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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult Erotic Romance: Widow in a love affair with husband's best friend who he shared her with [s]

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Amanda | 4 comments I read this book in 2003 but I believe it was older. It was a used paperback I found at a garage sale. It's a story about a woman who is in a threesome with her rich husband and his rich best friend. Her husband goes on some trip and disappears, reportedly dead. The best friend comes back into her life after and wants to take her away. I believe he was middle eastern. They end up going on a trip together. He takes her sailing down the Nile.

I vaguely recall there being something about boat racing. Anyway, in the end she gets word that her husband survived his plane crash and is in some jungle being cared for by nuns. She goes to him and he's very rude to her. I think she felt very cheated like he treated her like a prostitute instead of a wife? But he never reached out to let her know he was alive because he was embarrassed about his current condition.

I could have sworn it was by Roberta something (I thought Roberta Lowe but no luck in Google). It's been driving me crazy. It was a paperback and I think it was red with the title and author's name in large print.

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Dee (austhokie) | 614 comments there is a roberta gellis (I think) who used to write novels

Amanda | 4 comments I googled her. Couldn't find any of the books that matched. But thank you :)

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Kris | 35119 comments Mod
Strange Bedfellow by Janet Dailey?

Amanda, what are the occupations of the three main characters?
Where are the wife and husband from?

Amanda | 4 comments That is so close, but it's not that one. The story ends when she finds the husband and I don't think he ever leaves and they don't get back together.

I'm not sure about their occupations. They lived in the city but I can't recall which. I think the husband was rich from inheritance and some sort of play boy and when he "died" he had squandered their money so the wife was left living less than desirable which was why t he best friend came in to take her away and sweep her off her feet. I think the 3 had a falling out also and that's why the best friend was out of the picture for a while because the husband got jealous.

Thinking more on it, the best friend may or may not have known or been involved in the husband's disappearance. That's all I can remember at the moment though :(.

Amanda | 4 comments OH I found it!! It is called Acts of Love by Robert Latow!! It was driving me crazy! Thanks for all who assisted me earlier! <3

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Great! Glad you found your book.

Shelved as Acts Of Love by Roberta Latow.

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