing his hand over the barrel. It goes of and explodes taking off the hunters arm. "WEAK!! Hahahaha."

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Connor finally catches up, stopping to catch his breath for a second. " that was a long run" he chuckles. Coming out to greet them next were a bunch of elite Zealots. Not the typical ground troops but not the toughest either.

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"Hey kid finally." he picks up the armless hunter and throws it at a wave elites crushing a a few. "Way to join the party. The remaining hunters are yours." he shoots of and punches an elite in the face and shooting it up into the air. He graves the energy sword and cuts a few elites down. The elite he punched comes down and he graves him by the foot and throws him knocking a few elites down.

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" I bet I could kill them all with just one jump" Connor still was catching his breathe. " it's something my brother taught me before he left"

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"Then it is no fun." he laughs and stabs his hand through an elite and threw it at a charging brute.

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" true." Connor ran up the front of a hunter and jumped over its head, bringing his hands down to its neck and bringing it down with him. Landing with one knee on the ground and the hunters head on his shoulder he had broken te complete spinal cord.

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"Hah nice kid." He charges at a brute and grabs him and charges using him as a batering ram. "Hey kid come here I wanna throw you."

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" ok I guess. And stop calling me kid, I am not a kid anymore" Connor uses his knife to split open a elites head. Then grabbing another by the mouth and ripping each lip off.

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HE runs toward Connor, killing a few grunts and Elites along the way. He grabs him by the arm and throws him at a crowd of elites, knocking them all down. "HAha strike!"

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Connor hit the elites full force, standing up a little dizzy he looks at a elite. They stared at each other for what seemed like minutes. Connor punched the elite in the face. " I hate when they stare at you"

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"It's not every day a Spartan gets thrown at them." An Elite appeared behind him and stabbed him through the back. "Ughhn!! huhn." he looks down at the energy sword for a second. "ha... ha... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!" He grabs the energy sword and drags it in deeper. "No elite will ever be the cause of my death." He whips around and grabs thr elites chestplate and rears back a punch. He swings and takes of the Elites head with his fist." He drops to his knees and coughs. The energy sword disapeared, seeming to have ran out of energy. "Shit, ugggh. Damn..." HE rises to his feet.

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((I had to get hurt. And hurry ur posting up. Jk take your time yup time... Yep))

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(( lol))

Connor shook his head, remembering that's the same way his brother died. " here" he tossed him the bubble shield and a DMR. Whipping around while pulling out his magnum, shooting a elite in the mouth.

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"I am fine ugh..." he walks forward and takes of his helmet. His face is covered in blood. "Yeah I ain't playing anymore." He slams his fist to together and his shield aura turns red and his armor color chips away leaving a dark red color. The wound closes up and the scar is left behind. "I am going to destroy this base and everything in it." He charged forward with an energy sword anhialating a giant wave of Elite. He punched onto the wall and ran inside the base."

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Connor nodded, holding off the rest of the elites and anything else they wanted to throw at him. It almost seemed like nothing could stop the Spartans at there mission.

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"I will kill you all." he checked his vitals to see if he could activate a purge, but they werent low enough. "Damnit." he got out his dual smg and went to work killing elite after elite.

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Connor was done outside for now, sitting down on the ground he takes a breather. He was tempted to take off his helmet but then chose not to just in case a sniper, like the one that killed kat.

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After a few minutes the base was clear. He gets out a fuel rod cannon and throws it at the tanks and shoots it before it hits. The tanker. The explosion goes of and he gets outside before it blew him up. He walks out and the wound reverts and blood starts gushing. "Ugh it wore off." he applies pressure and looks at Connor. "Hey Connor come over here and keep pressure on this."

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" I have a better idea. Toss me the bubble shield" Connor said, looking at the fireworks of explosions.

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"I can't move or I will bleed out." he gets out an energy sword and let's his hand go. He pushes the side of the energy sword into the wound, cauterizing it. He does the same to the back. "Domt ever get stabbed by an energy sword. It hurt countless times more than getting cut."

