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Book club rebooted! UKYA and DIVERSITY

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Michelle (Fluttering Butterflies) (cloveryness) As you have seen on Twitter, I would very much like to bring the Bookish Brits book club BACK by reading one book a month that is both UKYA (or UKMG) the features diversity! I'd also really love it if you wanted to take part in this with me?!

Let's start with some possible titles for May?

Michelle (Fluttering Butterflies) (cloveryness) When I say 'diversity' I mean lots of things: books involving POC, or LGBT characters. But also mental illness, characters with differing abilities. Different religions, cultures, economic backgrounds or perspectives. I think a lot of books that are nominated and read will probably fall into those first two categories, POC and LGBT but I am definitely open to reading anything that promotes and celebrates diversity. Especially written by a British author, as you all know I love supporting! (Not necessary, but preferred!)

A few more notes: I'm happy to read most anything that is UKYA+diverse or just diverse. Old, new. Suggest whatever. My suggestions below are just that, suggestions!

Some suggestions from my TBR pile:

She Is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick (blind protoganist)
Panther by David Owen (mental illness)
Running Girl by Simon Mason (POC main character)
The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson (transgender)
Too Close to Home by Aoife Walsh (austistic character)
Blood and Ink by Stephen Davies (African setting, I believe?)

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Chelley Toy (talesofyesterday) Love these suggestions Michelle! I've recently read and enjoyed Panther by David Owen. I also adore The Art Of Being Normal! And She Is Not Invisible I hold close to my heart due to it having a blind MC and my personal circumstances.

High on my TBR pile is This Book Is Gay by James Dawson.

I'm looking forward to joining in and finding more diverse books to add to my favourites.


Michelle (Fluttering Butterflies) (cloveryness) Other possibilities!

Buffalo Soldier by Tanya Landman which I'm sort of reading at the moment! (POC MC)

Crow Moon by Anna McKerrow (different religion)

When Mr Dog Bites by Brian Conaghan (MC with Tourettes)

Spotlight on Sunny by Keris Stainton (POC MC)

Anya (An Awful Lot of Reading) | 2 comments I just bought The Art of Being Normal, so my vote's for that one :)

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Chelley Toy (talesofyesterday) I adored The Art Of Being Normal :-)

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Rachel Medhurst (rachelmedhurst) | 1 comments I really don't love to promote myself but I have a UKYA novella called Choice! that features mental health. I'm British and the ebook version has been published by Salt Publishing.

I'm just waiting for proof of the paperback version. I follow your youtube channel so just wanted to let you know about Choice! as it's not that well known.

Please feel free to delete this post if it's inappropriate!

Rachel :)

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