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Daisy | 1399 comments 07/12/2017 Note: I've changed the name of this thread so it's now inclusive to any ideas we might have for future MSTV books. Before it was specifically about what was to come in the then unpublished seventeeth book in the series. I don't think there was much point making a new thread in this format each time a new book comes out - instead we can just post all our general thoughts on where the series might go here. If a new book is announced and we have a synopsis, we'll make a non-spoiler thread where we can all post our pre-reading thoughts on that book specifically. Here is where more random theories and ideas for future books go. Hopefully that all makes sense! Enjoy the thread. :)

Original post...

It's been almost a year since the last MSTV book (Fashion Frightmare) was released. As of right now, there is no news of another book. So I thought we could start a little discussion about prospects of the seventeenth book. Do you think there will ever be another one, or is this the end of MSTV? If not, what do you think might happen in the next book?

Discuss these questions and more here, but remember that if you're not quite up to book 16 yet, you might want to look away, as spoilers ARE allowed in this forum. And, as always, have fun!

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Sophie | 1253 comments Well first things first. There was a 3 year gap between the 4th My Sister the Vampire (Vampalicious!) and the 5th (Take Two). Sometimes an author gets writing block or life gets in the way. Time is not a concern for me. The more pressing issue is ideas.

Whatever the world, whatever author, after 16 books ideas are sure to be harder to come by. However I do think if she wanted to, Sienna Mercer could easily continue with the series. Obviously there was no conclusion at the end of Fashion Frightmare and I personally would like more books, even if it's just one or two to add some closure on the world.

If we think about what characters have had their own storylines you really only have Sophia in Double Disaster! and Brendan in Secrets and Spies. Jackson is quite main in a couple of the books as well.

There is a real potential for a Camilla focused book, which I'm sure a lot of us MSTMB members would love! Plus you have the possibility of a series cross-over with My Brother the Werewolf.

When in comes to Ivy and Olivia their stories are nowhere near finished! However the series can't keep going for ever. Soon they will become older teens and the series wouldn't really make sense as a middle-grade/pre-teen book anymore.

In my opinion the best thing Sienna Mercer could do would be to continue for a couple of books and then have some nice ending which gives closure on the series. She can then focus on My Brother the Werewolf (which currently has 4 books) and any other books she wants to write.

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Daisy | 1399 comments Well, I agree with everything you said there Sophie! And, omg, I need a main Camilla storyline NOW! Not to sound like the person who wants everyone paired up, but maybe a romantic plotline for her could be interesting. I think if it was revealed that she was LGBT+, that might be a cool storyline. I definitely think that could add a new dimension to the story. A MBTW/MSTV crossover in MSTV is also an awesome idea.

I can't really think of a way that Mercer could give this series much closure further than just a happy ending to the last book. It just strikes me as the kind of series that could never really have a prominent 'end'. the news that there has been a three-year gap between books is reassuring, because I do hope that she carries on. :D I agree that My Brother the Werewolf could do with some more books - it has so much more to offer! Plus if she wrote any other series that would be epic.

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Sophie | 1253 comments I know! Camilllaaaaaaa! ;)

I do know what you're saying about a prominent ending. Maybe I'm thinking about the advertising as well. If it's advertised as the LAST My Sister the Vampire book then we know what to expect. I guess?

Yes! for more My Brother the Werewolf and other series. :D

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Daisy | 1399 comments Yeah, it would be nice to know, when the end comes, that it is actually the end, rather than being left in wait for a next book for the rest of our lives... (well, maybe that's a slight overstatement) :D

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Daisy | 1399 comments Exciting news everyone! It turns out a seventeenth MSTV book has been announced! Yayyyyy, celebration time! It's called Spooktacular, and you can view it here - Spooktacular!. We're not entirely sure, but we think it may even have been on Goodreads when I made this discussion... Oops. Discussions and everything about the book will be up soon! But feel free to still comment on this thread about possible future books, or what this book could've been about, or anything like that. Thanks, guys!

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Daisy | 1399 comments I've been thinking about it and maybe some kind of family-drama storyline rather than a romantic one would be cool for Camilla in a future book. Like, I don't know, maybe her parents could break up and she has to deal with it or something?

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Sophie | 1253 comments That's a really good idea. Come on Sienna Mercer! Write this book now. We need it. :D

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Daisy | 1399 comments Lol. :D

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