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There's been some discussion lately—thanks to Fifty Shades—about the amount of sex in books. I'm specifically interested in the paranormal romance/urban fantasy genre. That's what I write in, and I've included a couple of sex scenes in each of my books because that's what I assumed readers want. Is it?
Here's the link to the poll, if you'd like to take part.

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Thanks Erin :-) It'll be interesting to see the results.

message 4: by Lokki (new)

Lokki (lokki8) | 18 comments The problem I have with the survey is that you are lumping Paranormal romance together with Urban Fantasy. I'm usually looking for something a little more explicit to go with my PNR but in UF there doesn't have to be any sex (or romance).

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I combined the two because with some books it's hard to separate the two. The majority of the time, these genres are lumped together. But, it's something to consider for the future. Thanks Lokki :-)

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Salome | 35 comments I wasn't able to access the poll, but here is my opinion. I like a good sex scene or two in my PNR/UF books (I agree that the two categories cross over a lot). I like the scene to be fairly graphic so it feels like an adult book and not YA, but not so graphic that it's erotica. I think the key is how much of the book revolves around it. The best example I can think of to express where I draw the line is Karen Marie Moning's books. The Fever series is one of my favorites and, to me, has the perfect amount of very hot sex. However, her highlander series has too much. Instead of coming across as a great UF like Fever, they read more like cookie cutter smutty romance novels. No offense to KMM, I still love her! But it really comes down to how strong the plot is. The sexual relationship (and any romance in general) should be a natural byproduct of the plot in a PNR/UF, not the center of it.

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Exactly, Salome. There's a fine line between erotica and smutty romance, and a great love scene that enhances the story without being either. It's up to every author to choose which side they're comfortable with, or not at all. It's terrific that readers have such a vast choice these days. Thank you for your comment.

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The poll felt a bit narrow and focused on the presence of the sex scene rather than the importance in relevance to the plot.

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Nevada (vadatastic) | 53 comments I agree with most of the comments already made in this topic, I will add one point though.

I am really not a fan of insta-love, but if the book does have insta-love I kind of assume that it should have insta-sex, or at least something. I can't stand when the two MC's dither about the first kiss and it's all just random touches and brushing up against each other. I don't know many teenagers (who don't have strong principles against it) that hold out against love and raging teenage hormones, especially after near death experiences.

However, if it's a teenage book without insta-love, I don't think insta-sex is appropriate, unless that's their character (haven't seen this yet, but I hold out hope that someone will write a book that has a sexually active girl who is not the slutty best friend that dies or gets pregnant early *cough* Dawson's Creek *cough*).

If the MC's are college or older, I kinda want the sex (not instantly, but eventually, and not 2 books of meaningful glances later), or a compelling reason for them not to.

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Kellibean00 | 5 comments My favorite types of books are paranormal romance. I like when their is a good balance between the storyline and sex. Graphic enough to make it steamy but not eyeball over the top scenes.

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Sophie (sophieg13) | 64 comments I don't mind sex in books at all but what I don't like is when that is basically the only thing that's going on in the book. For example the Anita Blake series, which used to be one my fav series, is now just one sex scene after another with Anita bitching about having to have so much sex with people in between. This progression of the characters and story has faded away over the years.

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Kellibean00 | 5 comments Sophie. I feel you on the Anita Blake. I consider her my favorite authors but I haven't really been into the series since incubus dreams.

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