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fahrenheit 451

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Phoma Amphone | 2 comments Phoma amphone
Hour 1st
Fahrenheit 451
Ray Bradbury
Published 1953
This story is about a man named Guy Montag who was a fire fighter. But not a typical firefighter, his job is to start the fires. In this dystopian society books are banned to all the public. If one is caught with a book he or she can be put in jail. Guy Montag soon was curious about what was so dangerous about these books and why the government is trying to hide them. So one day he opens up a book. After he finished he couldn’t stop reading the books. He became smarter and stronger mentally. Those books are full of knowledge and knowledge is very powerful. So after his discovery he left the dystopian society and found a group of readers who have been collecting books for as long as time. They have read thousands of books. They have accepted Guy Montag in to the group of the readers. With guy Montag with them they started to make their group bigger and bigger. Soon the books would start to take over. In the beginning Montag was a person who destroyed books and didn’t approve of them. Then his curiosity of the books led him the tipping point in his mind. The books have changed how he looks at things and they made him smarter and also he had more knowledge. Montag followed what he believed in and that led to bigger things and it knocked some common sense into the society. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. The reason why I gave it 4 stars is because, at some points in the book the story was kind of confusing and didn’t make since. The author did very well at getting guy Montag’s point to the audience. I will highly recommend this book to you.

message 2: by Wilson (new)

Wilson | 3 comments This book sounds cool! i would totally read this. When i was young I wanted to be a fire fighter. But he starts fire! I WANT TO START A FIRE!! So books are banned. I would like this world but at the same time..... No manga books!!! I would so cry!!! I CRY EVERYTIME!!!!! but what would they do without books? Would people be buff because i bet they played sports a lot because there isn't any books.

message 3: by Tina (new)

Tina | 3 comments I agree with Wilson, this book does sound cool! It is really weird how books are banned to everyone because they wouldn't have any knowledge or any education about anything. I am a curious person myself, such as Montag. It's cool how he would risk going to prison just by reading a book. I wonder why the government was trying to hide the books. Why was it so important that it has to be kept a secret?

message 4: by Lee (new)

Lee Vuong | 3 comments I've actually always wanted to read this book!!! I find dystopian societies interesting. But I think it's more intriguing to read about how the characters come to question society. It's their thought-process and what they do with it, that makes me love dystopian books! I'm definitely going to invest in this book. It's kinda ironic to read a book about a society that burns books.

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