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Summer of Secrets (Bluford High, #10)
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Summer of Secrets

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JaNayza Kimbrough | 3 comments JaNayza
Summer of Secrets
By Paul Langan
Copyright 2004 by Townsend Press
142 pages
The book Summer of Secrets, by John Langan, which is a non-fictional book discusses the story about a girl named Darcy Wills. She has a few family problems. Three weeks ago Darcy’s Grandma died in her sleep, and it put an awkward silence in the house. Darcy also has a secret. During the summer Darcy attracted a guy named Brian. One day they began to make out, and Brian had taken it too far nearly raping her. Darcy doesn’t know who, what or where to turn to about her situation. Ever since Grandma has died her Mother doesn’t act the same. She keeps small talk with the whole family is works all the time. Some nights Darcy notices that her Mother looks more tired than usually. One night she came home to them arguing, and she asked what was wrong, and her Mother had told her that at her father’s job they had slow business so they cut everyone’s hours back and he is now working part time instead of full time. Darcy suggested that they go back to an apartment because they benefitted when it was just her Mom working anyway, but her Father does not want to do that. Her sister Jamee does notice everything that is going on, but she always avoids situations and runs from them. That is why she is never home, and always goes out with Darcy’s friend Coopers brother Dez. Darcy didn’t enjoy the fact that Jamee was out with a boy because she didn’t want her sister making any mistakes, and the fact that she was so lonely, because her Boyfriend moved out of state due to his fathers cancer diagnosis.
Towards the end of the book, Darcy reunites with her old bestfriend Brisana, who messes with a bad boy named Duane. Duane is no good for Brisana and Darcy tries to tell her that but she does not listen and makes her own decision. Eventually Brisana believes she is pregnant, and she runs straight to Darcy. Darcy is there for her and tells her that her other bestfriend, Tarah works at a clinic and she can ask her what they can do about it. So Tarah tells them to go to the health clinic and talk to a doctor. It turns out she is not preggo, she is just stressing. That is why her period comes late. But in the meantime guess who is pregnant? Darcy’s Mom. Toward the end of the book her parents tell her and Jamee that the Family is expanding. And that’s when Darcy decided to tell everyone about her incident, nightmares, panicking around boys. She let everything out and is going to be seeing a doctor. The family is happy and Darcy is relieved.
The book was amazing and there were a lot of surprises.

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Kara Mewhinney | 5 comments I Love this book , I've read it a lot of times, although it was a long time ago. can you remind me towards the end does Darcy and her boyfriend come back to her at the end? have you read any other bluefurd books that you would suggest reading to anyone ?

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Angie Mishler | 3 comments This book sounds like it has many twists to it. Sounds very interesting to read. It says the book has lots of surprises and that sounds like the book wont put people to sleep. Sadly many people have to face these kinds of problems daily.

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