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Connor stood up and grabbed the bubble shield, " I can reverse the current long enough for the biggest wound to heal. So instead of nothing can get in to the shield, nothing gets out. Like blood"

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"Well I went through the pain and lass of blood to cartarize my wound and you come up with this. Alright activate it till I can get proper medical care." Walks over to connor.

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" unless we can find somebody who knows how to take care of these type of wounds." connor says whole activating the shield on the wound. Pushing the somewhat leaking blood back inside.

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"That's gonna be the hardest part." he smiles and starts to laugh. "You might drop in rank if you keep hanging out with me. I ain't the best rolemodel and I have dropped in rank several times." je starts to walk the realizes that there is a phantom still in one piece. "There's our ride. I will radio that this is what we will be in."

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" no. I ain't going back yet. I have a..... Friend I want to go see. He is that friend that knows how to heal that wound quicker then anybody else"

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"Well Connor lead the way. A wound this bad ain't gonna heal itself." he laughs and then coughs up a little blood. "Alright talking good. Laughing not so much." he smiled and refrained from laughing.

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Connor chuckled, " well just trust me. He isn't the loveliest thing to look at" he started to walk in a new direction.

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"Damnit is he one of those rouge aliens. They bother me." he wipes the blood of of his cheek. "So how long have you known this person?"

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" no nothing like that." Connor chuckled. " and I actually met him when I first came into the spartan program. In battle to be exact"

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"Ahh so you kicked his ass and became friend. I have a small amount of respect for the covenant. Mor than most that is." He smiles and walks behind connor.

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" no I didn't kick his ass and he didn't kick mine either" Connor kept walking, looking at his radar every once in a while.

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"Huh I hope he can handle alien haters." he scoffs and starts to wonder. "How tall are you connor?"

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" 5'10 outside my armor" Connor chuckled. " my brother was tall though. I got everything else from him except being tall" he continued walking. Finally seeing a red spot on his radar. " he should be right over this hill."

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"I am 8'6" out of my armor and 9'4" in my armor." He noticed the blip himself and growled under his breath. "He better be smart enough to watch his tone."

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" don't worry about him. He has no more connections with the covenant" " Connor chuckled. Walking over the hill to see a nice human home, it was fairly big compared to most.

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"Fine I will keep my tongue cool if he does. He trudged on the pain increasing by every step. "What do I call him?"

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" depends on if you want to keep your head or not. His close friends like me can call him Kal or Splitjaw. But he doesn't have a lot of human friends" Connor kept walking.

Kal heard footsteps outside of his house, quickly slipping on his Zealot armor he grabs his weapons. Going tomthe roof of the house he waits till the right moment to dive down and tackle one of the Spartans.

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John grabs him by the throat before he could tackle him. He rears up his one hit decapitating punch but stops when he looks at Connor. "I thought he wasn't hostile." He throws him backward a few yards and turns to Connor. "Man I got a lot of respect for you so go talk to your busy before I hurt him."

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Kar was thrown did a flip backwards landing it, " don't take my gentleness so easy Spartan. I just let you do that." He growled. Stopping for a second.

Connor laughed, " it's nice to see you Splitjaw" he hugs his friend, receiving the same affection.

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"no wonder it was easy to get you. Better be careful I aint the one you toy with while being injured." he holds out his hand. "John Knight. It's nice to meet you."

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Kal took his hand, but instead of shaking it he throws him to the ground not that it was that hard. " now we are even John Knight. Come, I will fix your wound" he starts to walk back into his house.

Connor chuckled and shook his head, " he did the same thing to me when we first met" he started walking after kar.

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"You can fix me up if... You promise to fight me after." he grins and follows. This alien and was pretty cool in his book. He was a powerful one as well.

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Kal looked back, " I guess that's fine. But you will take a couple days to heal. Even as a tough Spartan it still takes time" walking in and clearing the table so the Spartan could lay down.

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He lays down and looks at Connor. "Deactivate it." be closes his eyes.

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Connor deactivated the shield, stepping back so Kar could do his job.

Kar was already making a paste looking thing in a bowl, followed by a greenish blue liquid. Pouring the liquid into the wound he saw it already eating away at the dead ski and replacing it with new just as fast.

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"wow that was not as painful as I thought it would be." he went to get up but went down growing. "Yeah nevermind."

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