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message 1: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (shannonamelia) | 2 comments "Library Manual Additions" is not the right category for my request for this author, but I did not see one that fit better.

Book in Question: “The Slave Auction” by Ray Anselmo – ASIN: B00NBKL3H0 – published 9/04/14 by Million Dreams Press

In a nutshell, I cannot wait to have added 50 books, so that I may apply to become a true Librarian, because I feel powerless right now.

Issue: I cannot merge two identical editions of the same book. They DO have the same primary author and are both listed under his profile. I do not believe either version has been shelved more than 5 times (after I removed MY shelving that is). The correct one displayed has a counterpart lacking a book cover, ASIN number, book summary etc.

FOR ME: Both the incorrect copy’s detail section and the profile are locked down somehow, which is something I’ve never encountered. The primary result is that, although I followed the directions to combine/merge, SOMETHING is prohibiting me from fixing this on my own; those boxes that should pop up to say which books I wish to combine never appear. I did try this from the primary author profile. The secondary result is that I cannot open the details for and from the incorrect duplicate (to verify accuracy or to add missing information).

BOTTOM LINE: This author has precious few reviews as it is, and it would be great to see the version without a cover that has a decent review merge with the correct version (complete with summary and cover picture etc.).

Secondary Issue: I read that, “merging two editions deletes the less popular edition and merges all reviews into the more popular edition.” In this case, the most popular version is “probably” the poorly submitted one; the version with the highest ratings is the one that is lacking in all detail. So this issue needs a little extra TLC in my opinion.

*Note that I do not know if it is the rating average or the number of interactions that determines popularity; I would love to know for future reference if anyone has time to answer that question, though. Thank you in advance for helping to whomever takes the time and effort to do so!*

P.S. I add any book (and/or author) I find that isn't anywhere on Goodreads, and I do so with painstaking accuracy, but, naturally, there aren't a lot of available books (to my knowledge) that require this service. Does anyone have any advice as to where I may find books to add in order to both improve Goodreads and to get to the point where I may apply to help more effectively? Thank you for your time!!

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42444 comments Mod
Moved to the correct folder.

I also merged the duplicate edition.

Shannon, the requirement to apply for librarian status is to have shelved at least 50 books, not to have added 50 that were not previously in the database. Regardless, any user can post requests in this group and existing librarians will take care of them.

message 3: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (shannonamelia) | 2 comments I did misunderstand the term "shelved" in this case (thinking it meant add to the Goodreads shelf), that is true. I do know that existing librarians can take care of issues, though; that's why I posted here. I thank you SO much for your help. I loved the book, so I value the author. Thank you for update to my vocabulary. I should be able to apply (perhaps I will not be accepted I know, but I can at least try). Thank you for that! Please have a wonderful day!

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