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The Rim of Morning

The Rim of Morning

Publication Date: October 6, 2015
Pages: 320
To Walk the Night originally published in 1937.
The Edge of Running Water originally published in 1939.
Introduction by Steven King.

In the 1930s, William Sloane wrote two brilliant novels that gave a whole new meaning to cosmic horror. In To Walk the Night, Bark Jones and his college buddy Jerry Lister, a science whiz, head back to their alma mater to visit a cherished professor of astronomy. They discover his body, consumed by fire, in his laboratory, and an uncannily beautiful young widow in his house—but nothing compares to the revelation that Jerry and Bark encounter in the deserts of Arizona at the end of the book. In The Edge of Running Water, Julian Blair, a brilliant electrophysicist, has retired to a small town in remotest Maine after the death of his wife. His latest experiments threaten to shake up the town, not to mention the universe itself.

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To Walk the Night has a suitably dread-filled first chapter! An older man's son has just committed suicide, and the best friend/quasi-son is coming to tell him what happened but wants to avoid, importantly, the why:

I said, "I don't want to die. Jerry thought this thing through, and that's why he's not alive now."


He said quietly, "We'll see."

"Yes," I answered. "We'll see. But not with logic. We tried before to solve LeNormand's death with our minds, and we failed. You know that. Now you want to know why your son killed himself. It's the one thing on earth that I never want to know. But I'll help you if I can. Whatever it is, Jerry found it out, and not by thinking."

His look was a question.

"He found out," I said brutally, "by living with it."

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I finished To Walk the Night this evening and was pleased to feel my spine tingle for a moment as I read the last two pages. Nicely done! Especially since the book is paced quite slowly and modern readers will have figured out the mystery well before the narrator. Still, a few chills at the end due to Sloane's writing. I'm very excited to start up the second tale of cosmic horror in this volume!

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I must have forgotten to move this from "forthcoming," but it's out -- and I highly recommend it!

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