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Delirium by Lauren Oliver

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message 1: by Selena (new)

Selena | 3 comments “Delirium” by: Lauren Oliver
This story was set in Portland, Maine and was published in 2011 labeled as a romance novel written by Lauren Oliver. In this story there is a young adult who is seventeen years old at the time ready to turn eighteen. Time set was in the future after bombings and the remaining survivors who now lived there lives normally in Portland. Except the only bad thing was that love was considered a horrifying disease labeled as Amor deliria nervosa or as they called “the deliria”, this disease is when one has love or strong emotional attachment to someone. They came to having everyone cured with a medical procedure, this procedure is supposed to cure you from falling in love with someone, then by the questions they ask you they would pair you up with and opposite sex human for you to create a family and continue the human race. The young girl named Lena Haloway was an athlete and a very independent person. Her mother had died during her third procedure to be cured from deliria. She had fallen in love and she was incurable. So with the stories she has been told she’s very worried about the procedure. They say the younger you take it the worse, so eighteen is a reasonable age.
Now is Lena's procedure as she waits the nerves build up more and more. When they call her name they ask her to change into a robe like at the doctors and to go through a door when she’s ready. When she gets in there they ask simple questions such as “what’s your favorite color?” and she answers “Gray” which is a horrible answer. Gray is considered a rebellion color and is not very welcomed. Then as she realizes she’s making so many mistakes she hears loud noises like cows mooing. Then all of a sudden a large herd of cows come storming through the door and scares the judged onto the table. Lena then spots a young man in the observation balcony laughing. Thankfully her procedure was rescheduled and she got to go home. Then next day Lena and her friend Hanna go on a long run together one night they get to a fence stopping them and Hanna thinks they should climb it and see what’s on the other side. Lena doesn’t think it’s a very good idea, they end up doing it anyways and after a couple minutes of walking towards this large building a security guard catches them. Lena finds this guy very familiar, and then she thinks and remembers it is the guy from the balcony. They end up not getting in trouble and the security guy secretly asks for Lena to meet him at the cove at eight-thirty at night. She rushes up there hoping to get back home at nine which is curfew, he wasn’t there.
Later on they meet with each other and slowly fall in love. She finds out that the security guard (Alex) is a not cured; he has just been hiding as a security guard to cover his disease. He was grown and raised as a wild which were people who lived out of the city who were free to love who ever. Lena and Alex end up falling in love and Lena is very hesitant about running away to the wilds land leaving her friends and family behind. As happy as can be they both she decides to leave with him seven days before her procedure. This romantic novel would be interesting in you find fiction romance entertaining. I would recommend reading this book because it’s very creative and just amazing how even when something is considered a horrible thing you should still follow your heart.

message 2: by Loretta (new)

Loretta Jackson | 3 comments I would probably get a little lost reading this book. It sounds very interesting and crazy. I don't really understand what is going on but I think everyone sounds a little nuts. Like who's favorite color is grey and how the hell does a herd of cows just barge into a room. This book sounds more like she's in a illusion and she's gone of the deep end a little bit. I probably would read this book so I could see what the hell is happening and going to happen.

message 3: by Krishten (new)

Krishten | 3 comments This looks like a very great suspenseful and romantic book. I Think its weird that they would cure each other from love. It might be a deasuse but in my eyes i think its just natural for them. Its more like cupid shooting a lot more arrows. but at the end when she finally got to fall in love with the right guy was good. But i don't understand why he should to hide something that makes him happy. But overall i think i would read this and also recommend it to others.

message 4: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Gallina | 3 comments This sounds incredibly fascinating-- almost similar to a George Orwell dystopian themed novel. I love the idea revolving around how love is a disease, and must be eradicated. It could relate back to the real world, how some people detest the very idea of love and everything that comes with it (perhaps from negative experiences). I can only hope for a happy ending, and the two lovers come out safe and sound. And, well, in love.

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