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Michele | 280 comments Okay, another post reminded me of the first romance novel I ever read, back in the 80s. It was a paperback with the usual bodice-ripper cover of bare chested guy behind a woman with dress falling off and wind blowing her hair leaning back against his chest or something similar - in the woods. It's full of rape - I'm a little surprised I ever read another after this one :)

It starts off with a young woman living with her father in a cabin in the woods and there's another guy who stays with them who partners with her dad - they are fur trappers I believe. This other guy is a slimeball and gropes her while she is sleeping but she pulls a knife on him - his name might be Tom.

Her name is Rebecca maybe. Like the next day she is outside taking a bath in a half-barrel and a guy snatches her and carries her off naked into the woods. He's of course a gorgeous half Native American, who just couldn't resist her. They spend a night in a hollow tree.

They fight, then they have sex, then the other guy, Tom? catches them in the act and shoots the guy and takes her away and rapes her. She escapes him and finds the Native guy again. They go to his tribe/village where he is supposed to marry his dead brother's widow and he maybe has sex with the widow in the dark and she hears it?

She leaves and gets raped by a different guy who wanders the woods? Some soldiers find her and they almost rape her. She eventually gets back to her Native American guy and he won't marry the widow and happily ever after? I think Tom? ends up dead (he might also have killed her father) and maybe the other bad guy.

I don't know - I think this book was terrible but I have this twisted wish to read it again like staring at a train-wreck lol.

Amber (Daisymau) (daisymau) | 1076 comments Crimson Desireby Katharine Kincaid. It's the 1st book and the 2nd book of the series is Crimson Embrace

message 3: by Michele (new)

Michele | 280 comments Holy crap! That's it! Amazing - I'll have to hunt down a copy.

Thanks very much Amber!

Amber (Daisymau) (daisymau) | 1076 comments You're welcome. Glad I could help you find the book.

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