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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh

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message 1: by Angie (new)

Angie Mishler | 3 comments Have you ever wanted to know what happened to those lab rats that people tested on? Here is a Fantasy/Drama that you have been waiting for. The story Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh by Robert C. O’Brien is the perfect make of the imagination.

Mrs. Frisby lost her husband the previous summer, but she keeps putting in hard work to keep her family happy and well fed. While three of her children are indeed healthy and happy, the story begins as her son Timothy catches pneumonia. Moving Day is when all the animals must leave the field before plowing begins. Moving Day is rapidly approaching. If Timothy goes with them to the woods, he may die of exposure of the outside air. Mrs. Frisby is determined to find a way to keep Timothy safe and warm until he can recuperate. This determination and love for her family leads her into crazy adventures.

Although she wishes her husband were there to help solve their problems, she knows that she alone is responsible for her family's welfare. Mrs.Frisby seeks advice of the wise old owl. So this involves a flight on the back of a crow which is a hair rising experience, straight to the owl's home. It's a bit of a nerve-wracking visit because mice are known to be a tasty treat for an owl. The owl advises Mrs.Frisby to seek the help of the rats. Now, the rats who live under the old rose bush are a very special breed of rat. Mrs.Frisby can see that as soon as she is allowed into their hole. They have electric lights and lifts and they teach their young to read. To her surprise, they seem perfectly willing to help her with her problem - they'll simply move the whole concrete block that the Frisby family live in to a more suitable place. The only thing is, Mrs.Frisby can't understand why the rats should go to any trouble at all to help her. It's out of loyalty to her dead husband, Jonathan Frisby. It seems that the rats knew Jonathan better than Mrs.Frisby did herself. What is the great secret of the rats of NIMH? Have to read to find out.

Therefore, this is a great adventure for anyone. Find out what happened to the rats, if Timothy makes it across the fence okay, and if Mrs.Frisby finds peace. It’s a very up and down book. One that someone could read time and time again.

message 2: by Kara (new)

Kara Mewhinney | 5 comments How exactly did Mr.Frisby die ? does it say. Im also curious on what kind of loyalty the rats had to her husband. this book sounds very interesting , how long exactly did it take you to read it.

message 3: by JaNayza (new)

JaNayza Kimbrough | 3 comments This book seems very realistic. Families have problems all the time. but im not getting the metaphor here with the rats? do they symbolize something? Are they the reason her son has pneumonia? how long is the book?

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