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Three warnings and then your out.

1. Don't Plagiarise- Stealing other peoples content is plain wrong whether its other peoples characters and templates or famous media characters. You may of course use quotes from other sources like Oscar Wilde or J.K Rowling if you so wish. But please accredit them to their rightful owners. Breaking this rule results in instant deletion.
2. No Bullying- Breaking this rule will result in immediate deletion.
3. Detail,Detail, Detail- Its an advanced roleplay. Detail is important. I allow short templates so please make your posts long- no less than five lines or six complex sentences if you are on the app. I also expected the character description to be at least eight lines as it is a combination of history and personality.
4. Grammar- Again its an advanced roleplay so always use proper grammar in character sheets and when roleplaying. Text talk is fine on non-roleplay threads.

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~ Aniza

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