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Sex in paranormal romance/urban fantasy books

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Do the poll!
There's been some discussion lately—thanks to Fifty Shades—about the amount of sex in books. I'm specifically interested in the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genre. That's what I write in, and I've included a couple of sex scenes in each of my books because that's what I assumed readers want. Is it?
Here's the link to the poll, if you'd like to take part

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Sonya marie madden | 440 comments I have no problem with it

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Thanks Sonia. Neither do I, as long as it's tastefully done and propels the story.

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Michael Pang (michaelpang) | 6 comments What I find kind of strange with the paranormal romance is that most of the supernatural creatures use humans as a food source. So...isn't it kind of strange to get intimate with your food. It's like getting it on with a piece of chicken or a burger...

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Lol! Good point, Michael. But since, according to lore, all these creatures at one time either were human or are part-human, they can enjoy human relationships. But hey, let the imagination run free.

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Nuran (nuurie) | 3 comments If it’s done well and there isn’t one every 50 pages, then I’m happy to have it in.

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Nuran wrote: "If it’s done well and there isn’t one every 50 pages, then I’m happy to have it in."

I agree, Nuran. Thanks for your comment.

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