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Kayti Raet | 12 comments Hi everyone!
The month is almost over but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who voted and left a review! I'll post the reviews I've received so far and any new ones that crop up (so excited!)
For those that have read Niko what is your favorite scene and who is your favorite character?

Kayti Raet | 12 comments Chevoque's review


"My second favourite scene was the first encounter with the bathroom (toilet)! Best thing ever! I choked on my Oreo when I read it and keep chuckling at the memory. Great comic relief throughout the book is subtle enough to not defer from the main tone and setting of the book."

Kayti Raet | 12 comments Bennita's review


"I'm so glad I read this. I knew from the synopsis that it was going to be a good read. I usually tend to steer toward romance but my love of all things weird and creepy wouldn't allow me to overlook Niko."

Kayti Raet | 12 comments Senona's review


"Great book!"

Kayti Raet | 12 comments Tima's review


"Kayti Nika Raet did a great job in creating a believable and frightening world."

Kayti Raet | 12 comments Karen's review


"I enjoyed the authors unique take on this genre."

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