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Sex in paranormal romance/urban fantasy books. Do the poll.

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Do the poll!
There's been some discussion lately—thanks to Fifty Shades—about the amount of sex in books. I'm specifically interested in the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genre. That's what I write in, and I've included a couple of sex scenes in each of my books because that's what I assumed readers wanted. Or is it?
Here's the link to the poll, if you'd like to take part

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K.P. Merriweather (kp_merriweather) | 30 comments poll not appearing in mobile web :(

message 3: by Maria (new)

Maria (mkayeoo) | 14 comments I think it just depends on the person, I think personally if it's an adult book and there's a sex scene you might aswell go all the way and write it graphic but tastefully rather than having only foreplay or sugercoating the fact that they're having sex like in YA books.

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Maria (mkayeoo) | 14 comments @ K.P you have to go on desktop view or do it on a computer, I tried the mobile site and it didn't show up either :/

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Sorry, K.P. I think you can only take part in the poll on a computer. I don't think the html code is adapted to a mobile. Pity.

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I agree, Maria. It has to be an essential part of the plot and somehow advance the relationship between the characters. Thanks for your comment.

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Karri (ikarri) | 2 comments At the bottom of the mobile page you can choose to view as desktop. I was able to vote in the poll on my phone this way.

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Jessica  (jessical1961) I didn't have any trouble with poll on my Android tablet. I just tapped the link above and went straight to page with the poll on it...scrolled down the page and there it was. I tapped my answer and then the Done button and that is all there was to it.

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K.P. Merriweather (kp_merriweather) | 30 comments I did desktop view. :-( still not working. I tried.l different browsers. Im still working out what this issue is...

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Try this link K.P
Give it a few seconds to load. I checked it again and it does work.

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K.P. Merriweather (kp_merriweather) | 30 comments argh surveymonkey... i always have issues with them...

message 12: by Jean (new)

Jean Murray (jean_murray_author) | 1 comments Great topic. Voted. I think adult PR/UF needs to have some sex and level of heat, but the amount and type will depend on the characters. I personally don't like the "blur" at the end of a scene like that. It has to be tastefully descriptive and emotionally bound. One of the most challenging scenes for an author.

Jean Murray

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You're so right, Jean - sex scenes are often the hardest things for an author to write. At least they are for me. I want to emotionally engage my readers without making them cringe, lol! Thanks for your comment.

message 14: by Jenn (new)

Jenn | 407 comments I voted. I there should be some sex in this genre but for me it doesn't need to be explicit

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

Thanks for voting, Jenn, and for your comment. It'll be interesting to see the final result at the end, but what I'm seeing so far, is that most readers like it hot.

message 16: by Anna, LoP BOTM & R2R mod (new)

Anna Erishkigal (annaerishkigal) | 795 comments Mod
I just voted, and then I left a comment. The poll seems to be overly simplistic with it's single question of 'do you like sex in your UF.' Yes, I do, but....

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I wanted to keep it simple this time, Anna. Maybe, if I do another one the wording will be more comprehensive. I'm just curious to see where readers preferences lie.

message 18: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Suderman | 60 comments If I'm already enjoying the book and there's a sex scene and it serves a purpose, I'll probably be fine with it. Really I'd just rather not as a general rule, and the explicit stuff tends to turn me off. It frustrates me sometimes, years ago I was working on finding out more about writing romance, ie, the emotional and subtle parts of the relationship, which is more my thing in general, but most of what I found was more how to write sex scenes, and tbh, if I don't like reading about it, I'm not likely to write about it. I know it is very popular in many genres, though.

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That's something we, as authors, are faced with today - to add a sex scene or not. Unless it serves the purpose of moving the story forward & showing character development, it's probably not necessary. Not every book has to have a sex scene, and many great stories I've read, don't. Thanks for commenting, Shelby.

message 20: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Johnson | 35 comments Well, I don't really like sex scenes in books, it can be awkward to read but I do love the tension, the build up to the moments and then when the reader thinks it's going to happen... I move the story along and cause a friction, anything but that. But when it does eventually happen, I usually don't dwell on it. To do that, you do need a strong storyline with or without a sex scene.

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I'm sure there are many successful books without the obligatory sex scene, but then it's the author's choice. In mine, for example, it's necessary, as the crux of the story centers around the MC bearing a child to end a curse. To have all that build-up throughout the book and not include the love scene, I feel would have cheated my readers. Thanks for your comment, Elizabeth.

