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Black Wings Has My Angel
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message 1: by Trevor (last edited Jan 13, 2016 01:24PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trevor (mookse) | 1425 comments Mod
Black Wings Has My Angel

Black Wings Has My Angel

Publication Date: January 19, 2016
Pages: 172
Introduction by Barry Gifford.
Originally published in 1953.

Gold Medal books weren't books that won literary awards, or any kind of awards at all. But during the 1950s Gold Medal put out some of the best writers America had to offer, writers like Jim Thompson, Chester Himes, and David Goodis, who not only peered into the bleakest reaches of the psyche, but did it with blood-tinged glee. And while many of the Gold Medal pulps have since become acknowledged classics, one of its finest, Elliott Chaze's Black Wings Has My Angel, has remained in the shadows, passed along from reader to reader despite being championed by the likes of Ed Gorman and Bill Pronzini. Yet from the very first pages it's clear that Black Wings Has My Angel ranks with the best of the era. When Tim Sundblade escapes from prison, his sole possession is an infallible plan for the ultimate heist. Only trouble is its a two-person job. So when he meets Virginia, a curiously well-spoken "ten-dollar tramp," and discovers that the only thing that she has a passion for is "drifts of money, lumps of it," he knows he's found his partner as well as his match. There's no telling whether this lavender-eyed angel will be Sunblade's making or his damnation.

To read Chaze's novel is to be taken on a roadtrip filled with hairpin turns and wild reversals, to careen through the darkest landscapes of desperate passion. It is a trip never to be forgotten.

message 2: by Guy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Guy | 144 comments This is one of my all-time favourite noir novels. Dark and bleak this is a relentless trip towards fate. Fantastic to see that NYRB is republishing this.

Trevor (mookse) | 1425 comments Mod
Moved from December 1, 2015 to January 19, 2016.

Cphe I've put this one on pre order - so looking forward to it.

message 5: by Trevor (last edited Jan 20, 2016 03:27PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Trevor (mookse) | 1425 comments Mod
This is out now, and I thought it compelling and pitch black. Even has a moment with characters looking into a seemingly bottomless void, which, despite maybe being a bit on the nose, works wonderfully.

message 6: by Soscha (new)

Soscha This one looks intriguing. I'm planning to read it some time in the next few months.

message 7: by Jane from B.C. (last edited Jan 20, 2016 07:20PM) (new)

Jane from B.C. (janethebookworm) | 1 comments The introduction to this book has been published on the Literary Hub site:

Sounds like a great read.

Cphe Just finished this and felt there was a lot more to the novel then first appears. 5 star read due to the depiction of Tim and Virginia.

Thoroughly enjoyed it, exceeded my expectations.

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