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Street Love
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the modern romeo and juliet

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message 1: by Savon (new)

Savon Shegog | 2 comments Street Love by Walter Dean Myers
I read my first verse book this week, Street Love by Walter Dean Myers. It was a very emotional book, most of the situations seemed very real which made it harder and harder to believe it was a fiction book. It was a weird book to understand at first but it was unique and it was very interesting how the poems all went together to make up a heartwarming story.
Street Love is a modern Romeo and Juliet story set in Harlem, but only one side doesn’t approve of what is going on. It’s about Damien, who is expected to go to college, marry a stable girl named Roxanne, and lead a normal life.
Then he meets Junice, whose mom has been thrown into prison for possession of drugs. His parents and friends don’t approve of her, one of whom he even fights with to defend her. When Junice decides to take a bus to Memphis, where she hopes to give her little sister a better life, Damien faces a difficult decision.

message 2: by April (new)

April | 4 comments ive heard of this story lots of time. you talked about it really well. good details and well explaining the characters. its something lots of people would like to read.

message 3: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 3 comments this book seem very good. I would like to read and find out what happens next. I like how the main concept is about Romeo and Juliet but then it add more flavor and switch it up. I wonder Damien will choose junice or his family. Or will even junice even would want to be with Damien. or will they just shut everyone out and be together.

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