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message 1: by X (new)

X (cylxin) Hi

message 2: by .:Eva:.♥ (new)

.:Eva:.♥ | 1331 comments hey thanks, so any ideas

message 3: by X (new)

X (cylxin) Horror, and Romance

message 4: by .:Eva:.♥ (new)

.:Eva:.♥ | 1331 comments yrah lets go with romance but we need a subtopic

message 5: by X (new)

X (cylxin) Never did a sub topic

message 6: by .:Eva:.♥ (new)

.:Eva:.♥ | 1331 comments well its a theme, like the two people are best friends, vampires, werewolves...

message 7: by X (new)

X (cylxin) Okay

message 8: by .:Eva:.♥ (new)

.:Eva:.♥ | 1331 comments so ideas

message 9: by X (new)

X (cylxin) They are best friends and...

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