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Elizabeth Johnson | 35 comments It does happen, I just don't dwell on it, like you said it's the authors choice. I like to dwell on the romance more than the physical act of sex, which is what I enjoy reading in other peoples books. Most of the time, not all the time after the sex scenes in some books I feel let down by the storyline because I sort of think "Okay what now!". But the build up, the want, heightened emotions, cravings and passion between two people that clearly want each other but can't gets me going. Like I said it all depends on the storyline and the vision of the author.

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm with you there, Elizabeth. The fun is watching the tension build up between the MCs. It's fun to write, too, knowing you're making both them and your reader suffer, lol. :-)

message 24: by Rinelle (new)

Rinelle Grey (rinellegrey) | 2 comments I often skip them...

But done well, if there is something in it for the characters, something they need to learn from the scene, then they can be very moving.

message 25: by Teresa (new)

Teresa (teresareasor) | 5 comments I think the sex needs to be as much a part of the story as the rest of th e action. And without emotion it ends up being obligatory. So if the sex is part of a commitment between characters, a part of the story line growth or something like that, it becomes as much a part of their character as the rest.

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Exactly, Teresa. A sex scene should never be thrown in for the heck of it. It some situations it can take your reader out of the story, and that's the last thing any author wants to happen.

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

Oops, that should be, In some situations ... Pity I can't edit on an iPhone.

message 28: by Santhana (new)

Santhana (preethisj) | 2 comments I think it depends on the characters and the book. As long as the sex scenes come across as part of the book it's not a problem. But I feel that in some books they are just written to "spice things up". Like if there's going to be a steamy sex scene in the middle of a serious situation it's going to very out of place and hugely irritating!!!!

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Santhana wrote: "I think it depends on the characters and the book. As long as the sex scenes come across as part of the book it's not a problem. But I feel that in some books they are just written to "spice things..."

Exactly, Santhana.

message 30: by Mommy (new)

Mommy (mommyincolor) I love a good steamy sex scene! It has to really give me a visual and be really descriptive.

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

Jennice wrote: "I love a good steamy sex scene! It has to really give me a visual and be really descriptive."

But without making the reader cringe, Jennice. It's got to be well-written and fit into the context of the scene.

message 32: by Roy (new)

Roy Love Jennice wrote: "I love a good steamy sex scene! It has to really give me a visual and be really descriptive."

I do tend to avoid most books with shirtless Fabio characters on the cover for that reason. There is a market for it definitely. I would opt however to describe less body-in-motion and more sensation, emotion, closeness, connection. Connecting the reader with the character should be a major objective. Make them identify. I guess that's the trick though... Combining the two...

message 33: by Meredith (new)

Meredith Lee | 4 comments Tima wrote: "Santhana wrote: "I think it depends on the characters and the book. As long as the sex scenes come across as part of the book it's not a problem. But I feel that in some books they are just written..."

I totally agree. I love a good, hot scene. However, it has to be done right, and have great characters to make it click.

message 34: by J.S. (new)

J.S. Watts | 5 comments I've completed the poll, but I admit I had difficulty providing an answer, because my enjoyment/acceptance of a sex scene depends on its context. In the right context explicit is fine. In a different context, I might prefer less explicit.

message 35: by J.K. (new)

J.K. Harper | 17 comments I'm totally a fan of sex scenes, but I also demarcate strongly between UF and PNR. UF is not necessarily romance, and I read and love many UF books that feature zero sex or very little (take Faith Hunter's Jane Yellowrock series, though it's steaming up just a bit more in the recent books). But in PNR, I tend to expect sex scenes, and search out those books, I guess. In my view, sex scenes in erotic PNR should be there to move forward the characters' relationship, and/or demonstrate either growing closeness or any issues they're having. It's a physical reflection of their emotional journey.

As usual, different strokes for different readers. Which is why being clear in the book blurb (and cover) that it will be a mildly steamy all the way to 5-alarm fire book is important.

message 36: by Shelby (new)

Shelby Suderman | 60 comments There's also this you could take into consideration:

message 37: by Sam (new)

Sam | 2 comments I do not think that sex scenes are at all a must in paranormal romances. They can be there, sure, but I don't think that explicit, graphic sex always brings something to the story. I hazard that a lot of readers (myself included) enjoy the titillation of the courtship and verbal innuendo perhaps as much if not more than The Act, as it were. Some of the best books I have read in this genre did NOT have graphic sex scenes although sex was implied.

message 38: by K.D. (last edited Jan 20, 2016 03:03PM) (new)

K.D. McQuain (kd_mcquain) I didn't write my UF / NA novel NYV: PUNK for young teens and children. I wrote about mature subjects for mature readers, and I think they can handle a sex scene or two when it adds to the characters development.

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