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Melissa | 3 comments Melissa Murphy
6th hour
Drama in high school By L.Divine publish 2012, pages:225 Genre drama.
Drama High
South bay high A.k.a Drama high is a school in Compton, California where jayd and her crew attend. Nellie is one of Jayd best friends. Rah is jayd first love they have a special type of love for each other. Jay is Jayd cousin but more like her older brother they are very close to each. And Jeremy is jayd boyfriend they have a perfect relationship the kind she always wanted.
The Jayd is dealing with more problems than she can handle. Mikey and Nellie are like best friends they are always together no matter what. Nellie is finally getting what she always dream of which is being a part of the popular group. She leaves jayd and Mikey hanging and is starting to turn her back on them. Later jayd has had enough and has cut Nellie off completely. Now jayd is having family problems at home she deals with. And jayd has an anger problem which is hurting her relationship. Now jayd is stuck and don’t know why everything is happing to her.
Finally at the end everyone is realizing that it’s Tiana who has caused all of the drama. It was Tiana who has messed up jayd and Nellie friendship. And she was the one who ruined jayd and Jeremy relationship. Everything is slowly going to normal with jayd and her crew.

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April | 4 comments I really like how you talked about it. you gave great details. makes me want to read it now. looks like a good book. looks really interesting. the characters are all different but also the same.

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Katy Henry | 3 comments You suddenly just put Jeremy in the first paragraph, and I'm wondering who Jeremy is. Is he really important to the story? You also don't really tell us anything much about how Rah helps the story along. What is the special love Rah and Jayd have for each other?

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Savon Shegog | 2 comments so did jayd and jeremy actually end up breaking up or did they get really close? you mentioned rah was he a reoccurring character or did he just show up and fade away as the story went on? did the book give you an idea of how tiana set this whole thing up or did it just kinda shift the blame to someone else so the characters could go back together? sounds like one of those it all worked out in the end kinda books but sounds interesting at the same time now i kinda want to read it for myself to see how this all happened

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