Ender's Game (Ender's Saga, #1) Ender's Game question

Who is your favorite charictor

Petra or Ender

Why Peter?

Mine's Ender. All the way. Love the child.

Yes Ender I love Ender Valentine too.

Graff, Petra and Dink! The main character might be Ender and we all love him but he wouldn't get where he did without those three. Bean was important but as you read in the Shadow series he was far too cold to really love him for anything besides his natural brilliance and loyalty. There are a ton of brilliant and loyal people in the world but very few kind ones.

The more of the Shadow Series and other books (Ender in Exile) I read, the more I love Graff.

He did some truly awful stuff to win the war and then spent his life trying to make up for it.

Harrison Ford did a fantastic job portraying him in the film.

Mine too was Peter. Why? Maybe because he was so unloved by the author that I couldn't help but feel sympathy for him. Or maybe it was how he came by his brother's bed while thinking Ender was asleep and said he loved him and he was sorry. That one moment made me see all his actions in a new light.

Ender himself followed by Bean.

I loved Dink.

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