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message 1: by Shannon (new)

Shannon Koh | 32 comments Adding a new discussion topic to chat about anything Discworld! To start this off, this is something from a few years back but I found extremely cool. I'm sure a lot of you have probably seen this but I thought it'd be nice to share anyway. Behold, Vetinari's clock!


message 2: by Shannon (new)

Shannon Koh | 32 comments Would be great as a clock in a meeting room!

And for my post of the day :), here's a gorgeous Pseudopolis Yard and others:


message 3: by Shannon (new)

Shannon Koh | 32 comments By the way, this all comes from a search like this. I'm going through this and staring wide-eyed at all of this...


message 4: by Shannon (new)

Shannon Koh | 32 comments The Broken Drum is open in Blackfen! Oh I really wish I live in the UK :)


message 5: by Shannon (new)

Shannon Koh | 32 comments Brian wrote: "Just a cool looking Pratchett pic.


I'm speechless. This was so poignant it just doesn't need any commentary. Everyone, just look.

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