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Do the poll!
There's been some discussion lately—thanks to Fifty Shades—about the amount of sex in books. I'm specifically interested in the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genre. That's what I write in, and I've included a couple of sex scenes in each of my books because that's what I assumed readers wanted. Or is it?
Here's the link to the poll, if you'd like to take part

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April Wilson (aprilwilson) Hi, Tima

I took your poll. I voted for "as much hot sex as you can get in there" Of course I would temper that with this: sex in a romance novel should be used only to forward the plot and deepen the character development and the development of a relationship. IMHO... just my .02 worth. Everyone will have a different opinion, I'm sure.


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I totally agree with you, April. If the sex scene doesn't enhance the plot, why have it there, unless the author thinks they won't gain readers without sex? Who knows?

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