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H2O (The Rain, #1)
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Kali Nash | 1 comments H2O is a book that grabs you and violently throws you into Ruby Morris’s storm. In Verginia Bergins’s first novel she quickly throws you and Ruby, the main character, into an apocalyptic time where all water is contaminated by deadly bacteria from the debris of a meteoroid that recently crashed into earth. With all water toxic to humans, it’s a matter of the life and death for the human race to quickly discover a cure this new virus.
With all of the sudden happenings, it portrays the ordinary life of the average teenage girl and the decisions she must make to survive the new apocalyptic world. Taking the sassy personality of a 15 year old and the sudden place of responsibility I believe it makes a very accurate portrayal that includes decisions that even I, myself, might decide. With a brave teen and a large conflict, it isn’t hard to say that you are in for a quite a ride.
The book shows what I believe to be an accurate representation about how extreme situations can change a person’s behavior and how difficult it can be to survive on your own. With every decision she makes you walk through the story of her experiences, both before and after the earth’s contamination. It is a beautifully written tale of adventure and a subtle hint of sci-fi that I believe would entertain pre-teens and young adults for hours.

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Cameron | 4 comments The book H2O by Verginia Bergins sounds great to read. I think apocalyptic books are interesting to read because they take a look at what could be the future in 100 years. Also I agree that extreme situation in life will change somebody's behavior and ways. The book H2O might have to become a must read for me.

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