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Brianna Andreda Any ideas?

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Popular guy transforms nerdy girl? Or popular guys takes an interest in a shy girl, only to find that she's abused and self harming herself.

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Brianna Andreda I like both ideas. Could we possibly make another thread for one of the options and use the other one here? If not, I'll pick the second option.

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Sure! Which one should we keep here?

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Brianna Andreda We can keep the first idea here. I'll go make a second thread for the second idea.

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Okay! Boy or girl here?

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Brianna Andreda The second thread is up https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

I can be the boy here and the girl in the other one. That way we both can play one of each.

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Brianna Andreda Name: Jerry Smith
Age: 16
Appearance: http://www.culch.ie/wp-content/upload...

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Name: Brighton "Bri" Whitney Auch
Age: 16

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Brianna Andreda Okay, so anything else before we start?

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:D I don't think so.

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Brianna Andreda Okay do you want to start, or do you want me to start?

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You please?

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Brianna Andreda Jerry awoke to the sound of his alarm. Usually he pounded his alarm clock until it stopped, but not today. Today was the day he'd been waiting for forever, the start of his junior year. He'd finally be able to play on the school's varsity football team meaning recruiters would finally be looking his way. This was going to be a kick-ass school year. Jerry jumped up out of bed, singing his way to the bathroom. Nothing could stop him. He was determined and he had the skills.

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Bri yawned, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. She put on her glasses, the world coming into focus. She sighed. Show choir tryouts. She thought with a twinge in her stomach. Even taking pictures for the most popular group in school gave her butterflies something fierce. She put oh her Audrey Hepburn dress and put on mascara, grabbing her backpack as she headed to her car.

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Brianna Andreda Jerry hopped out the shower and dried himself off. He brushed his teeth and headed back to his room. He opened his closet door and grabbed his favorite "smells like teen spirit" t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and black nikes. He grabbed his car keys and backpack on his way downstairs. His mom had made breakfast, as she does every morning. He ate his breakfast, then headed out the door.

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Bri slammed the car door, turning on her favorite Panic! At the Disco song. "Climbing out the back door..." played as Bri left the driveway, rolling away in her car. Her brown hair whipped around her face as she stepped on the gas. She made it to school quickly, anxious to get the day over with already.

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Lilly wrote: "((...))"

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Lilly wrote: "Lilly wrote: "((...))""

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