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Blood Is Thicker

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Casey Hughes | 2 comments Casey Hughes
Blood Is Thicker by Paul Langan

In the book Blood Is Thicker, Paul Langan uses many different situations that Hakeem Randall has to face as a teenage boy. His father was diagnosed with kidney cancer; his world was turned upside down. Surgery, chemotherapy, and the sickness cancer caused reduced his dad’s strength and he was not able to perform his job as a warehouse manager. This limited the money coming into the Randall’s house forcing them to move in with Hakeem’s aunt Selma until his father was better. Hakeem left his high school lover, Darcy, behind and his best friends Cooper and Tara as well. The more problems such as his cousin, Savon, come later in the story and Hakeem is challenged with many situations teens are going through today.
The title, “Blood is Thicker” is significant because family relationships are stronger and more important than other kinds of relationships, such as being friends. Water evaporates without leaving a mark whereas blood leaves a stain. In other words, you can replace friends are marriages, but you can’t replace family. Family should come before everything because family is all that you have in the end. I am a firm believer of this quote because I am very close to my family. It might be different for someone who is not as close to their family or if there is major family issue such as drug abuse.
I would recommend this book to teenagers as well as parents because teenagers can relate and parents can see through teenagers eyes. Teenagers see things differently than a parent. Teenagers think about how it affects their lives but parents might see it as a minor problem. This book gives many different situations that people face today. Paul Langan does a good job of putting a situation in a teenagers hand, and how they handle it. I can relate to this book, and I would recommend it to others. There is not a slow moment in this book, Paul Langan jumps right into action. The author’s writing style is great as well. Blood Is Thicker is one of my favorite books.

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Cameron | 4 comments Blood Is Thicker by Paul Langan seems like a good book to read, since there isn't a slow moment in it. I also agree that family should come before everything and that parents don't see what some teenagers go through. I might have to read Blood Is Thicker because it relates so much to what teenagers go through today.

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