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Until We Meet Again (Bluford High, #7)
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until we meet again

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message 1: by April (new)

April | 4 comments Until we meet again by Anne Schraff
Until we meet again is about a girl named Darcy who goes to Buford high school. She has nice and caring friends and a boyfriend named Hakeem. She lives with her mom, dad grandmother and little sister. Hakeem’s dad is old and is having back problems because he works in construction. Hakeem’s uncle suggests it be best for the both of them to go to Detroit where he lives. Hakeem doesn’t know if he’s for sure that he’s moving but he still goes ahead and tells Darcy. She couldn’t take it she was so sad she forces him to live with his best friend, he said he couldn’t cause he didn’t wasn’t to leave his father and family like that. She later on goes home and gets an offer to babysit she says yes thinking it’d help her get Hakeem off her mind. She later tries to call Hakeem and he didn’t answer. She got to school and say him she called his name and he turned around and said “I can’t talk I need to be alone right now” that crushed her even more. A day or two later Hakeem goes up to Darcy and tells her they need to talk. He tells her he thinks they shouldn’t see each other anymore, Darcy gets mad and starts crying and runs off. She gets a ride from Brian a friend of hers he tells her how pretty she is and that she’s better with him. They went to the park and when he took her back home he told her he had a good time and kissed her. Brian later called her asked her if she wanted some pizza and she said yeah. Once he got there he noticed the lights were dimmed. He started kissing her and pulling up her shirt she yelled stop she slapped him, he grabbed her even tighter he couldn’t even get out. Darcy’s dad head her yells and kicked the door open and pushed brain off and started choking him. After all that Darcy went into her grandmothers’ room and told her how she felt and cared about everybody then Darcy’s mom walked in and gave her a hug. Morning came by and her grandmother was laying in bed her eyes slowly closing she was in a better place now Darcy started crying and they all hugged her grandmother. They made a funeral for her, Darcy’s friends went and she saw Hakeem there and hugged him and walked the sidewalk together.

message 2: by Katy (new)

Katy Henry | 3 comments You review doesn't have any clear paragraphs.You don't tell us the genre or very much of the setting. You don't tell us what you think of the book either. Overall, you review is really good and it sounds like a really good book. Is that all there is though? Does it just end with the funeral?

message 3: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 3 comments this book is really interesting. I like how its base on real life problems. I like how the main character is really brave and strong. people could relate to the situation that's going. I would recommend people to read it. its really good.

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