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Brianna Andreda Popular guys takes an interest in a shy girl, only to find that she's abused and self harming herself.

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Brianna Andreda Name: Lola Mathers
Age: 15
Appearance: https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7243/72...

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Name: Axel Mitchell
Age: 16

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Brianna Andreda Do you want to start, or do you want me to start?

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I can.

Axel slammed his locker door, staring down the empty hallway.

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Brianna Andreda ((I'm going to make Lola popular to make it an even bigger shock that she's depressed.))

Lola stepped into the school hallway. She always arrived to school early, anxious to get away from home. School was like her place of relaxation. She had friends and everyone always wanted to know what she was up to. Any place, she graced with her presence would have rocketing sales until she moved onto a new place getting tired of it. She preferred anywhere but home.

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((All good with me.))

Axel sighed happily. Lacrosse tryouts. He thought with an extra hop in his step. He began to do his show choir routine before stopping to take a long drink from the water fountain. He had arrived early to ask his teacher about the grade he got on a paper. Axel waved at Lola down the hallway and headed towards since she was by the teacher's classroom.

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Brianna Andreda Lola noticed Axel waving at her, so she waved back. She was used to being the only student here this early unless there was some type of sport's practice. She wondered what he was doing here this early. Realizing she forgot her bracelet at home, she frantically searched her book bag for something to cover the spot. She looked down in her bag and found her watch. She hurried to put it on, just in case Axel was coming up to talk to her.

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Axel saw her putting on her watch. "Hey Lola." He called. "Whatcha you doing here?" He asked, sidling up next to her, leaning against the lockers. "No one else comes here this early."

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Lilly wrote: "((....))"

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Lilly wrote: "Lilly wrote: "((....))""

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