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Breaking Dawn

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message 1: by Loretta (new)

Loretta Jackson | 3 comments Breaking dawn
By Stephenie Meyer
Review: Loretta Jackson
Year of publication 2008
Pages 754

Breaking Dawn has a very interesting since of romance and action.
The setting of the story takes place in Forks a very small town with nothing but rainy weather and clouded sky’s. This book takes many turns some good and some bad; this book is of a freshly graduated high school student named Bella Swan who so happened to be in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen and friends with a werewolf named Jacob Black. She is to marry Edward and be turned into a vampire but it goes against laws with the werewolves that the Cullen’s cannot turn a human or they would be killed. Either way they would be killed since Bella is human and Edward is a vampire it goes against vampire rules for humans to know about them so it’s be turned or be killed.
Edward is a very loving guy for someone that is technically frozen, he cares about of Bella being involved with him will affect her. But to make things a little easier for the both of them he married her. To be honest that’s the best way for them to go since their going to be alive forever. After they were married on the week of their honeymoon they found out Bella was pregnant Edward wants to kill the child because Bella still being human it will end up killing her with it rapid growth. Bella wants to keep the baby and it starts to pull her and Edward apart which I think would be really hard on the both of them, and especially since their newlyweds.
Bella’s pregnancy is going terrible she can’t keep anything down and slowly slipping away. One day they realizes since the baby is both human and vampire it might want blood, so Edwards father that is a Dr brings her blood to drink and sure enough she started to slowly improve and get her color back.
The baby has weakened Bella to the point where her spine snapped and caused for the baby to be quickly removed and Edward having to quickly turn her before she dies. To the werewolf pack Bella is believed to be dead which means war between the Cullen’s and the pack. A fight breaks out between both species but stops when Jacob imprints on the baby which technically means he is bonded to her for life and werewolf codes are you cannot hurt any werewolves imprinted or family without hurting a member.
This book is very likable and is also #1 bestselling it give you romance, drama, and a little action so it wouldn’t hurt to read. The action is in the second part of the book when Bella is turned but her child is an abomination to the Vampire world. They will have to fight to keep her daughter safe even if that means her and her family will be slaughtered.

message 2: by Krishten (new)

Krishten | 3 comments W ell this is a very good book by your review of it. So why did was it against the law to turn a human into a vampire? Seems like they didn't want to repopulate lol.It gets very confusing when edward wants to kill the baby and bella wants to keep the baby. but why would the baby rapidly grow is the part I don't understand. This does seem like a really dramatic book. But from your review of this book it seems very suspenseful. But your review is great.

message 3: by Selena (new)

Selena | 3 comments this review is very set to point. I have seen the movie so I have a better understanding for it. I find it simply amazing and kind of incredible how there is a vampire group and a werewolf pack and how they were always against each other. But then when it comes to Bella the still aren't very faun of each other but still manage to get along for her sake. adding onto that I found it just wowing how the baby could cause so much pain. this book sounds very interesting in my eye.

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