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David McMcManus, Reluctant Cuckold & Cuck Storm Horizon
Thomas Bitt Thomas Apr 23, 2015 12:15PM
I am wondering if there any people out there on Goodreads who have read “Reluctant Cuckold” and “Cuck Storm Horizon” by David McManus who would like to share their thoughts on the authors style, the plot and characters within the two books.

I read these two books back to back over a very short time and have to say that they really effected in a way that no other cuckold/hotwife story has touched me before. I love the pace of the story, the characters are in the main, likeable and believable, yet there is still room for further development and speculation for the reader. The emotions and feelings expressed by the narrator firmly grabbed me and took hold of my brain, I was at times living the story, feeling the pain, anguish and even arousal of the characters.

So if like me you have read and enjoyed the emotional roller coaster that David McManus has created, I would love the hear your opinion on books.

Gary (last edited Dec 19, 2019 06:31AM ) Dec 19, 2019 06:27AM   1 vote
I read both these books.and they are still far and way the best two books ive read on cuckolding!.theres so many dark areas..and nasty twists in both the books it borders on disturbing!
one book immediately follows on from where the first one finishes.and this really is a story of dark soulless mindfucking of an up until now, intelligent confident happily married successful husband.with a great career and stunning wife.with there own upmarket apartment....but his wife Ashley,is anything but... ive made points about this in my reviews on both books...and like many others I would love to see another book to finish the so many questions are still unanswered....happy to chat to others about these books...

I have read both books and look forward to the next installment. Few books of fiction have stuck with me for so long. I do know that according to the publishers there will be two more installments about these characters. I look forward to watching the growth of all the characters in this novel. I suggest anyone put off by the titles read both books. Both these books are literature.


I participated as a member on two David McManus books "Reluctant Cuckold" and "Cuckstorm Horizon" discussion groups for nearly three years. It seems that Amazon just terminated it's discussion groups for all their books and discussion groups (September 10, 2017)-apparently without warning.

Is here anyone else out there that would like to continue our discussion of these books and the author?


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