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H.A. Kotys | 2 comments New!!

Is This Me

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I picture myself differently to the woman cringing in the mirror. The years have found my face, cream cakes everywhere else, but with house and husband as my only treadmills, why am I surprised? The girl I once was has silently slipped away and now I exceed average only in ways I don’t want to. When did all that happen? Why wasn’t I asked if that was okay?

A chance event and meeting a man from fantasies past - finally I am awake to life’s little game. Desire and the determination to live again now fill my days and fuel my nights while my hormones rage in what could be their last hoorah. Just one night might show me everything I need to know. After all, the thrill of the chase isn’t only felt by the hunter.

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Jen (jenius05) | 279 comments Mod
Sounds interesting!

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H.A. Kotys | 2 comments Thanks Jen...It's all still shiny new so not many people have finished it yet. The two that have though have left a couple of lovely reviews. I thought there were plenty of YA works out there but very few that had the focus on a woman people could really perhaps see something more of themselves in. :)

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