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message 1: by Anna (new)

Anna (stealthxstar) | 4 comments Ok, so this was a book I remember from my childhood, and it is a children's picture book. I don't know when it was published but I would guess when my parents read it to me it was around 1995-6.

The book was about a dragon (maybe a dinosaur? But I think they had wings) who had to save a zillion dragon eggs that were all buried in the side of a mountain. There was a grumpy old rat or similar creature who wouldn't let the dragon near the mountain until he found his glasses and could see that there were eggs in his ceiling and walls etc. The eggs were all colors of the rainbow and were sparkly.

Eventually the eggs all hatch and at the end of the book there was a scene with all of the baby dragons in a nursery type setting. Thats pretty much all I can remember about the story.

If anyone knows what I'm talking about I'd really appreciate knowing what book this is! Thanks so much!

message 2: by Abby (new)

Abby | 214 comments Wow, I am pretty sure I know what you're talking about. We used to listen to this on a book-on-cassette, and I will see if I can remember the title.

message 3: by Abby (new)

Abby | 214 comments I'm asking my family and they don't remember what it was called. :( Do you remember any specific phrases that we could search google for? I'm almost Certain that one phrase was "the eggs began to hatch." Sound familiar? Because it was on cassette, certain lines may be stuck in my head, and I'll keep trying to remember more.

message 4: by Anna (last edited Apr 25, 2015 09:04AM) (new)

Anna (stealthxstar) | 4 comments Honestly, I mostly remember the pictures because they were so cute and colorful. I vividly remember a scene with a housenext to a river with one of those water power generators (like one of these http://www.askaprepper.com/wp-content... ) and there was maybe something to do with a bridge? and the dragons had to hatch by that night or they would die.

message 5: by Anna (new)

Anna (stealthxstar) | 4 comments Nobody? :(

message 6: by Ann aka Iftcan (new)

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6967 comments Mod
Sorry Anna. But it really hasn't been THAT long since you posted. You are getting people checking out your thread, so all you can do is bump it up periodically (30 to 90 days is the usual time span for that.)

I do know that I'll be trying to find a copy when it is id'ed.

message 7: by SparksofEmber (new)

SparksofEmber | 945 comments My daughter has this book!! The dragon creature has a star on his tail. It's a square-book, softback. I want to say it is called something like "starling" or something. I will have to check as soon as I get home in a few hours. I believe the dinosaurs wished on a star for their eggs to be saved when they all got wiped out (by meteors or something) and their guardian angel dragon creature came but had to find the eggs which were buried.

message 8: by SparksofEmber (new)

SparksofEmber | 945 comments Here it is: It Zwibble, the Star-Touched Dinosaur It Zwibble, the Star-Touched Dinosaur by Tom Ross

He's a dinosaur fairy. All the baby dinosaurs get stars on their tails because they are "star-touched".

message 9: by Anna (new)

Anna (stealthxstar) | 4 comments Oh my goodness yes that is exactly it!!!! Thank you so much!!!

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