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Hit Squad By James Heneghan

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message 1: by Cameron (new)

Cameron | 4 comments Hit Squad
James Henehan
2003 Orca Books

The book Hit Squad is set in a large town, where a group of four high school kids named Mickey, Peter, Whisper, and Birgit set out to get revenge on fives bullies that had harmed Birgit and a boy named Joey Washington. The book is slightly short that you could finish quickly. Hit Squad has a basic plot, but is a really entertaining to read. You will get attach to the book and will not want to put it down until it is done.

In the book, Mickey is a foster kid that lives with other foster kids in the home of Larry and Annie Hobbs. He is a boy who transferred to a school called Grandview that he is a part of the football team, but no one acknowledge him so Mickey is kind of a loner. Whisper got his name from his low whisper voice and is also on the football team as well. Whisper got invited into the secret group because Birgit wanted some muscle in the group. Birgit is the person who started the group because she became fed up with her bullies and wanted to get pay back. Peter is just a boy who likes Birgit and does anything that she says. First they set out for Birgit bullies name Shelley, Mona, and Jessie. Next the group goes after two bullies name Tweed and Bibby, who had caused harm to one of Mickey’s friends. While going after the two boys, something tragic happens to one member.

The book Hit Squad was good to read, but the author should have made a better ending and show what happen the each person in the group because he only showed what had happen to Mickey at the end of the story. Also I think James Henehan should have added more information to the book to give a more in depth look into each situation. The target audience for Hit Squad is for 8-9 graders that are interested in a good book. I personally think the book Hit Squad was worth reading and may be read later in the future again.

message 2: by Casey (new)

Casey Hughes | 2 comments I think you had a very good book review. You gave a good description of what happens, except for the ending. I was a little confused on how it ended but I think I will have to read it to understand it. The book seems very interesting the way you described it and I am interested in reading it. The only question that I have to you is who would you recommend it to and why?

message 3: by Cameron (new)

Cameron | 4 comments I recommend Hit Squad to a younger audience who are looking for a book that they can engage them self in.

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