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Claire (f20clarity) | 2 comments Hi everyone, I read a sci-fi book about 8 years ago and I'd love to figure out what the title was. It was about a young woman and her family (I think there was at least one parent or grandparent and possibly a younger sibling) living on a beautiful Eden-like planet. However, because of what humanity did to Earth, the people living on this new planet are not allowed to go into the environment and are kept away.

I specifically remember a scene in which a group of wealthy visitors to the planet (I'm not sure if the girl was with them or if this was from another character's perspective) go on a tour through the wilderness on a series of metal boardwalks with fences around them. They see a group of people that live on the planet trying to escape into the wild. The government has created creatures that keep the environment safe from people and a hoard of ants attacks the escaping group and, as far as I can remember, eats them.

I'm pretty sure the cover had an illustration of a girl hanging horizontally between some chains or rope or something in a huge metal or concrete sphere. I feel like the title had something to do with Pandora, but I haven't been able to find anything from that alone. Anything you can think of might help me remember, thanks!!

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Deborah Bell | 28 comments Kingdom of Cages by Sarah Zettel.


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Claire, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

Did you check out Deborah's suggestion "Kingdom of Cages"?

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